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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  7/13/2014 5:33:11 AM
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Chasing Wind

I laugh
How my fellow mortals chase
Fake love
Lust is puke
I chase the pure love
Oh I chase not the wind
For it is not every bone to brake
Bella Ravenstar




Another day she waled
Feeling all alone
Today she felt dreary
Her afflictions heavy
Her self-esteem low
Shy she was
Fear she felt
She was a good girl
She always chose the right
Never followed the crowd
Walking once more
Her heart racing
Scared she was
A prayer in her heart kept her going...
Little she knew
Her cheerleaders following
When the guy offered a smoke
She declined
The cheerleaders cheered...
When her peers suggested she swear
She turned away in disgust
The cheerleaders were glad
When she got nervous on the exam
They gave her some cheer
Although they weren't visible
She sensed they were near
When she was lonesome
They stayed close by
When she was discouraged
They lifted her up
When she alomost gave up
They cheered on
They were her friends
Always watching
Always near
For they were her guardian angels
Who loved to cheer....
Bella Ravenstar



Love Bug

We were all born
With an almost unquenchable void
Some search yonder
Some do find it
We see wars
Struggle for power
Shopping sprees
Yet they're still starving
Some chase love
Lover after lover
Temporarliy feeding
But when love breaks
Withdrawal peaks
Some doing insane deeds
Love is an addicting drug
That we all need to thrive
Too sweet to resist
Lovers do manic deeds
To keep the love flowing
But I do not wander
I've been fed
For I have found love at the pure source
Never to hunger
Never to scrounge to feed
Because I have found my love
True as the deep blue sea
Bella Ravenstar




Oh how the wait
I long for it so
I hungry
To behold the savory mysteries
I am young
But mature enough
I have to wait
To be admitted
To further parts
Of the gleaming building
Closer to heaven I'll be
Closer to eternity
On that day
I will receivie it without further wait
Now it's 2008
Yet I long
To be forever young
Forever my age
But I can't wait for 2013
For that day
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar