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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  9/19/2014 4:53:04 PM
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bKey Largo (Author Favorite)

When I see the Spanish moss and mystery,
Across the seven mile bridge.
Crystal clear aquamarine waters call out for me,
Placating the blue coral and seaweed.

Gliding mantra rays welcome me,
As the shimmer in bright transparency.
Key Largo, your call lifts my soul,
Compelling crystal waters of blue-green hue hypnotize.

My island dream.....I am yours,
Ah, the hot white and mosquito-y summer of 75'.
Clannish Key people welcome my misery.
Houses on quarried grey stone,
Bamboo tables set with conch chowder and lager.

The rosey-pink allure of conch embodied,
My dreams of flamingos, sunsets, and female mystery.
Bogart welcomes me to the table,
Key breezes rustling lines and lines of palms.
Gnaw the prawns, sing a song, pummel the crustaceans.

Never mind the passing purple hue of lavender snails,
For there is more than beauty to behold.
Islas Moradas, shall wait on me,
For tonight I rest my sails to heed the gates.
Key Largo tonight, the Chart Room then Duncan Street.

North-Easternly buffet my fate, for dawn comes soon,
Halcyon late mornings where sea lights paint white houses
and memories clean.
Tonight the stars gather my dreams poured on my pillow,
For tomorrow is, 'Key Largo.'

Allure of the night announces the fight.
Where up from their domain in darkness,
Held hostage by light royalty hearkens the call.
Sailfish, the wahoo. tuna, majestic marlin, and dorado simpatico.
Grace of your speed, hasty to feed, then leave.

Brilliant purple dorsal, such a delightful morsel.
Golden reflections and pink flushes speeding away,
Not today for I'm out to sea in Key Largo,
Bicycle ride from shore, as seagulls people watch,
Bide time to steal bait.

Overtures of lapping waves,
Avalanches of brine confined to time.
A hard days work worthy of rum and coke.
Evening hues slowly settle in,
Dispersing the blue waters as quicksilver.

The Islanders settle down to dry quarters,
Green waters disperse 'gainst the shores.
Should there ever be an embargo,
Then drive me, least sail toward Key Largo.
Barry A. Lanier



bLadies Jack His Jaw

You ladies often
Write with your passion
And for most times
Writing with due cause
However there comes
A due time
For jackin' some jaws
Every once in awhile
Write and reflect
But every once in awhile
Grab him by the neck
Then lean him over
Kisses with passion & awe
With his eyes closed
Lean back jack his jaw
I won't take but one time
And he shall consider
You're not the roadmap
And he's not all glitter
Barry A. Lanier



bLater Life Decisions

Chocolate or sex, in proper context,
So important, we know indeed.
But which shall we choose,
As we go on that cruise?
Fifty-something, weak in the knees,
Navigating rough and sensous seas.
Why not just forego this despair,
Enjoying the abundance of salty air
Thankful for heaven and voice,
Seven days to make a choice.
We can praise, we can sing,
We can do anything!
Better yet give her a surprise,
A whisper and toast.
This week my darling,
I think we'll have both.
Barry A. Lanier



bLaundromat Love

Fumbling in my pocket
For change
Eyeing the soggy mass
She offered change
Combining soggy masses
And so we watched
Colors turning, tumbling, twisting
Her blouse, unbuttoned
Free flowing, flung open
Arms extended to embrace
My pants, shirts, socks
Our clothes taking risks
While we remained still
Eyeing each other
Smiling on occasion
An awkward silence
Unloading quietly
Exchanging socks and underwear
Hers in the wicker
Mine in a paper bag
As she wrote down her number
We said goodbye
The whole affair economical
Now wondering
Never cheap
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier