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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  12/18/2014 3:37:26 PM
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Trail of Tears

I dare not summon them,
Though so special to me.
At times I've shed enough,
To fill every vast, vast sea.

At times they spill on my pillow,
In the hours right before dawn.
Maybe regret or retrospect,
Times with loved ones gone.

So warm and so salty,
Slowly flowing down both cheeks.
Comforting my sad or my lonely,
Solace when I'm weak.

Should an old thought,
Or words pierce my heart.
Seeking silent refuge,
My trail of tears start.

Always so close to me,
Whether by night or by day.
They know just the right time,
Wash all my grief away.

Time can't deny nor lessen,
As I count off the years.
Dear friends of mine, oh how sublime,
My long trail of tears.
Barry A. Lanier




Virgin in angelic white,
Feathered anticipation.
Stretched and taunt,
My body awaits your strokes.
Wanton and firm,
Caress my body.
I shiver, as feverish waves,
Bleed over my yearning torso.
Crimson Climax,
Quenches my desire only until.
Your venetian tongue licks my albino to succumb.
Bestir, bleed your palette dry,
I crave each drop.
My love, my life,
My shadow.
Barry A. Lanier



A Cold Beer

There's something about a cold beer,
I can't really put my finger on it!
Maybe it's because it's much better,
Before you drink it.
Yes, the thought of it going down,
On a hot August evening
When thirst, and sweat,
And the thoughts of a cold one lingered all day.
And then again, it gets better,
The moment, frozen in time. you pull the tab,
Pa-roosh! sizzle! and the vapor trail.
Beggin me to take the first gulp
One gulp, then beckoned to turn it up.
Kill it! Conquer the can! Be a Man!
Ectasy! Climax!
Then a burp!
Suddenly and unsuspectedly!
I can dance with my shadow!
Alll of the women are pretty!
Courage in a can,
What a man I am!
There's something about a cold beer,
I can't really put my finger on!
Barry A. Lanier



A Gun In The Blueberry Pie

I went out tonight with the guy's
Bonding at the local strip bar
Killing the Bud's and eating the spud's
Life was great you see.

The wife was smiling went I arrived,
A home cooked meal that couldn't wait.
I hugged her twice though she seemed cold
Distracted, unaware of my fate.

She pulled out the ice cream,
And I pulled out the cake.
She smiled again, a blueberry pie,
Gosh, I couldn't wait!
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier