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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch  7/24/2016 1:28:16 PM
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Asif Baloch   Best Poems From
  ASIF BALOCH (06-06-1978)
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I Did Wept

I did wept for all my life
Happy feelings long since died
Kingdom of loneliness does resides
Lurking shadows, howling soul
Rusted heart once was gold
Eyes thus faded aging old

Stuck into the myth of thoughts
Yearned for life which never ought?
Running away here and there
Stumbling, climbing on the
Mountain of sorrows
Wanted smiles but couldn’t

Soon I will be lost in this mist
Forgotten thus even exist
Loosing self is best for all
Just let go wounded soul
Make it escape from this
Dark hole

I will keep an eye when it leaves
Slowly, painfully gliding free
Once out it would again smiles
Neither regrets nor denials
Asif Baloch



I For Me

A candle is burnt away! asif
just few dying sparks are
breathing steadily

All thou's and thy's
were sacrificed on thee
to make thee smile
to make thee feel

all we's and our's
are lost in the mist
of darkness and miseries
of sorrows and dinials

just unworthy piece of
muscles is left
of dying soul
of rusted gold
which once brightly shone

no sounds no sights
are here anymore
neither bright skies
nor rainbows
do smile anymore
just lonesome thoughts
of I for me is left
Asif Baloch



I Willl Love You, Love You

Dedicated to some unknown Angle, My Unborn Love

I will love you like this
my love
like no one have ever
love before
in my sleep, in my dreams
in my journey to the world
I will take you where ever I go

I will become that child
who loves its car, ball or a doll
which is his only his
and most precious of all

I will sleep in your arms
just like a new born
who loves his womb
made of tenderness, petal rose

I will love you, love you
to the end of this world
I will love you, love you
for every breath I ever take
I will love you, love you
in every happiness and sorrows of life
I will love you, love you
till death do us apart

some love are lost
some love are found
but asif! your love is that one
which is unable to found
yearning and pleading is
what written in your fate
loneliness is that dear friend
which will leave when you will dorwn
in the depths of that salty stream
which is almost dry...
Asif Baloch



Journey Of Tear

From an eye a tear just shed
Traveling through the mist
To sleep in earthly bed

On the way it carried dreams
Dropping down with hushed screams
Dreams and screams of loneliness
Feelings of stumbling and falling thoughts
Thoughts thou full of emptiness
Only few words that vibrates
Words put lashes on tormented soul
Whipping away the hope of love
Forcing heart to flood out gold
Gold as white and transparent inside
Reaching and climbing up above high
Towards the door of sadness and denial
Yearning to fall down to earthly womb
To be destroyed, vanished and fall sleep
For eternity
Asif Baloch
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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch