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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  11/1/2014 12:58:43 AM
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A Gun In The Blueberry Pie

I went out tonight with the guy's
Bonding at the local strip bar
Killing the Bud's and eating the spud's
Life was great you see.

The wife was smiling went I arrived,
A home cooked meal that couldn't wait.
I hugged her twice though she seemed cold
Distracted, unaware of my fate.

She pulled out the ice cream,
And I pulled out the cake.
She smiled again, a blueberry pie,
Gosh, I couldn't wait!
Barry A. Lanier



A Loving Wife

A bomb with a memory
'Thats armed'
Barry A. Lanier



A New Perspective On Old Friends

In retrospect, sitting on my frontporch in the swing,
Resigned to the fact, accepting my fate.
Not far away from the Happy Hunting Ground.
The hereafter, Azrael and Charon approaching.
A dying candle lighting the flame of another.
Then I see Tommy, who stole my crayons in the 1st grade.
He passed away years ago from leukemia.
The ant stealing crumbs from my BLT on the daystand.
In my pasture, Rebel, my prized stallion.
Then I see Jude, who always got all the pretty women.
He died 10 years ago in a car wreck.
Floating gently in the summer breeze, a butterfly.
Landing on my shoulder, nibbling my shirt, pulling me closer,
Agnes, my wife, who passed away last summer.
Barry A. Lanier




A good poet is a naughty child.
Breaking hearts.
Playing with people's emotions.
Stirring up forgotten memories.
Reviving repressed memories.
Laughing in the face of death.

Like a washwoman wringing the soiled shirt,
Rubbing edges of humanity, brushing scabs,
Looking for wrinkles in disrepair.
Verbalizing what adults will not.
Telling the truth, wars to be fought,
Dreams to be dreamed.
Souls to confess, songs to be sung.
Making meaning of life.

Dissecting feelings and thoughts,
Justifying vanity.
Fashion fragments of life,
Bringing innocence into fashion.
Fashioning beauty from the barren.
In the silence of night,
A solitary figure,
Whose kingdom has no ending.
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier