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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  1/27/2015 6:23:06 AM
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Manic Stage

My mind's a stage
My thoughts are the acts
My desires are the actors
My emotions are the directors
My dreams are the scripts
They constantly rehearse without end
Unless to rehearse a different script
Then it never ends
Arounf and around it goes
I'm in the audience watching
Waiting for the play to start
But all they do is rehearse
Sometimes rehearsing several plays at once
I scream
I yell
To end all the rehearsals
And start the plays
But they go rehearse forever
My mind's a stage with eternal rehersals
Waiting for the plays to commence.......
Bella Ravenstar



My Ring

My precious ring
Lies upon my finger
A graceful adornment
A heart with solemn symbols
Yet slender and divine
The loops swoop gently
Caressing softly the lovely heart
Golden leaves firmly hold the heart
Yet my ring shows time
Faithful and true
Yet firm black
Around the strict symbols hath faded
Around the rim
Stratches like wrinkles
Dinks as scars
My ring has kept my secrets dear
Yet many lovely stories silent
My wittness to my woes
My wittness to my darkness past
She hath seen my lovers fled
She saw my aching heart
My broken weary heart
She saw hate like a parasite on my soul
She cried when she say my wrongs
She smiled when she saw my rights
She keeps my sacred moments silent
Although she speaks the same word
Reminding me to choose the right
Now I take heed to her words
So that I may be led to life eternal
Yet she is a ring, but her purpose divine
She always guides me in my forks in life
Leading me to pathway bright
Helping me to resist temptation
She'll always be a welcome friend
Upon her house on my hand
Never to remove a trusted friend
She'll wittness joys
She'll wittness sorrows
She'll aways see my sacred moments
She'll always see my long days
She'll remian till I'm old
Then it shall become an heirloom
For my daughters not yet be
Then they shall know
How precious this ring was to me
Thanks to her I'll see
My one true love
Who waits for me
Bella Ravenstar



Neglected Beauty

Oh how enchanting
How thou art
I see thee
I see thee
So fair so white
So kind so genteel
Such grace such poise
A delicate rose
A beauty so intoxicating to mine eyes
So pure so innocent
Thou sings like an angel
Thy charms are inviting
Thou are a swan of lovely
O' beauty, O' beauty
Thou are a diamond in the coals
A rare treasure stowed
But oh....how I weep
For thou was a neglected rose
Tanuted by ghosts of pain
Shunned by lovers
A heart that broke
A beauty not looked until this
Oh your suffers aile you nor more!
Come, come
Soother of your aching soul am I
Do not sway.....
Thy tourmentors of wicked shall pay!
Starving hours of lonesome end
Dead hopes shall live again
Shattered dreams will become anew
Thy kind deeds will be payed
Thy starve of thy soul conclude
Broken no longer shall you be
Only if you promise me
Swan of enchantment
They dark days hath fled
I love thee my beauty
Awake unto me
Surrender shall I to the now
Thou hast trapped me by the charms
Thou art wise, but I a fool!
No more neglected, but adored
Elated I am for thou has taken my hand....
Forevermore, forevermore.....
Thy soulhast been soothed
Prepare for endless bliss
A token of this
A splendid kiss
Eternity of love
I have spared thee from thy misfortune
My treasured rose
My promose made
Never again you shall return
But ever and ever
I will love thee by thy side
Hand and hand love shall always abide
Bella Ravenstar



Operation Racism

Around the world
Black and white
Labeling people of different colors
It's not right
We're all human
No need to name
The colors of their skin
Take a white man
Take a black man
Open them both up
And you'll see it's all the same
Not a difference
We all feel emotions
We all have the same needs
We all go through the same things
We are one race
All the same
No need for racism
Cuz it makes too much to blame
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar