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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  7/25/2016 10:52:41 AM
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Bbrandish Your Talent

The tenacious spawning salmon,
Swimming upstream against all odds,
Dogged determination toward her destination,
To lay those fifty thousand eggs her job
While the ole' hen at home lays only one.
The salmon never cackles or struts about,
In celebration of what she's done.
While we might discount the salmon,
The cackling hen we adore and prize.
It takes not King David's wisdom to know,
Surely it pays to parade and advertise.
Barry A. Lanier



Bbuddha And I Went Fishing

Buddha and I went fishing the other day
The zen of fishing is that zen master's don't fish
He taught me to watch the cork lie motionless
Only moved by the ripples caused by the wind's breath
He said, 'Here and now, you are the sum total of the moment'
Adding, 'Become as the cork, moving with the breath of God'
Prosper in the measure of the moment, you have learned
how to be a human, now unlearn, and become as the cork
As the cork floats freely, so can your soul and spirit
Life is deeply in the here and now, a moment of residence
Experience all of the joy in dwelling in it's freedom
Be diligent today, for tomorrow is too late
Well, the Buddha and I didn'; t get a bite and I had to carry
him to McDonald's for supper, but you know I think I'll invite
him fishing again. He really is a pretty cool fellow when you
get to know him!
Barry A. Lanier



Bcalling In

Why do mornings happen so early?
Alarms always sounding so shrill!
Gently cradling my soft pillow
Why can't the world just stand still
Loving on these soft sheets
A five more minutes or so
Content here enjoying nothing
Why do I really have to go?
Sweet moments like these!
So confidant He gave
For no gold out there
Looks good today!
Barry A. Lanier



Bcan'T Conquer A Rock

Ye submit, how I tried to conquer,
By fate and yet vengeful force.
Every tactic of war known to practice,
Outwitted in painful discourse.

Tis' only through vanity and love,
Maybe one day she'd yield.
Perhaps maybe to devotion,
As the sweet apple to the peel.

Reconciled, defiled, affection then deceit,
Tis' only after each blow, to know where'd we meet.
Sanity in brief moments, hinted I should stop.
Tis' only Heaven or Hell, will conquer this Rock.

Reconclied, defiled, affection then deceit,
Tis'with each blow, I'd further know.
Never yielding nor retreat,
Hence my victory and defeat.
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier