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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  1/25/2015 12:16:41 PM
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b'Mama Said' (Everything You Wanted Mother To Say)

Mama didn't read me
Fairy Tales and rhymes
Every night when she put me to bed
In the comfort of home when we were along
She'd recite the lines 'Mama Said'

Some times when you're filled with doubt and fear
'Mama Said', 'Try one day to discover your own idea'
Times get tough, life's filled with rigidity
'Mama Said', 'Son throughout life don't abuse your stupidity'

Sometimes when you feel, you've hit the bottom
'Mama Said, ' 'There's more virtue in the hoe, than in the cotton'
Sometimes when you feel, you've hit the end
'Mama Said, ' 'When the money runs out, you can count all your friends'

When you fall in love with the right one, give everything
'Mama Said, ' 'Love as you love, in all of your dreams'
When you don't find your dream, and don't really know why
'Mama Said, ' ' You can't catch a rabbit, with your dog tied'

When you need somewhere to think, and be all alone
'Mama Said, ' 'Remember, nature's pristine, where man hasn't gone'
When you've lost something, and really don't know why
'Mama Said, ' ' The river's most important, only when it runs dry'

When you're out on that beach, and flexing your tan
'Mama Said, ' ' Remember a good women, is twice any man'
When you're down on your luck, it seems the end of the world
'Mama Said, ' ' Remember only defective oysters, produce a pearl'
Barry A. Lanier



bMama Said Also-Good Uns'

Son 'Always remember to follow your heart, or a compass'

Son ' Never go out with a lady who doesn't wear underwear, for she is
to lazy to wash'

Son 'When you our having dinner with a lady, and she's starts rubbing
your ankle or foot, she's probably having an allergic reaction, go
get her a Benadryl'

Son 'If your dishswasher stops working, don't yell at her'

Son' The only reason God created alcohol is where ugly people could
have sex'

Son' If your wife is smoking while you are in bed, something's wrong! '

Son ' Grow up to be the kind of man your dog thinks you are'

Son ' Don't ever take all the girl talk so serious, it will come the time
when small things come back in style'
Barry A. Lanier



bMulldown, Fat Woman, & French Fries

Ever had one of those nights?
Where you sit down to write poetry
Where you want to make a contribution
Yet there is nothing that moves me
No new loves, old loves, broken hearts
Making an attempt to reside in this moment
Of nothingness, separation, tranquility

Then suddenly thoughts of pleasure
Not love, old loves, or happy hearts
But of mulldown, fat women, and french fries!
Where in the world did this come from?
Maybe seeping from my unconscious
Obsessions creeping out of my past
Which I have not nurtured and caressed

So I invite them into my life again tonight
Catfish mulldown, missing for ten years
Strips of tender, white meat, marinated
Potatoes and Vidalia onions, new potatoes
Steamed in the pot, flavored with garlic
Salt and pepper congealing the flavor
And then the moment, ectasy to my palet

Fat women, oh how I have missed them
So I invite them into my life again tonight
The abundance of laughter and love
All in one package, passionate woman
Spectacular movement of unordinary oceans
Loving me like I was the last, not judging
Creative love, yes smiling, creative love

French fries, oh how I have missed them
So I invite them into my life again tonight
Wondering where this obsession came from
There is no abundance of love, no passion
Wondering in my creative mind of a writer
I must know where the french fries came from?
Like other loves, pleasing without conversation

{This poem was written drug and alcohol free}
Barry A. Lanier




Taking this imperfect world
With a small pinch of salt
Of enduring happiness
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier