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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  9/2/2014 6:41:43 PM
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Listen to this fable
And see if it rhymes
The foolish donkey
Is pulling a cart
The man with the reins
Is dangling a carrot
The donkey snaps for it
But the carrot goes out of reach
The donkey wants the carrot
But carrot reach it
But the higher it goes
Then it stops this foolish game
A young girl is looking for love
She meets a boy who likes her
She wants him as her boyfriend
And he says maybe
He gives her a kiss on the cheek
She wants more
Then he says good bye
Her heart is broken again
Another boy comes
And teaches her to dance
Then comes romance
But then he too runs away
Her heart goes ache
The more she wants
The more the love goes out of reach
She finally gives up
Bella Ravenstar




The told me my mind had the flu
Thats why I was blue
They gave me pills
That took all the chills and took the thrills
Then the said my mind had a cold
Somehow thats what I was told
I went to see the the quack
He sure put on a bad ac't
Then they said it was nothing at all
Just ignore it and go to the mall
Then I had the shakes
They took a look
And found a surprise
The docs were all wrong
All it was
It was different
Like a mind of Einsten
Bella Ravenstar




The little demons do the same
Trying to get me to sin
I trying to chase them away
They adore tempting me
Putting evil thoughts into my mind
I chase them away
Whispering false promises
I know that are wrong
It gets too much to bear
Their presence makes me go insane
I will not take heed to your lies and tricks
The war goes on
It never ends
But I never fall into their trap
Because I always win
Bella Ravenstar



Dream hath Came

She endured many torments
Her heart broke more than the stars in the sky
She mourned without comfort
And drifted in dark
Eternities it seemed
She waited on and on
Her past loves
Were not her vision of her Lover
Yet lonely days waned on
Then she saw him
On that fateful day
He was everything she wanted in a man
Yet he was somewhat a fool
Wisemen warned her to flee him away
And shun him
Yet love and infatuation blinded her
She adored him as the summer winds adorn the sea
Pleasing to her senses
She could not resist
When he went away
She craved his embrace
And it drained her soul
When he came happy as she could be
But wisemen were disappointed
She must hide her dream
For her dream lover hath come
THey are a perfect match
Like fudge and ice cream
Yet the wisemen still say flee him flee
She cannot
For she is blinded in love
For she waited for long eternities
For he hath come now
She will take another chance
And see
What Father time brings
But for now she sings
A young and romantic tune
Who knows the future
She cannot see
Blinded in love is she
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar