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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  1/25/2015 8:20:19 PM
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After weather, what is there

to talk about? We could discuss

aches and pains, but think we

should leave them where they are

hidden. Under a thin veneer of

Tylenol and Goody Powder's.

We could talk politics? Nope,

We are good friends.

Maybe, television?

Nope, all the news is bad!

Maybe, the wives?

Nope, we're both divorced!

Hey, what do you think

The weather's going to be

Barry A. Lanier



bCounseling Theory Class

Of course being a fifty-something student,
In Counseling Theory class with twenty something females.
Tactfullness being superior to modesty,
Honesty supreme over misdirection,
Should I have told then about giving Joe a Viagra?
They were astonished and outraged!
Joe was a little hyperactive and foamed around the mouth for a couple days.
But he's really Ok now.
Got him back from the vet yesterday.
Barry A. Lanier



bDandelion Moments

Those dandelion moments
Before they descend
Waltzing among breezes
Then gone with the wind

Beautifully arched rainbows
And warm summer rains
Fleeting like new love
And sips of champagne

Red roses in winter
Sipping Chateau Lafitte wine
Swept up in the moment's
With you on my mind

Honeysuckle's aromas
Mingling among summer light
Hummingbirds suspended
In the middle of flight

Drifting in on fairy wings
Hushed silence all around
Fleeting hallowed layers
Untarnished all around

Cuddling under the goose down
Whispering love in an ear
Clinging to you forever
Til' longing disappears

Those dandelion moments
Before they descend
Waltzing in breezes
Then gone with the wind

{Inspired by Fiona Davidson}
'Desire reaches out, delicatly tracing face, with fingers of love'
Barry A. Lanier




Sometimes her little wings are hidden,
By little outstreched arms that care.
At times you can't see her halo,
Yet you know its always there.

Her angels gown of brilliant white,
Is shielded from mine eyes.
Yet my heart and soul confess,
An angel in disguise.

Her soft, serene little spirit,
Makes even cherubs cry.
As they rejoice, and laugh and sing,
For a spirit that never will die.

In stature, so petite and small,
How could one exude such love?
Unless the Father, and the Son,
Sent her from above.
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier