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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch  9/2/2014 6:37:08 PM
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Asif Baloch   Best Poems From
  ASIF BALOCH (06-06-1978)
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one lip one touch
two bodies one soul
this is what is called love
Asif Baloch



Moth and a Flame

To the distance as I see
A beauty dancing so gracefully
Smiling lovingly with inviting glare
Golden hairs and beautiful face
Made me drunk and I forgot everything else
I took a flight on stumbling ride
Reached in front of her and sung a rhyme

“Thou art as I see what a beauty
Golden hairs waving in a breeze
Once felled in your lovely eyes
I kept lying and shalt never rise”

She smiled and said to me with saddened face
Tears in her eyes and yearning grace
I burn my inner self to spread a light
Helping those who are scared of dark tides
I’m symbol of peace, love and literacy
They don’t cares what went through me
No one ever loves me it’s written in my fate
Giving away peace in return hate what I get
I burn and burn all night long
Staying alone and die on my own

Who said no one loves you
I am here and was made for you
I born everyday to die every night
To hug you, love you and hold you tight
I love only thee it is my kind destiny
Sacrificing my life just for your one kiss of eternity
Asif Baloch



my lonely heart

My heart is lonely
My heart is weak
In search of someone
Which will never be seek
All it wants to be loved
To be cured
Now it’s weeping
For broken dreams
Again it is falling
Into darkness today
Dying and crying
Day by day
Falling, climbing
and Reaching
Like a blind
Forsaken child
Searching for unknown
Hands to hold him tight
Asif Baloch



My Tribute to Beautiful Minds

Feelings that I feel inside
Respect for the beautiful minds
They walk in front I follow them
With my head bowed and crossed my hands
The tears of joy for being with them
Stays on my lids as I read there thoughts
They read and write comments on my rhymes
They make me something which I’m not
By giving me space in the world of there thoughts
For me I’m nothing but a speck of sand
Struggling and trying to fit in this land
The land of kings and queens every where
Singing and spreading the lovely rhymes
Some are sad some in love
Some can see beyond this world
There are some who shows us dreams
With pen dip in love and sympathy
These lines are written as a tribute to them
For being so generous and kind to me
Asif Baloch
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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch