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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  8/23/2014 12:31:50 AM
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Oh how the wait
I long for it so
I hungry
To behold the savory mysteries
I am young
But mature enough
I have to wait
To be admitted
To further parts
Of the gleaming building
Closer to heaven I'll be
Closer to eternity
On that day
I will receivie it without further wait
Now it's 2008
Yet I long
To be forever young
Forever my age
But I can't wait for 2013
For that day
Bella Ravenstar



En Garde Cliche

Footnote: I am not known for romantic poems because I am not a romanitc myself nor have I ever fallen in love. However this peom has been stuck in my head for some time. I hope you enjoy and I won't be writing anymore romance poems anytime soon.
(It's kinda long......)

Fencing practice
All the same
Then suiting up
Cladding the stiff chest guards and plastrons
Vipping up the thick white jackets
Corsetting the choking knickers and socks
Velcroeing the padded one hand glove
Each fencer claiming their epees
Clutching their caged masks under their arms
Then lining up in a row
The captian assigned each fencer to another
Until he and she were left
He tall
She a simple beauty
No one left for a judge
Going to a private side
Then lining up
One facing another
Swishing the salute
He gazed in her eyes
Then putting on their masks
With a roaring stomp
Epees clashed
Intense was the bout
Sometimes tieng score
Hands and legs cramping utterly sore
Advancing, lunging, and retreating
So on and so forth
The battle heated up
Then he lunged
Placing her helplessly against the wall
By tip of his epee
Clumsily she dropped her sword
And asked the score
Shrugging not a clue
Silent except for panting breaths
She held out her hand to shake his
A custom after a bout
He tore off his mask
Flipping and shaking his mane
Then grabbing her hand
And threw off her mask
She to puzzled to say
He jerked her sore arm
So she was closer to him
Trapped gazing eyes
He threw his arms around her neck
And gently locked his lips on hers
She flushed warmly as a red beet
And they embraced a tender kiss
Their lips parted
And he held her close
Brushing his lips among her rosey cheeks
Then locking lips again
Passion burned for a while
Melting the world away
Too deep in the moment
Lips parted again
He held her close
and kissed her hand
Whispering sweet words
Causing a shiver in her spine
Then time came
He had to go
The moment broken
But burned forver in memory
She too breathless for a word
How did this come to be so?
Her first kiss came
Her first kiss went
Blown away
For she never knew
Her dream boy
Dreamed about her too

That was really hard.......
Thats the first and last romantic poem I will write....
Bella Ravenstar



The Jewel

Hung From her neck
A proud and radiant jewel
Shini ng brighter than gems of millions
Diamonds were the chain
A Ruby the center piece
Worn from the moment of birth
As time she grew
She saw a hands ome fellow
he paid a pretty glance
Tore the jewel from her neck
She placed it in his care
Wooish lovers were they
Until the curse fell
He left in a flash
The jewel broken in shatters
Through the fires of hell
Sad she wept
Darkness befell
No mend for the jewel
on the floor it was
dull and shattered
Pain befell
Shame, remorse
No hope in sight
Her precious jewel abused
Wandered in the night
No light in sight
Pain became grave
Crashed on the ground
Then a familiar face
Time stopped
The light fell
He picked up the shattered pieces
And magically mended it
The jewel restored
Healed forever more
Before he could give it back
She pleaded it to his care
A smile he left
Happy was she
No more dark
The jewel was happy
So was she
No more broken
For the rest of eternity
Bella Ravenstar




Love cannot be given
Unless we are loved
For we cannot give love
If we have never tated love's sweet savor
If we never knew how to love
Then we have no right to share it
Sometimes we need love
In order to heal
Sometimes we can't love
Because we become empty
Sometimes we need to be loved
But not by a passionate lover
We always need love
To breathe every breathe of life
When we cannot find love
We must go to the source
The one that forever stands still
The pure bright source
Then when you feel the love
Give it away
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar