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Poems By Poet Aparna Chatterjee  11/1/2014 4:34:13 AM
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Smiley Day :)

I go
Keeps smiling
At me

I wonder
If it is a
Smiley Day
Or they all
Want to
Befriend me
Aparna Chatterjee



Something is Missing

I went to the fun-fair
To have some fun
Had a lot to see
Then went shopping
Bought some goodies
With ‘him’ and ‘them’.

Came back home
With snacks and sweets
Served them all
And savoured it too
Had a nice evening stroll
In the park and streets.
I enjoyed every bit of it
With ‘him’ and ‘them’
And yet I think
And I did feel that
Something was missing…

So now I write
And I ponder too
What is it
That bothers me
And makes me miss
On all such occasions
When I go out and have fun
With ‘him’ and ‘them’.
It was just not today
But almost every day
On all such outings
And “at home” evenings
I do feel that
Something is missing.

And so I delved deeper in me
And thought of that something
Which never misses me
Nor needs me in its life.
Yes – I know it is a living being
And it is so far away
I cannot make it mine
And yet so close
I always feel it is mine.

That very Being so very far
And yet so close
It always makes me feel
Yes – Something is Missing.

So I kept probing further
Into my consciousness
To find the one thing that is there
Yet still “invisible” and just not there.
And I found that
Something is Missing
Is the one and only
Soul-mate I’ve searched all through…
And yet that mate’s soul never found me.

So I’ll keep feeling till the end of my life
That Something is Missing
Till his soul finds me
Or my soul merges into him.
And my search ends
To find us both
Soul-mates forever
For aeons till eternity…

This is just the Beginning
Of a lifetime search
Seeking its End.
And as they say:
It can take years and years
Of lives and births
Till its destination is reached.
For it is the journey of the soul
To seek its Friend.

It could be an endless wait
For many re-births
Of life and death.
And yet, it could be
Worth the Wait
In my soul’s search
For its Soul-Mate.
Aparna Chatterjee




O Soulmate mine
In that divine voice
of thine ~
I hear my soul singing
to me:
Yes, I love thee…
Aparna Chatterjee




People say
You are spoiling me,
My love!

Yes, I’m being spoilt for choice!

You give me wishes,
Words and gestures,
Dreams and feelings,
I’ve never felt before!

Spoil me, my love
Spoil me, more….

Let people keep saying.
Please ignore ;)
Your spoiling ways,
I simply adore :)
Spoil me so much,
None can restore!
I surrender to your
Love’s spoilages…
Romancing in the ruins,
Of your spoils galore…! ! !
Aparna Chatterjee
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Poems By Poet Aparna Chatterjee