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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  10/31/2014 10:36:38 AM
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Open me up
You'll see the disease
The wounds so deep
Scars from past
I hold them in
Only my Father above knows
That I have them
And he will heal them
For I have faith
Bella Ravenstar




Love cannot be given
Unless we are loved
For we cannot give love
If we have never tated love's sweet savor
If we never knew how to love
Then we have no right to share it
Sometimes we need love
In order to heal
Sometimes we can't love
Because we become empty
Sometimes we need to be loved
But not by a passionate lover
We always need love
To breathe every breathe of life
When we cannot find love
We must go to the source
The one that forever stands still
The pure bright source
Then when you feel the love
Give it away
Bella Ravenstar



Baptism Day

Once upon a time
I was a broken fool
I made mistakes
I felt a trembling guilt
My heart broken
Lovers decieved me
Playing lieing charms
Promises of love died
Draining and breaking
My delicate heat my fragile soul
Longed I for love again
Tired of broken love
Tired of chasing the tide
Tired of waiting to be fullfilled
Weary of undernourishing love
Love is a game
That I wish not to play
I've had enough
No more taking the gamble
Love isn't worth all the hype
I'm barking up the wrong tree
Today it shall be gone
Just a forgotten painful scar
Clothed in white
Ready I await
Shattered hopes
Broken dreams

It's time...
Slowly I descended into the warm waters
My father too in white
He gold me sternly but tenderly
Proclaiming the prayer
Solemnly, and lovingly
It came to my view
The covanent pending
With a grand 'amen'
A sudden dunk with care
In the water I felt...
A healing of the aches
Burdens lighter
Warmth, soothe to my soul
Balm, calm for the mind
Worries fled, woes bewent
With a silent prayer of thanks I bore
Dead of old, Birth, renew
Healing waters
Light was found
Dark gone yonder
Arose did I
My father embraced me
I gave my heart
To the one who loves me most
More than any mortal
My heart in gentle care
The love I craved found
Abundant joy
Love beyond mortality
The fire burned
My soul was fed
My sorrow fled
My heart mended
Sins forgiven
Who needs a lover?
When you have a loving Father and Brother?
I no longer weep
They are always near
Drying every tear
Never I to befall love again
Except the love from above....
Bella Ravenstar



Blink, Blink

Im bored
Im going insane
Too much homework
So many chores
so much stress
Wink Wink
Blink Blink
I'm there
At my happy place
Whever I please
No cars
No streets
No Seas
nor boats
no planes
no skies
I'm there
Within seconds
Escape from life's glooms
Ease away my pains
Bliss bliss
Whenever I please
To my my happy place
Blink Blink
Wink Wink
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar