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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch  10/22/2014 4:35:36 AM
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Asif Baloch   Best Poems From
  ASIF BALOCH (06-06-1978)
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Miserable Thoughts

I was hit by something strong
Which made me to stumble on the ground
Entered my heart like piercing blade
Tearing away hopes thus made of thread
Hushed the howling soul and
Made it numb and lost
Gave the feelings of cold and frost
I gathered myself to look the wound
Became stoned and amazed
When I search it through
I pulled it out and placed it
On the palm of my hands
With awed and confused put a sneerful gaze
It was breathing steadily with few
Breaths of life
It was nothing but my broken
And miserable thoughts
Asif Baloch




There is a door which I found no key
there is a veil past which I could not see
I closed my eyes, there you were
Like a shadow infront of my eyes
I opened my eyes there was no one,
Just me! Standing alone in a painful misery
Asif Baloch



Missing Pieces

dreams are wondering
in foggy mist
trying and searching
for love filled bliss

alas! bliss

life is shattered
like broken glass
memories are mingled
like jigsaw puzzle
thoughts are
in the search of
missing pieces
Asif Baloch



My Ambitious is dead

Exhaling life
Inhaling death
Dream of lies
Love is fake
Smirked face
Unknown race
Desperately waiting
To fed on rest
Falling, climbing
Feelings thus hate
Trying but not getting
Is my fate
Wanting to see
With blind folded eyes
Listening to song
With deafened ears
Feelings thou felt
Has long since gone
Trying to rise but
My ambitious is dead
Asif Baloch
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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch