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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  10/22/2014 10:01:40 PM
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Should love be a gentle, misting rain,
I'm searching for the roaring thunder.
It always thunders, when I'm fishin'.
Have fished all my life,
With obsession and complusion.
Yet care not, for fish to eat.

Something sacred about fishing.
Through fishing, I might meet myself,
Before my arrival.
I revel in their size and colors,
Have a short discussion, then release them.
Squinting shimmers of water and love from their eyes.

Fishing has taught my lessons in life.
Letting go, when I let them go.
Humility, when I catch not one.
Learning to swim, as my boat sunk.
There will come a time when all is finished,
Except the fishing.

Fishing is Holy.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said,
'I will so ever trust that what is deep is Holy.'
All of the big ones are caught in deep water.
I have overcome the fear of being lonely.
Never had a lonely day fishin'.

Fishing is many things to many people,
And as at time in life things aren't always fair.
If life were indeed fair, fish wouldn't feed.
But there's something to be said about fishing,
Being on the water and having those moments of clarity.
Days when the fish are gone but God is in attendance.
Barry A. Lanier



bfont color=redLiving Life With Barry II

Well, such an interesting week this one.
Having a counseling class with thirteen
women and the topic of discussion was
sex and relationships. I was like a little boy
in the candy store. I couldn't believe these
mostly younger women confessing that a guy
mentioning sex turned them off, yet size and
motion of the ocean mattered, and they all
wanted my opinion. Why, ladies of my age
want to know what is wrong that you are not
bringing up the topic! But, I did validate that which
I already presumed about women both young
and older. Fine, means 'I am right', the discussion
is over, and you need to shut up. Of course when
a woman says 'That's OK' you are in very dangerous
territory. It means she's thinking long and hard about
what your punishment is going to be. When she says
'Nothing', get ready because discussions beginning
with 'Nothing' end in 'Fine'. Non-verbal cues like a
sigh, mean you're an idiot and she's wasting her time
arguing with you about nothing(See Above) . Well, I am
exhausted and these ladies have given me much to
think about. Have I really been thinking about sex daily
for the last 55 years? No wonder I am so tired! See you
next week. Keep the passion flowing, the peas in the pot,
and the ham cooking.
Barry A. Lanier



bFor Better Or Worse

Scientific genius now proclaims
Witness these cells, fragmented and maimed
I create life, give you eternal existence
For those of you, can afford my remittance

The miracle of life, once copulatory
Now only we need, my humble laboratory
Come one, come all, I'll take you all
Making you fat or thin, even short or tall

Death no longer a virtue, a sad part of life
Just step in right now, resolved with my knife
Laws of nature and God, need not apply
Is living worth living, should we never die?

Thinking the future holds new truths
Being never really anticipated
When newborns are not born
Yet simply replicated

Thinking I might defer at this time
From simply the man-made world
Lest one fine day we might not know
The boy from the girl
Barry A. Lanier




Caressing silver kettles
Intense passion and purpose
Affairs my yearning can't stop
Dripping sensous desire
Preparing for inevitable climax
Inhaling her aroma sensing juices
Olfactory sensual expectation
Tongue constringing in delectation
First dropp wetting my whistle
Heart racing, pupil dilatation
With satisfaction and optimism
As I courted that first one
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier