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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  12/19/2014 8:56:53 PM
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I see people
Grazing that treat
They crave it
They eat it
And smoother it in everything
I feel sick
When I see this vile sweet
When it is offered to me
I flee
Fearing it
Oh chocolate!
You decieving demon!
You have cast your spell
Upon my fellow beings
But I cannot partake
Of thy savor
Your smell
Makes my lips swell
You are a poison
That I shall not eat
How evil chocolate is
For it is a tempting devil
Begone with it!
Bella Ravenstar



Costume Beauty

I a classic beauty
Quite some charm
My interests from old movies
So quaint
The mail man came
With an invitation for the comstume ball
Thrilled excited
The telephone rang
A call from a famous movie costume designer
She invited me to her parlor
I quickly came
In her parlor a few measurements taken
She inquired my desired design
I spoke it so
Then departed
The morn of the ball
I found a box at my door
Opened it
A satin sapphire gown
A bustle
A train
Seeping with diamonds
A ball gown full
A regal cape
A corwn for a queen
Jewelry blinding goregous
I clothed myself in the elegant costume
I couldn't helped but adore
I was a regal queen
Too blinding for eyes
The limo arrived
I hopped in
Touching up my cosmetics
Then the door opened
I walked into the hall
Train following gracefully
As I descended the steps
Till down on the floor
I saw dancers
Less formally dressed than I
I stood
No one took a glance
No one asked for a dance
Laughing talking
Not knowing I was near
Pierced my heart
Quite dear
Tears strum
All was in vain
No one saw a shaunting beayty as I
A nightmare commenced
I sobbed and sobbed
No one took a care
I ran
And fell
And my nightmare ended


'Footnote: An interesting fact is this peom was an ispiration from a dream I had while I was suffering from a fever a few months ago. Also this footnote is not apart of this poem. I hope you all enjoyed! '
Bella Ravenstar




She was young
Beauty as a dazzling gem
Yet she was bound in vows
vows of the abbey
On that fateful day
she was gathering fruit from the tree
and she saw that handsome farmboy
gathering sheep
he saw her
they locked a glance
then looked away
they threw a friendly greeting
had a small quiet chat
then the abbey bells rang
then she retreated to quiet prayer
her love was jesus
a vow as his chosen bride
all day until retiring to bedchambers devoted to god in heaven
then the next day
the farmboy gathering the sheep
they had a small quiet chat
and she ran an errand for the abyess
then she saw him again
they had a friendly chat
and he walked with her to the abbey
and said goodbye
daily prayer bells calling
solemnly kneeling
that night
at her bed
reading the holy bible
she heard the whistling ocarina
and her mind wandered
he playing it
to calm his distraught sheep
hoping she would come to meet him
she knelt and prayed and prayed
to lift it away
but then the morn came she gathered apples for the sisters
and she saw him again
hoever time had done its toll
and deeper on the road
their hopes went
none of the sisters were aware
of the young nun's vows going at risk
she prayed and prayed
it would not go away
then one day a letter on her window
a letter from him
more than friendly words
she wrote back
she told of her passion
although confused of breaking her vows
secretly they wrote
she went insane
for he took forever to respond
then she heard his ocarina
and drifted to dreamland again
oh how she longed
oh how she wept
he tapped at the window
and they spoke a few words
but did not invite him in
it was far too late
far too deep
many letters written
many visits paid
then one night she heard hooftaps muttering close
she knew
she had to break
her sacred vows
she tore off her habit
and garbed in a long black dress
she climbed out the window
and monted his horse
loved enchanted them so much
for they were meant to be
the handsome farmboy
and the lovely young lady
off they rode to the sea
to exchange an awaited kiss
forever in bliss
oh she'll never miss
the life in the abbey
and now she'll be happy
with that handsome farmboy
two lovers they be
far from the abbey
Bella Ravenstar



Crazy Daisy

Look at her
She sings
She dances
Like a cukoo bird
She speaks silly things
Of ducks and flowers
She is a crazy daisy!
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar