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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch  9/23/2014 7:25:17 PM
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Asif Baloch   Best Poems From
  ASIF BALOCH (06-06-1978)
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Bridge Of Hope

With tears I have knead the bridge of hope
don't know when the barriers will break
and flood away the dreams,
once made of clay

I did asked for happiness and smiles
stones and thorns got
a gift as destine
I did tried to reach the sky
leader of dreams was
steep and disguise
I did offered love and life
my loved ones pierced me with
the dagger of hate and lies

Tho I want to cry but, tears have forbiden me
I want to die but, death has forsaken me
Thus now I have forgotten how to smile, asif
sadness and sorrows, resides in my eyes
Asif Baloch



Come Dear Come - (Dream In My Dreams)

To whom you are talking, asif
they don't care if you weep or smile
they turned you into someone
who's scared of living and happy to die

Come dear come
I'm waiting for thee
my arms open wide
to grab you
to hold you
to hug you
and to become
one of a kind

Come dear come
you are the one
for whom
my eyes become barren
and turned into sand

now shalt not leave
take me with thee
to those mounts
and beautiful trees
there where
flowers do smile
and salsa dancing trees
to there where
happiness lives in the air
and sorrows left in despair
to there where
she's waiting for me
with so much love
and yearns filled eyes
yearn to hug me
love me for eternity
to that beautiful place
which i saw once
in my dreams
Asif Baloch



Death O Death

Death O death
when will you come
come to see
what fate has done
it made me weak
it made me lost
it made me something
which I never even thought
now Im weeping
now Im crying
crying for the love
which will be never
be mine
Death o death
when will you come
Asif Baloch



Delightful would

Delightful would it be
to me
that I might be the
pollen of rose
to spread the love through
butterflies feet
and withered to give life to
new buds

delightful would it be
to me
that I might watch the
heaving waves
drown in the depths of
ocean wide
to become the part of
those lost souls

delightful would it be
to me
that I might reach the
mountain top
to feel the highs of
the peak
and give myself to
foamy clouds

delightful would it be
to me
that I might watch my
shattered image
to wipe of tears from those
swollen eyes
and encourage myself to take
one last breath
Asif Baloch
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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch