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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  7/28/2014 5:18:52 AM
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bTo High A Price (Author Favorite)

Forgive us O'Lord
That man cannot abide In peace and forgiveness
To see the multitudes of men Stumble in darkness
Only to rise no more
Laid out across the battlefields
Of all the long lost wars
The infinite sounds of the brave
The agony and screams Dying men calling out
Then ending their dreams
I know of the honor and glory
For these fearless and brave
But God only knows
Was it worth what they gave?
In man's wisdom and intellectual mind
Might he one day find
An alternate solution
For these trying times
Barry A. Lanier




Trees love to talk
They are just quit
Most of the time
Barry A. Lanier



bWinter Hawk

The hawk has flown away
Swaying in the evening breeze
A leafless tree
Barry A. Lanier



font color=redb A Weeping Willow

Somewhere between nowhere and goodbye we met,
Young innocence enveloped by passion.
Bond of lost innocence among the haze of neon-argon strips.
Lingering in bed, her back nestled against mine,
Remembering crisp sounds of freshly starched linen.
The early morning rain on a thin tin roof,
Feeling the love of her dreams.
Remembering walking barefoot,
Down trickling mountain streams.
Should love be a the gentle, misting rain,
She was my roaring thunder.
Moments with my first love, time stood still.
Crying and laughing, rolling down slopes of green hills.
Passionate love in the middle of every night,
Forever holding to each other so tight.
Then her father forbade, we ever meet again,
She too young, my ambition in the wind.
At night to our favorite willow to meet,
Drooping down now, our willow just weeps.
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier