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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  7/12/2014 1:48:25 AM
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bGhosts In The Night

Lips and candlelight kisses
Looking our over this cold and lonely night
My bed completely filled yet alone
Cursing the keys of another night on the town
Thousands of voices screaming in the distance
'We are here.........too! '
Dancing in finger strokes......and fading nights
Lovers from another place....even time
As some are already living in my tomorrow
Help my lonely world escape...whispers in the night.
Nurture my needs....fill my voids....comfort me please
Cursored lines of ectasy and censored contemplations
Whispers of shaman and belly dancers
Ghosts................all.................in the night
Barry A. Lanier



bGod's Shadow

With eyes wide open
Smile away your tears
And be happy

With eyes wide open
Dream away your tears
And be set free

With eyes wide open
Pray away your tears
And find peace

Right behind you a shadow
Hit the ground running
On both of your feet.
Barry A. Lanier



bGoing Green Then What

All of the exercises in going green-
shingling the roof with solar cells, turning down the thermostat,
installing an economy flush toilet, walk and don't ride, replace
the incandescents, plant a tree every week, a windmill to generate
electricity, muling the grass and trash to ash, fertilize the garden
with ash, rows upon rows of indoor house plants-
my contribution to the world-and we're breathing better
Yet when should we get around-take the time-to address
Barry A. Lanier



bGuns, Knives, & Talkin' Trash

A cell now a phone
So small and so thin
Back then behind bars
Looking out from within

A 'hoe' once a tool
Not some long lost soul
No wandering for strangers
To fill in a hole

Now guns & knives
And talkin' the trash
Back then bare knuckles
Ten fingers kickin' ass

Then 'weed' was a grass
And a 'joint' was a place
A 'toke' never heard of
Now such a disgrace

The rings went on the fingers
Not the navels and nose
Where else might they go
Only heaven seems to know

Maybe I'm an ole' woodcutter
Out of place and alone
Maybe time to pack up
And just go home
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier