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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  2/7/2016 2:23:53 AM
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Bdeer Hunting With Jesus (Author Favorite)

The slow founts of dawn,
On a cool winters day.
Cast but one momentous shadow,
Where the new fawn once lay.

Pausing silently in the moment,
Sensing fresh dew on the sod.
Delight in the advent,
And the glory of God.

That still in the early,
And the middle of morn.
Forget for a moment,
Life's trials and it's scorn.

So tell me of virtue,
Sweet family and home.
Tis' my God of Thee,
Give me this moment alone.

Morning shall soon pass,
As I linger and yearn.
Praying my God of Thee,
For this moment's return.
Barry A. Lanier



Bdon'T Wanna Die To Become Famous

I don't really want to die,
Just to become famous.
Wait until the last prayers,
Are said over me.
Just to let the whole world know,
I've got something to say.
And I am what I wanted to be.
Would prefer my available intellect,
Critiqued ad hoc, not in retrospect.
My fame finally determined,
While I stand tall and erect.
But so are the times, as with the judgement,
Accolades, and finally the laughter.
When I'm gone, it'll finally be known,
Only then, in the great hereafter.
Barry A. Lanier



Benchanting Moments

Those dandelion moments
Before they descend
Waltzing among breezes
Then gone with the wind

Beautifully arched rainbows
Drifting warm summer rains
Fleeting like new love
And sips of champagne

Red roses in winter
Sipping strawberry wine
Swept up in the moment's
With only you on my mind

Honeysuckle aroma's
Mingling among bright summer light
Hummingbirds dart and suspend
During the middle of flight

Snow drifting in on fairy wings
Hushed silence all around
Fleeting hallowed layers
Untarnished all around

Cuddling under the goose down
Whispering love in an ear
Clinging to you forever
Til' longing disappears

Those dandelion moments
Before they descend
Waltzing in breezes
Then gone with the wind
Barry A. Lanier



Benduring Erection

My needs have changed
Since I've grown older
Drifting along rivers of blood
Merging into seas of restlessness
More time spent trying to understand
Ticked off why so many realize so little
The only piece of ass I dream of is peace
At least in it's bosom there exist reason
Not like the world-an enduring erection
Throbbing inside a womb of immoral ideals
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier