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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  7/25/2016 7:36:40 PM
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Ba Door

In this



Like a tiger

In a cage


To get out

Like a prisoner


For pardon


All the fear

With the power

Of a bottle

Or a pill

I wonder if

He considered

Was there


A door?
Barry A. Lanier



Ba First I Won'T Forget

Shifting his weight
Separated by the glass
Unbraiding his story
Detailing fine points
Long ago left out
Decidedly forgotten
By those who could
Change a man's life
Through teller's chute
A chocolate ice-cream
One smile and tear
Fifteen years old
He arrived then
Now 20 years later
Four long days
We talked
In his cube
Oral revelations
Of the prison
My life was in
Two weeks later
A thank you note
You are the only
Visitor in 20 years
Thank you for
Your kindness
My first
Barry A. Lanier



Ba Man Of Many Talents

Sitting atop the mountain
Fashioned by passage of time
While doing it so naturally
While other's had hills to climb

Man of so many talents
Traits so many would adore
So graceful hugging trees
And holding on to floors

Hustling and bustling for dollars
Taking the easy ways out
Staring in all of the mirrors
Seeing talent beyond doubt

Some folks climb mountains
While other's jump from planes
Yet do I refine my daily skills
Of simply being quite insane

Sometimes I'm real stupid
Other times I'm so very smart
Acquiring and using these skills
Requires getting a very early start

Negotiating many a crisis
Architecting many a love
Often with a few simple lines
Surely sent from above

Call me a vile manipulator
Always taking the easy way out
Yet staring into the mirror
Seeing talent beyond doubt

{ A satirical look at the disillusioned, dysfunctional thought process
of the addictive personality }
Barry A. Lanier



Ba Rainbow's Eye

Once I looked right into, a rainbow's eye
Sparkling spectrums of beauty, adorning a sky
Sheated in pastels of love, and ravishing flow
Delivering a promise, God wanted me to know

Apocalyse of dispersed colors, from indigo to blue
Yellow-green trails of a comet, amongst pinkish hues
Glazing red-orange mists, across endless seas of white
Eccentric bands of violet-green, almost defying light

Gothic vales of ascension, dazzling the sky
Only dusk having the audacity, to tell her to lie
As the evening soon shall pass, I linger and yearn
Again to be in her eye, for this moment's return.
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier