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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  2/27/2015 7:55:52 PM
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Foxhole Prayer

'If you'll forgive me? '
'I'll never do it again! '
Barry A. Lanier



Midlife Choices

It's like they appeared in the night,
Coming right straight from hell.
Pectoralis majoris rose like the Phoenix,
Then at fifty they fell.

Defying all gravity, and most of my pride,
Walking and sitting, the slip and they slide.
I went to the gym, and then I got slack,
Two days went away, three days later came back.

What's a grown man to say, when he has boobs,
But a new bra, get high heel shoes!
It really ain't funny, it really ain't cool,
This man with the boobs, is from the old school.

A sex change, or surgery!
How tough of a fight!
Guess I'll do the unimagineable,
And go on a diet.
Barry A. Lanier



Really Don't Want To Die To Become Famous

I really don't want to die,
Just to become famous.
Wait until last prayers,
Recited over me just to let the world know,
I've got something to say.
Serve as the vase for the lilac and spring lily,
Really don't want to go out that way.
Prefer intellect critiqued ad hoc,
Not in retrospect.
Fame known as the wind is sown,
While my body stands tall and erect.
So are the times, as with the judgement,
Accolades shown I'll finally be known,
In the great uncharted hereafter.
Barry A. Lanier



Robert E.Lee

Calm and composed as in battle he sat,
The gray-bearded man, in a black slouched hat.
Forced from it's scabbard, so pure and free,
Flashed the gleaming sword, of Robert E. Lee.

Roused from it's rest, by new battle's song,
Shielding the South's feeble, smiting the strong.
Guarding the right, avenging the wrong,
Beneath Virginia sky, til' the day he went home.

Hushed roll of the drums, the sabres are sheathed,
Old soldiers and new, can go home in peace.
New nation of hope, home of the free,
Once was this dream, of Robert E. Lee.
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier