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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  7/10/2014 10:26:09 PM
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Healing Prayer

Oh how wonderous!
I in awe!
A gift to mortals from the sacred divine
Yet it is my treasure forever mine
More precious than the gems of earth
How I adore falling on my knees
Uttering pleadings of my soul
To express thanks
To communicate in my achings
To express my sufferings
Confess my sins for mercy
My soul fills with joy
A conversation more sacred than all!
I pray often
I pray in secret
I adore how my prayers are heard!
That the Father hears every word and breath
He answers my pleadings
How I feel the fire in my speaking
No man knows as much as he
For he listens more than any mortal
He knows me well
I worship him eyes shut upon my knees
How I adore this gift from heaven
Recieving anwers for my pleas
Thank you, thank you
For this glorius gift
So I can find find strength in thee
Bella Ravenstar



Hearts Healing

I called your name
you weren't there
I waited for you
You passed me by
I asked you to dance
You asked someone else
I loved you
You didn't love me
I said hello
You said good-bye
You broke my heart
I couldn't fix it
I wanted revenge
You lauged at me
I cried
You loved someone else
No one heard my cries
My heart was aching
You moved on
I didn't
You were happy
I was sad
I had no one
You had someone
I got lost
In the dark was I
alone alone alone....
my heart still aching
the memoires of us still waking
help help help
no one heard
alone alone alone
forever forever forever
it seemed
the pain was intolerable
I was going insane
my heart was still broken and pain
then then then
I saw
a bright light
i heard a calming voice
calling me....
it was someone who loved me
more than you,
I felt a strong
loving embrace
It was an angel you see
He loved me very much
He told me to go on
That I wasn't alone
I was healed
I felt happy again
and I knew I was loved
and I would never have to wait for love again.....
Bella Ravenstar



Hello Ship! That's a Bad Idea!

Hello Ship!
You're so large
So grand
You're a ship of dreams
You're so proud
Standing in that dock
But you want to sail
That's a bad idea
Look out
There's an iceburg!
All the dreams fell
Poor little ship
She sank while she was young
Bye bye Ship!
Bella Ravenstar




I was weary
I was wounded
I needed healing
I was almost gone
I came to Christ's hospital
Now I am there
In his gentle care
He is there to fix my soul
When I need it
No better hospital can do this you see
He can heal better than any doctor
I have faith
I love him so
My dear Lord
I love him so
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar