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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  10/23/2014 1:46:26 AM
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The wisdom and truth,
Of passing time.
Denial resolved like grapes,
Withering on the vines.

Austerity and riches,
A destiny to find.
Resolved toward the end,
Was all in the mind.

Finally deep joy and content,
Sketched in my eternal gaze.
Victory's in mine passing,
Life's long, endless race.

With dry eyes, looking back,
At the long, winding road.
Finally pause for one moment,
Resting my heavy load.

As twilight colors the evening sky,
The storm has finally passed.
Leaving countless memories,
Forever here, to last.
Barry A. Lanier



If I Were A Fly On The Wall

Ladies and gentleman, Doctors and Lawyers,
Counselors and Preist, Jedi's and Maji's,
Visit with me, share my wisdom, my insight,
Having all the answers, revealing all,
Purest form of commentary, uncenscored,
For I have been where no man has ventured.
Creapy and sneaky, of all I can speaky!
Size really doesn't matter, except at the hairdresser.
The preacher's wife really did have a boop job!
She lies on the bed, silent and numb,
He introduced his masculinity, then fled.
Preparing for work, drinking the morning vodka and orange juice,
Buzzing back into the room, yes it's true!
Your wife really would enjoy a threesome.
Creapy and sneaky, of all I can speaky!
Secrets of passion, just die in vain!
There are no secrets in the ladies bathroom!
The war in the Middle East really is...
All about oil and not our support of Israel!
You are a good employee, but
Your boss really does resent having to pay you!
And I am an intelligent and the wisest of flies
For in all these years I have landed on the swat!
Barry A. Lanier



Life's Major Choices

Chocolate, or sex, in proper context,
So important we know indeed
So which shall we choose?
As we go on that cruise.
Forego this despair, smell the salt air!
Seven days to make the choice!
Why we'll just make a toast!
Why not just have both!
Choices are so hard at sea!
Barry A. Lanier




Flowing as rippled waters
Expanding ever outward
Both touching distant shores
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier