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Poems By Poet Aparna Chatterjee  7/25/2016 4:58:28 AM
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<span style='font-family: times new roman; font-size: 14pt; color: black; font-weight: normal; '>I' ve accepted<br />
That our two<br />
Worlds can<br />
Never merge<br />
<br />
You and I<br />
Can never<br />
Merge<br />
<br />
How can<br />
Heaven<br />
And <strong>hell</strong><br />
Ever merge? <br />
<br />
I feel so<br />
Heavenly, <br />
You make<br />
Me feel like<br />
Hell! ! ; -) </span><br />
<br />
<span style='font-family: arial; font-size: 10pt; color: black; font-weight: normal; '>(As the ending line shows, Theme could also be Humour) </span>
Aparna Chatterjee




I'm a


If you
Do ;)
Have to
Clean up
The mess
With me ;)
Aparna Chatterjee



Mind And Heart

When I told him
How much I loved him
With all my heart…
He replied to me
There's nothing
Called the Heart.
It's all to do with the

I felt heart-broken
With his curt reply.

Just to test his
I thorned his mind
With my prickly
Words, to see if his
Heart grieves…

Bingo! It did.
My offensive
Words caused
Him a lot of hurt.
He cried with a
Heavy heart and
Died of a heartache.
Aparna Chatterjee



Miracle Man!

Miracle Man!
Since the time
You’ve come into my life
The wonders of the world
Are all happening to me!

I feel wonderful
In your blessed
You are God’s Blessing
To me…for me…on me.

I love you, Miracle Man!
I love the way you fill my life
With wondrous surprises!

You are the breeze ~
Whispering into my ears
Like a long summer song,
The sweetness of which
Is the succulent nectar in you.

You are the winter sun :)
Embracing me like a halo
In moments of darkness.

You are the light, you are the path
I wish to follow…for it leads me
To the end of my life’s longing
For a soul-mate.

Yes, Miracle Man!
You are my soul’s mate.
My soul has found its
Friend in you forever.
And it tells you
How very much
I am in love with you.

Truly! Madly! Deeply!
Abundantly! Boundlessly!

Like the heavenly showers
Of the gargantuan cosmos,
A galaxy of love I feel for you.
Aparna Chatterjee
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Poems By Poet Aparna Chatterjee