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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  12/18/2014 12:16:37 PM
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Midlife Choices

It's like they appeared in the night,
Coming right straight from hell.
Pectoralis majoris rose like the Phoenix,
Then at fifty they fell.

Defying all gravity, and most of my pride,
Walking and sitting, the slip and they slide.
I went to the gym, and then I got slack,
Two days went away, three days later came back.

What's a grown man to say, when he has boobs,
But a new bra, get high heel shoes!
It really ain't funny, it really ain't cool,
This man with the boobs, is from the old school.

A sex change, or surgery!
How tough of a fight!
Guess I'll do the unimagineable,
And go on a diet.
Barry A. Lanier



Most Men Are Masochists

Surely most would agree!
Most men are masochists!
Yes they really do enjoy pain!
Why else would one continue to.....
Pull fingernails off in the quick?
When a nail-clipper would suffice!
Why would one leave the wife at home?
And go play cards all night with the boys!
Tell a bona fidee lie to the wife!
When the truth would have been much easier.
Men will cook, if danger is involved.
Men go shopping and actually act like they enjoy it!
Why would one wear underwear 3 days in a row?
Why would you think men enjoy crapping?
Hitting a door or wall is really masculine!
What do they love most about football?
Let the man clean the house!
Then beat him with the broom!
But ladies don't punish your men.
They actually might enjoy it!
However if you really to want to punish him!
Engage him in a conversation!
Barry A. Lanier



Tao Or Bust

Drifting in to my world apart.
From that which is not among men.
Towering pines of Georgia,
Singing, though there is no wind.

Fading grasslands stretch out,
Endlessly toward the horizon like manna.
Distant bells echoing in the still breeze,
Maybe the Grand Junction to Savannah.

Crows returning to nest, an owl in the dusk,
Quail ruffling the leaves, headed for brush.
Patches of blue sky, break through the lather,
As evening mists, find no where to gather.

Hitching my dreams to a star, hope to the sun,
Dreams of tomorrow, that may never come.
In my world apart, that is not among men,
Basking in this moment, pray never to end.
Barry A. Lanier



The Most Urgent Poem You've Ever Read Urgent! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! URGENT! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I think the art and inspiration of poetry
Would inspire all members here
To write PoemHunters.com
To Ban Alex Black from this site
Give me your feedback.......
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier