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Poems By Poet Aparna Chatterjee  10/2/2014 11:29:19 AM
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I Heard

I heard -
You want to talk to me
Though you didn’t tell me
There is the sixth sense in me
Whispering gently to me…
Softly like the blowing breeze
on the shores of the
Sydney harbour sea.

Yes, that memory of you and me
That sea-view and those
Drizzling drops of rain
On the balcony -
Where you posed for the photo
And sent it to me.

I remember it all
How you saw the sun-set
And texted me
And I wrote a long poem
Dedicated to thee
And thy memories
Of the sunset on the sea.

I texted you back
Sharing my happiness
That you remembered me.
Gosh! How the mobile
Can sometimes be a boon
Than a bane, a source
of pure, abundant ecstasy!

So? I heard -
That now, after these many years
of your visit to the Sydney sea.
Today, and may be tomorrow,
You would feel like
Talking to me…
Even I do feel the same
That you also know
Without me telling you so.

Though, you and I know
That now the situation is such
That however much
We talk and reason.
It would always be the same
As ever before…
Like the old flame of love
Burning passionately
Sans any rhyme or reason
Whatever be the season.

So your reasoning won’t help me
And nor the talking would help us
See things through…
For you know and I know
That the walls in your home
And my home -
Are resounding not only with the
‘blank calls’ that I make to you.

But these walls with their bricks
of absolute silence -
Have had their ears jammed and
Slammed with the shrieks,
Echoes and beckonings
of this silent heart of mine
That cries out to you:
“Don’t Depart -
Till Death makes us Part”.

And…So? Again? I heard -
That you still need to talk
That’s what my sixth sense
Tells me about you.
Even I do…
But don’t know what to
So let us remain quiet
For eons together…
And I hope, our silences
Speak up for themselves
How words intended
For love, care and warmth
Have become paralysed
With immense pain and hurt.

And Yes,
Now you have heard it right
That silence speaks
Better than words
When things just Don’t
seem to be Right.

So, let us both keep quiet
Hobbling away with the pain
That stings us every now and then.
For love has lost its way
In the wilderness
Of a lifetime longing…

And the other night
You lost your patience
Temper and words…
Bombarding me with
Expletives -
After just making
8 calls on my mobile.
That’s what my call log says
As I was unable to talk to thee.

You should have imbibed
Some of my patience
And perseverance
In those countless days
I spent calling you up
Yet you were ‘deaf’
To all my attempts at
Seeking you out in sheer agony.

Sshh! Silence Please
That’s what I’ve heard
And learned from you
In all these years
of silent suffering.

So? I heard -
That you again need to talk.
Even I do
Don’t know what to…
Let us keep hearing
The walls of our home
Doing all the talking
For us.

Sshh! Let us listen
To them -
Silence Please…
Aparna Chatterjee



I Think of You

After having
I think of you

While having
I think of you

Before having
I think of you

Without having
I think of you

Sex is just a
Secondary thought
I think of you always
Aparna Chatterjee




Thy name is

Thy name is

Thy name is

Thy name is

Thy name is

Is so
And you are
So tolerant,
So immensely
Patient -
That for you
I feel a lot of

(this poem is a B'day gift for my daughter Rupashri, whom we all lovingly call ‘Kochi' meaning ‘the tender one' - she'll be 9 years old this week)
Aparna Chatterjee



It's Oozing...

I am loving the feel
Of the way
It is oozing...
Wet and Warm,
Soft and Tender,
White and Clear
With a misty smell
Nature's Spell -
Feel at home
With the way
It is oozing...

Drop by Drop,
Flows and Stops
Flows again...
Stops to Pause
And makes me feel
Like an amorous woman.

And then it again
I love the smell
You would too
On such oozing days
I really miss you.
I am sure, you would
Love the taste of it too.

Though I leave it to you
How you would like to
Lip it, Sip it,
Every dropp of it.

Come to me,
When you are thirsty
And I'll quench you.
Do let me know
How best I can serve you.

Would you like to
Follow me down
To drink me divine
From my oozing Yoni?
Would you like to
Explore, finger and feel,
The source of all my oozes,
The smell of all that amuses
The oozing woman in me,
And the thirsting man in you?

Pray, do let me know
How you want to explore -
And I'll take you to the Forest
Deep down there...
And amongst the many,
Soft and tender, supple and slender,
Layers and layers of love and warmth,
You will savour the taste,
The feel and the smell,
Of Nature's Spell -
That succulent, juicy
Nectar of mine
The oozing Amrit
Of my dripping Yoni.
Aparna Chatterjee
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