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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier  7/14/2014 3:23:57 AM
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All That Is Regal

Have seen all that is regal, through the eyes of an eagle,
Dark shadows creasing canyons below.
Dewdrops dance on gentle breezes as my human pain eases,
Crimson stains the skyline's slow ebb and flow.
In these moments of grace, North wind in my face,
Only God's breath beneath my fledgling wings.
Lift me upward, lift me home, better, forever here to roam,
For I have seen all that is regal, through the eyes of an eagle.
Barry A. Lanier



Artesian Attraction

Love that flows
With a lullaby sound
Passion cascades
From life underground
Barry A. Lanier



b Imagine The Saudi

Imagine the Saudi gentleman
With the eight year old wife!
Wondering what does he do
Yet to add spice to life
Picturing this his world
That kind of strange life
Why only 55,000 riyals
Then a seven year old wife
Over the next couple of months
His palace elementary school
How many young virgin brides
To appease the heart of a fool?

{In response to the API headlines for April 30,2009 Cairo-8 year old divorces her 50 year old husband}
Barry A. Lanier



b Skinny Dippin'

Young bare-bottom boys
All standing in line
Swinging rope to the river
There wasn't much time
The girls soon to arrive
In their pink underwear
We had to hide eyes
And we had to swear
When all in the river
In laughter were lost
Suddenly yet surely
Pinkies and T-shirts
Coming off!
Banter of bare-bottomed boys
Among deep seated voices
Shrills of care-free girls
Evaluating their choices
Really no harm done
Playing naked in nature's pool
Not one even considered
We might even be young fools
Yet lessons are learned
Though no one was listening
You don't drink Budweiser beer
When you're skinny dippin'
Time for all to go home
Not counting the cost
Somewhere in the evening
All the clothes somehow lost
Barry A. Lanier
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Poems By Poet Barry A. Lanier