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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  3/2/2015 5:12:15 AM
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Friendship Bells

Summer days
We walked on the sand
Closely knit together
My trust, my confidant
We shared glad years forever
Then upon the birth of fall
No laughs, no words
You gave me a silent word
Staring coldly
A wink of unfamiliarity
Trusts broke
Secrets betrayed
A strong bond broken
You chose me no more
Tears strum
A melancholic chord
You left me alone forever more
The ghostly bells rang
Chiming a dreary accord
sprinting hastely
Shrouding my shadowy cloak and gown
Slipping the cloudy shroud to my face
Halting fiercely
Upon the fresh trodden dirt
The bishop stood solemnly
Glancing a blank stare
Chasing my breath
He bagan to pray
The sun shone
I strained upon the heavy stone
Not in tune of the hymns
Drifting my gaze towards a silent sea
Coffin snug in grave
Too dumbfounded for oaths
Shocking speechless eyes
Stolen breath
The mourning sky raged
Bells flying yonder
Stood in solitude
Shed a few streams
All was vain
Every word
every gift
All my bearings for you
Wasted by greed
Drifting far yonder
Seeing, remembering all the graves
Some scars some wounds
Too many comings
Constant goings
Cemetrary sermons drawing me in
bells did not cease here
Dark and dreary
Silent eerie
Stalking statues still
Graves numbered as stars in the night
Too dead beyond fright
You still roam earth's face
Yet you're here in that grave
I wait for the ressurection
That a dead hope
Nothing to cope
When deep shining wishes fell
Bells rung
The bishop spoke
A sea of tombs
Without end
Ghosts haunting
some raised
Weary of the gloom
When friendships died
Bells cried
Coffins filled with bitter breathless memories
That never did fly
Too much to bear
I sailed toward the horizon
Leaving graves yonder
To a delight
Beyond the night
New hopes
Fresh dreams
A blank canvas to paint
Taking flight
Better companions
Starry wishes
Filled my view
a refreshing anew
Bella Ravenstar



Lost Princess

The princess
A kind and gentle soul
Tossed by peasants cruel
Burdened with woes
Stricken with pain
Her hope fading
Her jester peasant parents
Playing a bit of fools
Tired of thier jests
One day she fled far from home
And upon her weary travels she saw
The grand castle of the king
With welcoming beams
Drew her near
Knocking upon the beautiful doors
A maid treated her kindly
She felt quite at home
The lords escorted her
To the cahmbers
There she felt not alone
For they treated her kindly
All the worldly cares drifted away
A sweet warmth of the heart within
A subtle joy
She fullfilling duties for the king
Happy to assist
Then they bid her from the castle
And a renewal
THen as time passed
Burdens have again
Her jester parents not always letting her go
She snuck out anyways
Going to the castle
And there doing works for the king
Feeling as a princess she is forever be
Bella Ravenstar



The Portal

One day
At school
The teens
Were in detention
In the computer lab
Their punishment
Scrubbing the walls
Then one
Found a door
And opened it
Walking through
Starting to float
He heard his thoughts
And spoke not a word
Through his mind
He called his pals
They came through that door
And were amazed by this specatacle
All their thoughts spoke
And were heard
Then one made a wish
To be an epmress of China
That came true
Dressed in lavish robes
A palace appeared
And she wished for servants
And they came near
They all started to wish
And they were all granted
Fullfilling their deepest wishes
One a movie star
The other a famous football player
One a prized pop star
One a super hero
They stayed for hours
And the portal closed
Sending them back
To the dreary world
Sad were they
Hurring home
Not breathing a word
Of their discovery
To not a soul
The next day
Sent back to detention
Found the portal
And continuned their dreams real
Stayed for hours
Then the portal closed
The next day to the portal
The friends paths departed
Too into their dreams
This world created
The next day
Into the portal
They stayed
They became greedy
Diving into their riches
Of fullfilled desires
Then the portal closed
They cared not an ounce
Dreams kept flowing
They were glad
Doing the things they longed to do
Many strong bonds broken
But forever trapped in paradise
For eternity
Bella Ravenstar




Love cannot be given
Unless we are loved
For we cannot give love
If we have never tated love's sweet savor
If we never knew how to love
Then we have no right to share it
Sometimes we need love
In order to heal
Sometimes we can't love
Because we become empty
Sometimes we need to be loved
But not by a passionate lover
We always need love
To breathe every breathe of life
When we cannot find love
We must go to the source
The one that forever stands still
The pure bright source
Then when you feel the love
Give it away
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar