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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch  1/26/2015 10:25:24 AM
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Asif Baloch   Best Poems From
  ASIF BALOCH (06-06-1978)
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A Messege

The answer came
From up above high
The messenger who brought it
Was shinning so bright
She gave me the letter
And smiled sadly to me
She said it’s the answer
Which I appealed
I took the letter
With trembling hands
Slowly tenderly
I opened it with despair
Peeling away like a shell
Like breaking open my fate
My life ended in these few lines
“O dear child
we sent you in this world
sent you to weep to cry
we forgot to make someone
who could be close to you
but now it’s too late
to make a new”
Asif Baloch



A promised love

When she will enter my room
Every corner will brighten up with gloom
There will be an icy cold breeze
Sweet sensational feelings of her and mine
She will stand at the bottom of my bed
And stare me with bright shiny eyes
Like stars in a pitch black night
She will hold me by my toes
And pull me with a tender blow
Away from this dark hole,
Hole made of flesh and bones,
She will kiss me with her lips
Which will feels like
Cold frigid bliss
I know she will come
And I am for sure
A promised love made by him
When he sent me in this hole
A true love is on its way
To take me away
Asif Baloch



A Silent Tear (Sample)

There are humans but no humanity left inside
They hurt their loved one’s with the dagger of lies
A silent tear dropped inside

An old man sitting by the road side
Dry tears of sadness in his lonely eyes
Left by his children to beg and die
A silent tear dropped inside

They tolerate loneliness with a smile
Caged like animals and no one hear there cries
Worn out cloths and tears of innocence in there eyes
Hurt by there love one’s and kept away in disguise
A silent tear dropped inside

They search for heaven in mosque, temple or in the skies
They forgot that they were in the belly of heaven for nine lives
They were loved, cherished and taught how to fly in the skies
Just for there self pleasure and happiness they put there
heaven to weep and cry
A silent tear dropped inside

There’s so much pain in the world outside
I want to help them but my hands are tied
As I watch them through my painful eyes
A silent tear dropped inside

This poem is dedicated to those womens who are in the prisons for life without even proven guilty...and those parents who are forgotten and forbidden by there children....even though I think this poem is incomplete
Asif Baloch



A Story

This is the story of child
born in denial
sent in this world
to weep to cry
weep for the love he
felt all his life
pleading and crying
to be touched,
to be healed
touched by lips, by hands
and by soul
someone to heal him
and gather his
shattered soul
time has passed and
no one came
his eyes went dry
and no tears to shed
the wanting of touched
has died inside him
and now he mumbles
these words
words which has been
written by fate on his heart
“Alone I wait for my
death to come,
my love ones have forgotten,
forbidden and forsaken me”
Asif Baloch
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Poems By Poet Asif Baloch