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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  5/29/2016 12:50:12 AM
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I was weary
I was wounded
I needed healing
I was almost gone
I came to Christ's hospital
Now I am there
In his gentle care
He is there to fix my soul
When I need it
No better hospital can do this you see
He can heal better than any doctor
I have faith
I love him so
My dear Lord
I love him so
Bella Ravenstar



Love Damages

Love between
Man and woman
Damages me
It depreives
It breaks
It causes thirst
It brings hunger
It never is steady
It always moves
It drains my soul
Love for me
Is a bad idea
Unless it is
The love between
Me and the Savior
He stands still
And his love heals and uplifts me
Forever in his arms I'll stay
And not the arms of a mortal man
Pure joy comes through Christ
Not temporary love
Bella Ravenstar



My Ring

My precious ring
Lies upon my finger
A graceful adornment
A heart with solemn symbols
Yet slender and divine
The loops swoop gently
Caressing softly the lovely heart
Golden leaves firmly hold the heart
Yet my ring shows time
Faithful and true
Yet firm black
Around the strict symbols hath faded
Around the rim
Stratches like wrinkles
Dinks as scars
My ring has kept my secrets dear
Yet many lovely stories silent
My wittness to my woes
My wittness to my darkness past
She hath seen my lovers fled
She saw my aching heart
My broken weary heart
She saw hate like a parasite on my soul
She cried when she say my wrongs
She smiled when she saw my rights
She keeps my sacred moments silent
Although she speaks the same word
Reminding me to choose the right
Now I take heed to her words
So that I may be led to life eternal
Yet she is a ring, but her purpose divine
She always guides me in my forks in life
Leading me to pathway bright
Helping me to resist temptation
She'll always be a welcome friend
Upon her house on my hand
Never to remove a trusted friend
She'll wittness joys
She'll wittness sorrows
She'll aways see my sacred moments
She'll always see my long days
She'll remian till I'm old
Then it shall become an heirloom
For my daughters not yet be
Then they shall know
How precious this ring was to me
Thanks to her I'll see
My one true love
Who waits for me
Bella Ravenstar



Snowy Castle

Upon a green hill
The grand and gleaming castle
Gleaming brighter than the sun
Stainless, flawless
A proud and radiant gem
Lovely gardens
A guarding golden gate
A priceless estate
Onlookers passing by
Took an aweing glance
Some tired to enter
But their desire declined
Some tried to defile the walls
But efforts wasted
Arrogent people didn't know
How valued this castle be
Snowy white
Clean and bright
Immaculate and chaste
A strong foundation
Never worn by storms
Other castles stood by
Below morning glory
Stained, withered
Weak, weathered
Wild parties
Drawing people in
Defiling the wallls
Of the other castles
How foolish
Wise was the pure snowy castle
Saving it gallantly
Only three men
Dressed in white
Pure and bright
Were permited to enter
Gracious beings worthy of this honor
Snowy castle worthy of their dweeling
This castle is a temple
Too sacred for the foolish mortals....
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar