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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  1/29/2015 2:20:47 PM
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bA Woman's House

Never underestimate her abode
Yes her castle
A princess or queen she may be not
But the man who forgets
To dispose of the trash
Is most certain that night passion forgot
Barry A. Lanier



bA Wondrous Fall

Intent upon her destined course,
Led by some blind and powerful force.
In her lay power of love and hate,
Was it one, not the other, that ruled our fate?

When two hearts enter, the long course begins,
Fate always has ruled, which one to win.
Was it old grief, that decided to stay?
One of us lost out, somewhere along the way.

Time passed by, fleeting moments awry,
Hearts not fully captured, still wondering why.
Balancing unsteady, upon this earthly perch,
A wounded spirit, a soul to search.

How could a flower, suddenly bloom, then die?
Age old wisdom questions, still wonders why.
But love giveth, and love taketh all,
Yet oh how it was, such a wondrous fall.
Barry A. Lanier



bA World Unseen By Most (Or Welcome To My World)

There are those that get up real early-
There are those who gaze at starry nights-
There are few who witness the continuum-
And from the shadows that come alive-
Like a closed faucet that begins slowly to drip-
The slow drips gain momentum and speed-
Then suddenly the waters are gushing-
Waters are tossing and rippling unleashed-
First sounds as the leaves begin to rustle-
A faint wind begins to blow through the trees-
Squirrels skimmer and dance for their breakfast-
Sparrows skirting and bobbing on leaves-
Sunlight seeping through vines and the bushes-
Morning light peeping through cracks in the blind-
And new fawn awakens in her bed in the shadows-
Bleeting for her mother for the very first time-
Owls and raccoons returning from a night hunting-
Returning to home for a long day of sleep-
Finches and cardinals alighting on branches-
Sipping a drink from the dew on the leaves-
Then a lone crow cawks off in the distance-
As the woodpecker taps a concerto on the tree-
Rafters of wild turkeys swoop down in flight-
After brooding alll night in their sleep-
All of the sounds coming together as symphony-
In their wonderful outdoor arena and host-
Nature's sounds so unique and so mystical-
A world that goes unseen in life by most-
Barry A. Lanier




In the midst of the night,
Surrendered my fight.
Struggling through tears,
And times long gone by.

I've walked the path cut before me,
Whether by fate, or chance.
Tis' I who've treaded the waters,
At times gently, at times wrecklessly.

Yet, it was I, who walked the walk.
Should it be me to tell those holding me above redemption,
Of my failures, or my triumps?
Might we simply yield, to love and acceptance?

Allow unturned stones to slumber,
Sift until their residence becomes the past.
To eventually become part of the whole,
Yet again, by coincidence or virtue.

Where past and present mold into no regret,
Becoming the moment of eternal residence.
Knowing the true way, before the journey,
Reaches it's destination.

Might I mount the courage,
To get to know myself.
To meet myself,
Before my arrival.
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier