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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  8/30/2014 1:27:52 PM
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bFrom Here To Elijay

At any given point in time or space,
Dreams pull me to her memory and grace.
She lack's the world's desperation and fear,
Vast beauty to behold and cherish all the year.
Where one can cling and hold to God's grace,
Closing ones eyes, holding Dear Elijay.
So small and very humble,
At the footsteps of Appalachia's trail.
Untouched by worldly worries,
All all of life's travail.
Peace and tranquility, with no charge or fee,
Arms always wide open, she yields to me.
No parades or large crowds greet me,
No celebrities in the town square.
Only the aura of nature's celebration,
And a deep breath of mountain air.
Barry A. Lanier




Gandhi, India's spiritual leader, considered
converting to Christianity. One Sunday morning
he went to a Protestant church to talk to the
pastor about becoming a Christian. But an usher
refused to seat him, and sent him away.'If Christians
have a caste system, ' he thought, ' I might as well
remain a Hindu.' It's so easy to mistake our bigotry
for the Bible, our littleness for logic, our tradition for
truth, our favortism for fact and cause a soul to perish.
Barry A. Lanier



bGeriatric Hip-Hopper

Some days I'm a little feeble
Sometimes I'm a little evil
Slip in a snort and turn loose
Ten feet tall and bullet proof
Have yet to learn the knack
Wearing shorts down to my crack
But I'll role the britches legs up
Get on the floor and cut a buck
You can hip-hop and rap
Whiling you keep on your cap
But as you're shining as a star
Whisper me what the words are!
Barry A. Lanier



bGhosts In The Night

Lips and candlelight kisses
Looking our over this cold and lonely night
My bed completely filled yet alone
Cursing the keys of another night on the town
Thousands of voices screaming in the distance
'We are here.........too! '
Dancing in finger strokes......and fading nights
Lovers from another place....even time
As some are already living in my tomorrow
Help my lonely world escape...whispers in the night.
Nurture my needs....fill my voids....comfort me please
Cursored lines of ectasy and censored contemplations
Whispers of shaman and belly dancers
Ghosts................all.................in the night
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier