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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  10/1/2014 7:13:27 AM
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bCan't Conquer A Rock

Ye submit, how I tried to conquer,
By fate and yet vengeful force.
Every tactic of war known to practice,
Outwitted in painful discourse.

Tis' only through vanity and love,
Maybe one day she'd yield.
Perhaps maybe to devotion,
As the sweet apple to the peel.

Reconciled, defiled, affection then deceit,
Tis' only after each blow, to know where'd we meet.
Sanity in brief moments, hinted I should stop.
Tis' only Heaven or Hell, will conquer this Rock.

Reconclied, defiled, affection then deceit,
Tis'with each blow, I'd further know.
Never yielding nor retreat,
Hence my victory and defeat.
Barry A. Lanier



bCan't You Read The Sign?

Wonder of my words
Of certain uneasy rhyme
Of that which might be
In some future's time

Spilling more easy blood
By mankind's so loosed hands
Staining and then bittering
Yet Oh' So Many Sweet Lands

A fiery, dingy old dragon
Comes blazing, across evening skies
Two or three more times only be
Before the earth soon shall die

Behemoth mountains continue to roar
Quakes splitting lands from shore to shore
Tides rising beyond all of their kens'
Biting away homes, abroad and within

Dragon's tail is but one simple sign
Mankind's fall and certain decline
Of all the wisdom in intellectual mind's
Find solutions, for these trying times

The Creator coming, to reclaim His land
Greed and ignorance, man wouldn't take a stand.
For principles of humanity, in these trying times
And even more sad, he couldn't read the sign
Barry A. Lanier



bChild Rebellion Part One

My loving son came home from school today
Smiling yet with a broad smirk on his face
Deciding it was now his time
To put me in my place
'I learned to much in Civics,
taught by Mrs. Kite'
All of the laws today
Including 'Children's Rights'
'I don't have to clean my room'
'Don't have to cut my hair'
'No one can tell me how to think'
'When to speak, or what to wear'
'Wear earrings if I want'
'Pierce my tongue and my nose'
'Watch and read what I like'
'Get tattood head to toe'
'And should you spank me! '
'I could charge you with a crime! '
'Backing up my charges'
'With the marks on my behind'
'Don't preach all your morals'
'Like your Dad did to you'
'That's considered mind control'
'And that's illegal too'
'Dad, I have these rights'
'So, maybe just lay off of me'
'Or, I call Youth Services Division'
'Better known as Y.S.D.'

{See part II }
Barry A. Lanier



bChild Rebellion Part Two

My first paternal instinct
Was to toss him out the door
Seeing a chance for a lesson
Made me think a little more
Dissecting this so carefully
I just couldn't let it go
A devious smile on my face
He's messing with a pro
'Son, I've called an checked with the Y.S.D.'
'Who said they really didn't care'
'If I bought you Walmart tennis shoes'
'Instead of those new Nike Airs'
'No more time to stop and eat'
'Or pick up tastey treats to munch'
'For tommorrow you will learn'
'How to make a sack lunch'
'Don't worry about watching movies! '
'On your most favorite VCR'
'Sorry, I sold your new TV'
'Bought me some tires for my car'
'Oh, I rented out your room'
'You can have the couch instead'
'The Y.D.S. said they only require'
' A roof over your head'
'Selling off your new dirt bike'
'Jet ski and roller blades'
'Just found out 'Parent's Rights'
'Went into effect today'
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier