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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  7/23/2014 12:59:59 AM
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bImaginary or Real?

An imaginary place
Or state.....in which
Conditions of life
Are extremely bad
Terror are
The science fiction
Of dystopia
With Words
That spill
Might one assume
It is imaginary
Or real?
Barry A. Lanier




Lord, at times so imprisoned
And for my time served maybe
I'm ready to be set free
Yearning to be home with my Father
Where I've always known
There's a big room waiting on me
For my time served in this prison
Have been content now I know
My purpose in this existence
Was to get out daily and sow
While it has been such an honor
Most of the times it was alone
Praying you'll give me reprieve
Time for me to now go home
However until that sweet time
Hold me in your hands as I pray
Promising I'll continue my sowing
Dreaming of that winsome day
Barry A. Lanier



bIn Me You'll Find

Nightmares that scare
Terrorist without care
Creator of all fears
Destroy all you hold dear

Insane killers lurking
Mass slaughter while smurking
Phone taps, computer hacks
Frail bodies tortured black

A dishonest politician
Inhumane living conditions
The neighbor next door
Hustling adolescent whores

Enemy of the state
One all love to hate
Finding me every night
Yes, Channel 6, so right
Barry A. Lanier



bIndian Wisdom

One day I think, I shall get in the end
Just a little of the wisdom, of my Indian friends
Seems they were gazing, sun, moon, and stars
While I was running round', writing on napkins in bars
They swaying with leaves, among flowers in sun
Whereas my time spent, with maidens on the run
Ardently now listening, with a most receptive ear
No longer time dining, on my Budweiser beer
In often ancient and mystical, rhythmical flaunt
Half-way round' the world, something I want
Petitioning and seeking, to master their style
For the moment my wisdom, a newborn child
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier