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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  9/1/2014 6:23:09 AM
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bCome Sit With Me Under The Banyan

Began life like a lone, simple rose,
To impose and reclaim it's domain.
God so impressed with the Bodhi,
Out of honor, changed his name.

Come lounge under shade of my Banyan,
Impelled we might glimpse a parcel of truth.
Trek toward nirvana like Buddha,
Careening our backs upon it's roots.

Magestic, gnarled arms,
Serpentine and slender.
In it's spell of acceptance,
We might casually surrender.

O' tree that's a forest,
Sanctuary our senses.
Ocean of shade,
Tear down our fences.

To awaken enlightened,
And rise to our feet.
Or perhaps dream off silently,
Toward a mystical sleep.

Ficcus Benghalensis,
Buddha under your spell.
After five hundred generations,
This ancient father fell.

What touches has love,
Always a face.
Halcyon arms caress,
Imbue me with grace.

Prayer in humility,
As any wise man knows.
Tiny Banyan afoot,
Inexorably grows.

Bury me deep at it's feet,
After my demise,
But remember me as my Banyan,
Not in death but in life.
Barry A. Lanier




The chicken makes a menial contribution only
But for the pig breakfast is a total committment
A total committment is what God wants from us
Barry A. Lanier



bCommemorating the Violence

Mnemonic frames of political contention
Strategies of daily struggle shifting
From battles to eventful massacre
Inscribing historical quotidian experiences
Yet expedited within heroic frameworks
Unadulterated pain and human suffering
Pivotal and transformative yet what?
While swathes of scholars are evaluating
Politicians ardently debating, clergy praying
As the world watches, let us commemorate
Barry A. Lanier




After weather, what is there

to talk about? We could discuss

aches and pains, but think we

should leave them where they are

hidden. Under a thin veneer of

Tylenol and Goody Powder's.

We could talk politics? Nope,

We are good friends.

Maybe, television?

Nope, all the news is bad!

Maybe, the wives?

Nope, we're both divorced!

Hey, what do you think

The weather's going to be

Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier