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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  7/26/2016 4:45:10 PM
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I go with the Waving Girl to Savannah's Riverstreet.
To rest a weary soul upon the English ballast cobblestone streets,
Mingling aromas of salty air, barly and rye.
A vastness of Southern skies over the Atlantic,
Shrimp boats on the horizon, dodging the Oriental express.

Movement everywhere, on the waters, and on the streets,
Pioneers and travelers, adventurers and vagabonds.
Young couples kissing on boardwalks, belles dancing on streets,
Families strolling eating ice cream, sailors searching for dreams.
The riverfront trolley tugs along as jazz musicians curdle their wails of jazzy procession.

Among a colorful mix of yachts, tour boats, tugs, and ongoing sea vessels,
Nine blocks of renovated cotton warehouses carry me back in time.
Couples ambling through incandescent streets as live music reverberates the pubs and nightclubs.
Why can't my world remain in this ambience and infusion of nineteenth century old-world charm?
Barry A. Lanier



Bsocial Consciousness

Craven crowds of plastic people, two tongued
Chained to rocks, boxed in coffins,
Thundering overhead, rumbling underground
Red Man forgotten, dead men in their graves
The incomprehensible, now acceptable
Ignoring wisdom and salvation that might save
The horse once lore, now an object of obsession
Dispraising that victory is more and not less
Educated men drifting among glasses, while
Coffins float through the doors of packed cathedrals
Among thin veils of honesty and lavendar haze
Counting passing seasons of the honest and brave
While the clocks run down, timeless and still
Endless days turn to nights, and nights to years
Are yet birth and death, some of the easiest hours?
Shall we struggle from our beds, to nurture the flower?
Once truth and perfection, were our endless search
Now finding mediocrity, as our comfortable perch!
Misty eyed people, in the comfort of plastic homes
Unreckoned, heavy hearts, content with the wrong
Barry A. Lanier



Bthe Rock-Song Lyrics

I spent years a' sinkin down a bottomless pit,
And when I got way down, I found a rock under it.
I rejoiced no mo' sinkin', build my house on solid ground,
On the Rock, hallelujah, I've found.
I found a Rock
Under the bottomless pit
I found a Lord
Who didn't quit
Loving Me
Loving Me
As I sank in the ground
He picked me up
I'm heaven bound

Now listen to me children,
About this Rock I found.
He makes his home in heaven,
And in the here and now.
All you have to do is ask Him,
He's waiting right now on you.
You'll feel it when he answers,
While He's telling you the truth
[ Repeat Chorus]
Barry A. Lanier




Together we were two
Apart less than half
United conquering the world
Ceasing to need it
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier