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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  1/26/2015 9:20:57 PM
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Open me up
You'll see the disease
The wounds so deep
Scars from past
I hold them in
Only my Father above knows
That I have them
And he will heal them
For I have faith
Bella Ravenstar



The Jewel

Hung From her neck
A proud and radiant jewel
Shini ng brighter than gems of millions
Diamonds were the chain
A Ruby the center piece
Worn from the moment of birth
As time she grew
She saw a hands ome fellow
he paid a pretty glance
Tore the jewel from her neck
She placed it in his care
Wooish lovers were they
Until the curse fell
He left in a flash
The jewel broken in shatters
Through the fires of hell
Sad she wept
Darkness befell
No mend for the jewel
on the floor it was
dull and shattered
Pain befell
Shame, remorse
No hope in sight
Her precious jewel abused
Wandered in the night
No light in sight
Pain became grave
Crashed on the ground
Then a familiar face
Time stopped
The light fell
He picked up the shattered pieces
And magically mended it
The jewel restored
Healed forever more
Before he could give it back
She pleaded it to his care
A smile he left
Happy was she
No more dark
The jewel was happy
So was she
No more broken
For the rest of eternity
Bella Ravenstar



The Oasis

Walking through the desert
Ribs peeking through my skin
Stomach rumbling
Heat making me numb
Weary as a thristy rose
Mouth drier than the sand
Mind running low
Stomach roaring
A see a creppy crawly
Instincts run
Devour it did I
No quench
Stomach roared
A prickly plant
Ate without a thought
Not a quench
weaker I got
Insanity worse
Screeching foe aqua
No sight ahead
Fell in weak did I
Fainting breaths
Defeat can on me
Until the shepherd came
I saw him
and knew him
He smiled
Threw me in his arms
Carried me
Fed me of the fruit
Gave me nourishing milk
I saw the oasis
I felt strong again
Whole I was
Hunger no more
Healed and more
The shepherd I adored ever evermore
Bella Ravenstar



The Singer

See that girl?
She's the one reading that book
She don't look like much
But wait
You'll see
Wait until everyone leaves
For now
Hide behind that tree
Wait and see
Hear that angelic melody?
She has fine poised notes
Flawless musical forn
An angel is surely missing from heaven
That aria she breathes is surreal
She sings merrily
A song from a romantic dream
More pure than a nightingale
Yet she is so shy
She sings many hours alone
And then she goes home
No one knows she sings
Those heavenly tunes
She's never had a lesson
Nor an instructor
But her voice sculpted by heaven's hands
Her melodies as wings
Her voice makes her fly
Yet know one will ever embrace
That gentle delight
Only the angels above know
And dance to her melodies
And devour the lovely sound
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar