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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  7/24/2014 9:17:41 AM
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Prayer is Poetry

Prayer is poetry
To Heavenly Father's ears
It is sweet music
That he loves to hear
It is to express
Our emotions
Our loves
And our strives
All my prayers are poems
Because they are so deep
I divuldge everything
All of my soul
All of my mind
And all of my heart
Because I know he hears me
Prayer is a poem
Of the heart
Do not be afraid to share it
With the Father
Who loves you
Beyond everthing
I love poetry
I love prayer
In perfect harmony
Simplisitc clarity
Prayer is powerful
More than the weapons of man
Yet so gentle
As a poem
My favorite form of poetry
Is the beuaty of prayer
Bella Ravenstar



Brown Bag Ballroom

I had a dream
Atop an old school
High above the bustling city
In the basketball court
Someone holding a brown paper bag
Trying to create a ballroom from this paper bag
Huffed and puffed
No reward for their work
Finally it worked
A grand ball was held
Partying dancing
I danced merrily with a handsome fellow
Coughs and coughs
Wheezing Wheezing
Silver crystal poisoning
From the paper bag ballrom
With a collapse
People sick
No more paper bag ballroom!
Stranger than it sounds
Bella Ravenstar



Abandoned Babe

In a small humble crib
A crying babe
Longing for the warmth of secure arms
Screeching, moaning
The hungry babe cired
But the padres didn't come
They ignored the sound
The babe needed so much
The pardes gave so little
Jesus heard the hungry babe
And lifted it gently from the crib
And rocked the babe soothingly
Nourished the hungry babe with the furit of life
Gave the babe living water to drink
The Babe was soothed
Giggling happily
Jesus lulled the babe to sleep
And the babe slept a deep healing sleep
Bella Ravenstar



Big Brother

Big Brother
Where are you?
My heart is broken
My burdens to much to bear
My lovers have left me
All alone
No one to talk to
No one to care
I can't find you big brother
Where are you?
I am lost in the darkness
Hatred eats my soul away
Please come
I need you
Come feed me
Come hold me close
Heal my wounds
Tell me you love me
And I'll always be true
I need you by my side
There you are big brother
I see you
Holding your arms
As I come near you
Holding me close
As I give you my broken heart
You fixed it Big Brother!
You took away the night
And turned it bright
Showing me the light
You paid the price
For all my mistakes
Thanks you so much
All my love is yours
For no other to claim
I know you love me forever
And so do I
You're always near
You always know
You always pick me up when I stumble
You always hear me when I pray
I do everything
That I have to do
To be with you forever
Cuz I love you
Dear Big Brother
No one can ever change that
Cuz I love you more than anything
I love you Big Brother
And forever
Keep me safe
And I'll do my part
Together we'll stay
Big brother
You are my heart
How great thou art
Now one can take that away
Now forever
I am happy
Cuz you took my night away
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar