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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch  8/1/2014 7:22:45 PM
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Asif Baloch   Best Poems From
  ASIF BALOCH (06-06-1978)
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Ah Love!

Ah love!
ask those what love is
who has yearned for life
just a single drop

Ah Love!
ask a moth what love is
he will tell thee, how sweet is
to burn the desires

Ah love!
ask chakor what love is
he will tell thee, the longing of
moonlight nights

Ah Love! asif
alas! love
ask me what a love is
I will tell thee, how i fell
on my knee and pleading thee
to give me light and set me free
to hold my hand and stand me tall
to tell me that I dont have to search at all
to sooth my cries and cure my heart
to shower a rain on my barren soul
to wipe my tears and make me smile
a single smile for just once
in this life............
Asif Baloch



Ah Those Forgotten Childhood Dreams

Eyes are shut
I might sleep
with yearn for
just one last dream
I plead my heart to
make me sleep
to see those forgotten
childhood dreams
while in the bed
a pray to God
to make the night
fall so fast
eager to see
sunrise soon
to play cricket and
soccer in the park
no hunger no worries
in the thought
making best friends
after big fought
singing and swimming
in open streams
ah! ! those forgotten
worrieless dreams

the wake-up call
of Umi in the morn
the fresh smell of
parathas and butter
coming from hall
Baba's getting late
just because of us all
the anguished bang and
squeeze on the horn
ah! ! those forgotten
careless dreams

at the school
naughtiness of all
eying every girl
to be first love
blushing with shy
when teacher pinch a cheek
ah! ! those forgotten
fairytale dreams
thus now in dreams
I see myself
stumbling and roaming
in pitch black darkness
trying to find
those broken pieces
which went lost
in search of true love
Asif Baloch



All, Where, Some

All where some
long since gone
the sun of happiness
did'nt even shone
the thuds of life
has killed me
night and day
my love just died
without even born
the thoughts are mingled
the fellings are sieged
the heart wants to ripped
and to be squeezed
Asif Baloch




Alone I stand
all the way to the end
no one's with me
no one to hold my hand
I feel like a candle
in a hurricane
my life is like a picture
in a broken frame
no one will come for me
no one will be here
to give me love
to wipe up my tears
Asif Baloch
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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch