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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  11/26/2014 6:02:10 PM
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bMama Said Also-Good Uns'

Son 'Always remember to follow your heart, or a compass'

Son ' Never go out with a lady who doesn't wear underwear, for she is
to lazy to wash'

Son 'When you our having dinner with a lady, and she's starts rubbing
your ankle or foot, she's probably having an allergic reaction, go
get her a Benadryl'

Son 'If your dishswasher stops working, don't yell at her'

Son' The only reason God created alcohol is where ugly people could
have sex'

Son' If your wife is smoking while you are in bed, something's wrong! '

Son ' Grow up to be the kind of man your dog thinks you are'

Son ' Don't ever take all the girl talk so serious, it will come the time
when small things come back in style'
Barry A. Lanier



bPassion Gathers No Dust

Mistress of passion,
Steal thy eye.
Fluid with flesh,
Bodies to mesh.
Passion gathers no dust.

Harness thy pain,
Oblivion of Love.
Oblivion of Lust,
Stoke thus my flame.
Passion gathers no dust.

Mine be Thy love,
Thine love my pleasure.
Breast to brow, toe to toe,
Fire Thy flame forever.
Passion gathers no dust.

Should the Raven pick ripe fruit,
Love bears no wrong.
Alluring power whisper the hour,
Loving through eternity's song.
Where passion gathers no dust.
Barry A. Lanier



BWise Owl Why (Author Favorite)

Shiny strands of moss beards,
Limping down slowly to rest.
Steamy sod placates the earth,
Like a mother lark on her nest.

O' brambles, cat briers, tangled intimate maze,
Morning dew heeds to the fog, creating its haze.
Birds of the feather know not their fate,
Rise in the treetops, cooing their mates.

Why brown pastures in Fall and hilly seperation roll,
While broomgrass and sage, stand upright in folds?
Why the Robin's plumed spray of orange and grey,
Blossoms as he stands tall, to ruffle them away?

Still-eyed and shadow-brow'd wise owl,
How do you defy darkness on low hanging boughs?
O' wise owl so obtuse, no mourning dove,
Yet by thine eye is faith, and thy wing is love?

Watching over water that flows with lullaby sound,
Trickling streams upward, from life underground.
As darkness of night you yield to whipperwill first,
In anticipation we wait, only for your first verse.

Listening in the wind and shadows for song,
Weary anticipation, fearing something wrong.
O' wise owl let me hear nature's angel at last,
Then roaring down the valley...a shotgun blast.
Barry A. Lanier



bYou've Never Loved Til' You've Loved in a Bug

You've never loved
Til' you've loved in a Bug
Hair tangled on speed shift
Feet tangled in clutch

Trying just one last kiss
Before the movie gets over
Then back to the country
Measuring fields of red clover

Move your arm over there
Or gal I'm gonna give up
Next time come in my pickup
Fear I'm loosing my luck

No, I said I'll move my left leg
But it's caught in your hair
Maybe let's just watch the movie
Eyes are on us, everywhere

Now your hair's hung on the visor
Can't feel my right leg it's stuck
Who said you've really never love
Until you've loved in a bug?

{ 1972 Volkswagon Beetle)
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier