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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  10/2/2014 9:28:34 AM
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bA Pressed Rose

Catching a glimpse of her, methodically
turning the pages of the book.
I thought she was reading a novel.
Her face as radiant as always, though
there are lines where skin was once smooth.
Her beautiful hair, as fine wine, has aged from
auburn to a fine silver.
Moving closer, she senses me, as she always does.
Gently holding the petals of a red rose.
Moments earlier pressed between the pages.
Asking if I remembered giving it to her on
our honeymoon night?
Instantly, the years disappeared!
My bride looked at me before gently placing it
back into the book.
The softness of her smile, and the passion in
her eyes telling me.
A newlywed couple again.
Barry A. Lanier



bA Rainbow's Eye

Once I looked right into, a rainbow's eye
Sparkling spectrums of beauty, adorning a sky
Sheated in pastels of love, and ravishing flow
Delivering a promise, God wanted me to know

Apocalyse of dispersed colors, from indigo to blue
Yellow-green trails of a comet, amongst pinkish hues
Glazing red-orange mists, across endless seas of white
Eccentric bands of violet-green, almost defying light

Gothic vales of ascension, dazzling the sky
Only dusk having the audacity, to tell her to lie
As the evening soon shall pass, I linger and yearn
Again to be in her eye, for this moment's return.
Barry A. Lanier



bA Rose For No Reason

A rose makes a woman smile
Fills her heart with sweet delight
Reminds her how a love should be
And keeps her warm at night

As she gently strokes the petals
Dreaming how her love should be
So every often just bring one home
And then get down on your knees

And like the day so long ago
You first proposed it seems
Remind how you love her so
And that she's still your queen

Should your day go all wrong
And there's no special season
Always think of the lone red rose
Often giving it for no reason
Barry A. Lanier



bA Woman(Unlocks The Chain)

Gale winds wreaking havoc
She cannot always be there for him-
To unlock the chain no easy task-
Although he spoke, he could not see
He wasn't born blind, just lost his eyes
He wasn't deaf, yet cannot hear
She cannot always be there for him-
Despite the losses, she ignored-
Begging and screaming, to keep her near
One new moon night, she freed the chain
Like a newborn lamb, shivering, took a breath
Crying like a child, then he was gone
Now her heart, her skin, her bones
She cannot always be there for him.
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier