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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  9/2/2014 4:13:31 AM
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Costume Beauty

I a classic beauty
Quite some charm
My interests from old movies
So quaint
The mail man came
With an invitation for the comstume ball
Thrilled excited
The telephone rang
A call from a famous movie costume designer
She invited me to her parlor
I quickly came
In her parlor a few measurements taken
She inquired my desired design
I spoke it so
Then departed
The morn of the ball
I found a box at my door
Opened it
A satin sapphire gown
A bustle
A train
Seeping with diamonds
A ball gown full
A regal cape
A corwn for a queen
Jewelry blinding goregous
I clothed myself in the elegant costume
I couldn't helped but adore
I was a regal queen
Too blinding for eyes
The limo arrived
I hopped in
Touching up my cosmetics
Then the door opened
I walked into the hall
Train following gracefully
As I descended the steps
Till down on the floor
I saw dancers
Less formally dressed than I
I stood
No one took a glance
No one asked for a dance
Laughing talking
Not knowing I was near
Pierced my heart
Quite dear
Tears strum
All was in vain
No one saw a shaunting beayty as I
A nightmare commenced
I sobbed and sobbed
No one took a care
I ran
And fell
And my nightmare ended


'Footnote: An interesting fact is this peom was an ispiration from a dream I had while I was suffering from a fever a few months ago. Also this footnote is not apart of this poem. I hope you all enjoyed! '
Bella Ravenstar



Crazy Daisy

Look at her
She sings
She dances
Like a cukoo bird
She speaks silly things
Of ducks and flowers
She is a crazy daisy!
Bella Ravenstar



Crystal Key

My love
Look upon my face
What do you see?
DId you find the scars?
The wounds deep oh love
In this state you found me in
I called you
My only shining star
The last one in my night sky
I know you can lift it all away
Take my tears and turn them to pearls
Take my fears and turn them to sunlight
I love you more than any man
More than any mortal
Please accept this token
The only possession I have
A priceless shattered token
Oh my love
Go to the silent tombs
Pass the stormy knight
Upon the drowsy hill
You'll see a blak still knight
Stroll yonder
Then find the cold dull stone
With the broken symbols
My love
The raven watches you
Beware of his glance
Although I know
By the sight of you
He'll fall in a trance
Then my love
Unearth the decaying soil
Then take the small coffin with care
Take the crystal key
And open the coffin
Take its contents
I by faith believe that you can mend
The shattered jewel
Make it whole again
My love take the dark away
When you have done this deed
Step upon the golden staircase
When you've reached the top
Keep it safe home
Let your loyal servants
Guard it with all their might
Lock it away
Treat it with care
Spare it from fools
Let it not shatter again
And my love
My heart is forever yours
Bella Ravenstar



Day Dreamer

I am a day dreamer
Drifting away
Closing my eyes
And drowning myself
In dreams and fancies
Far beyond reality
Pretending to be queen
Ruling over the kingdom
Or flying over the Indian Sea
Or fighting dragons
I daydream the dull away
Far too deep in my thoughts
Being a hero
Desending into caves
Going in to the past
Or flying into the future
Or riding a unicorn
Being anyone I wish to be
No one bothers me here
Doing as I please
I am a day dreamer
Dreaming the days away
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar