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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  7/27/2016 6:30:55 AM
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Sweet Spirit

Once I felt a burning fire
Buring bright within my soul
Its warmth gave peace
It fed my starving soul
My aching heart felt healing vibrations
My weary mind given rest
Cares and woes whisked away
Sweet peace the fire gave
Balming the broken soul
The still small voice gave wisdom
Whispering guidance to my soul
The voids filled
The lonliness fled
Love beyond description
More than man can give
Flowed in abundance
Throught my soul
Joy beyond all earthly pleasures
Filling my mind
Rejoice I did
Tears fell
Wonder, awe I thought
My heart doth swell
Oh the fore hath consumed my soul!
Time passed the flame faded
Emptiness came about
My heat ached
Because it fled
Worried, woes came
Lonliness returned
Sorrow filled my broken soul
Fear came to mind
I mourned he fire's parting
Distant it was
No calm wise whispers to hear
Lost I felt
Weak and weary
It is dreary
I wait but no return
Time passed
Darkness fell
I needed strength
Too weak I was
Where was that sweet mercy sound?
The one that soothes my soul?
The one that feedeth me?
I long for the fire again!
That sweet gift, I long it so!
I plea for it again!
I am weary
Please comfort me..
Hear my plea, oh sweet divine, let me feel that loving fire
It penetrates the body to the soul
Then so sweetly...
So suddenly...
The warmth filled my soul
I fell on my knees
The fire returned again
That sweet small voice whispered
To me again
Once more the fire burned
A gift divine from on high
And I felt whole again....
Bella Ravenstar



Crazy Daisy

Look at her
She sings
She dances
Like a cukoo bird
She speaks silly things
Of ducks and flowers
She is a crazy daisy!
Bella Ravenstar



Sweet And Sour

In this life
Dark and light
We must be sad
To know the glad
We must see the night
So we cna find the light
We must hear lies
To stand for the truth
We must see wrong
To choose the right
We must go down
Before we can go up
We must feel pain
To know healing
We must be sick
To appreciate health
Some must die
So others don't take life for granted
Some must be poor
To know the true meaning of wealth
We must taste the sour
To know the sweet
Sometimes people lose love
In order to find Heavenly Father
It's all sweet and sour
That's the game of life
Bella Ravenstar




I get down on my knees and pray
Then I read
Those sacred writings
These simple things
Are my strength
Then I put on my armor
Gird my sheild
And go into the world
The constant batlle of evil
The assasins come near
Trying to defile me
My sheild of truth
Fights them away
I see others take off their armor
Trying to get me to do so
But I say nay
I keep it on
Fighting evil
I never give
The evil army a chance
One against many
But I always win
The gospel my strength
I will fight to the end
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar