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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  9/20/2014 9:02:30 PM
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Crystal Key

My love
Look upon my face
What do you see?
DId you find the scars?
The wounds deep oh love
In this state you found me in
I called you
My only shining star
The last one in my night sky
I know you can lift it all away
Take my tears and turn them to pearls
Take my fears and turn them to sunlight
I love you more than any man
More than any mortal
Please accept this token
The only possession I have
A priceless shattered token
Oh my love
Go to the silent tombs
Pass the stormy knight
Upon the drowsy hill
You'll see a blak still knight
Stroll yonder
Then find the cold dull stone
With the broken symbols
My love
The raven watches you
Beware of his glance
Although I know
By the sight of you
He'll fall in a trance
Then my love
Unearth the decaying soil
Then take the small coffin with care
Take the crystal key
And open the coffin
Take its contents
I by faith believe that you can mend
The shattered jewel
Make it whole again
My love take the dark away
When you have done this deed
Step upon the golden staircase
When you've reached the top
Keep it safe home
Let your loyal servants
Guard it with all their might
Lock it away
Treat it with care
Spare it from fools
Let it not shatter again
And my love
My heart is forever yours
Bella Ravenstar



Crazy Daisy

Look at her
She sings
She dances
Like a cukoo bird
She speaks silly things
Of ducks and flowers
She is a crazy daisy!
Bella Ravenstar



Abandoned Babe

In a small humble crib
A crying babe
Longing for the warmth of secure arms
Screeching, moaning
The hungry babe cired
But the padres didn't come
They ignored the sound
The babe needed so much
The pardes gave so little
Jesus heard the hungry babe
And lifted it gently from the crib
And rocked the babe soothingly
Nourished the hungry babe with the furit of life
Gave the babe living water to drink
The Babe was soothed
Giggling happily
Jesus lulled the babe to sleep
And the babe slept a deep healing sleep
Bella Ravenstar



Born to be...

She is so beautiful
She is graceful and poised
Her ettique is flawless
Her words so polished
Her carriage perfect
She adorns elegant seeping jewels
Her attire elegant couture
She adores old fashioned fancies
And fine cusine
Yet there is one thing
She was born a normal life
When she was made to be queen
She lives a boring life
She longs to be at royal balls
But there are less fancy proms instead
She loves to wear extrvagant gowns
But the stores carry more simple ones instead
She was made to sit on a royal throne
But all she has is a simple chair
She was born to lead
Yet she forced to follow
She is bored of the simple atmosphere
She longs the life of a queen
She longs for a prince
But they're all toads
Not worthy of her kiss
She wants to wear exquisite crowns
But no where to wear them
How unfortunate of fate
To place a girl made to be queen
In the role of a peasant life
Like clashing stripes with polka dots
She is shunned for her personality
People green with envy
She is so lonely
Yet she doesn't know
She is meant to be queen somewhere
Her palace is waiting
Her crown and throne
All gowns slender
A king waits to
For her return
And start a royal life
That she deserved
But for now she waits
Until the end
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar