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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch  7/10/2014 9:10:07 AM
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Asif Baloch   Best Poems From
  ASIF BALOCH (06-06-1978)
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Eternity Sleep - I

Life passed away in this
yearn, asif
that someday i will smile too

Alas! Someday
sun will rise with
happiness in its eyes
fading dark clouds of hate
and curing scars of lies

giggling naughty sounds
will vibrate all around
daffodils will dance on the
songs sung by birds

I will hold the moon
on the palm of my hand
and swim in dark ocean of
diamonds rubies tray

Huh! Someday

I will drown in my own tears
floodout pain which
lives inside
wash away memories of
lonesome heart
and lie in her womb
for eternity sleep
Asif Baloch



Eternity Sleep - II

I'm partial scared, partial alone
my faith on faith is almost gone
I gave myself to all His Might
but my might is still singing
the same old song

I tried to search my inner devine
lost in the words of my own rhyme
the poems which I wrote blew away in air
my thoughts are stumbling in
some deserted old shrine

I gathered myself to take one last leap
felt drown in depths of sadness so deep
tried to reach and grab those invisible hands
just caught the rubies and stones
made of disbeliefe

Alas! Baloch
its my fate to live life in weep
wait for that day to come of my last breath
when He who will come to drag me out
from the feet

then there won't be left any cries, morns or weeps
I will be withered and blinded cant see
lying in the bed of 6 foot deep
then you only will be there shading tears
beside my bed
Ah! watching me calm and satisfied
sleeping my eternity sleep
Asif Baloch



Even If I'm Here Or Not

Time will not stop
World will go around
Birds will keep flying and
Living things will keep dying
Even if I’m here or not

Sun will keep rising
Moon and stars will keep shining
Winds will keep blowing and
Weathers will keep changing
Even if I’m here or not

Happiness and joyness will
Come and go
Pain, loneliness, agony and sorrow
Will stay all alone
Even if I’m here or not

Hearts will keep breaking
Someone will keep dying
Weeping and crying
Day by day
Even if I’m here or not

So why shouting
Appealing and crying
Begging and asking
He doesn’t cares
Even if I’m here or not
Asif Baloch




Why are you chasing the life, asif
death is the only gift from lover for you

I'm not angry with you my dear
I'm furious on the feelings tho I feel
shatered and tormented
weeping for broken dreams

To whom shall I show
the mourns of my heart
pierced to pieces
torned into several parts

Thus now the lines
are vanishing from
the palms of my hand
the fate has forgoten
the being of my very
Asif Baloch
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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch