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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  11/24/2014 4:28:03 PM
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Love Letters

I played my hand at love
I was so young
I flirted
Yet my heart broke
And it took forever to end
But then I heard
From my prayers
That I need not to fall in love yet
Wait a little while
Rely on Heavenly Father for you needs
Don't fall in love now
Or it will lead you to your despair
Love of men starves you
My love will feed you
I took heed to these words
I found he was right
He fed my needs
I felt better than ever
The counsel of man is different
Go fall in love now
There is someone for you
Don't wait!
Make haste!
Have a good time
Love is fun
You're young
When I remember Heavenly Father's answer
I don't take heed to mortal words
I'll do what's right for me
Do what's working for you
If you want to love
Be my guest
But me
I'll wait
Today I enjoy the water of life
The ever flowing love
Of Heavenly Father
And Jesus Christ
Don't worry about me
I've got the holy spirit
It guides me
I'll know when it's my time
To fall in love
Just not now
I'm the happiest I've ever been
Bright as a sunbeam
I stay true to my loves of my life
I am not changing my mind
So please don't try to tell me
That I'm blind
Because I feel really fine
Bella Ravenstar



My Dog

My dog is so sweet
He follows me around
He begs for table scraps
He plays
He cuddles
His ears shapes as a 'Y'
His sleek raven coat
His eyes chocolate brown
He has a big heart
He loves me
And I love him
He's so cute
He's my dog
Bella Ravenstar



My Love, My Jehovah

I would never trade thee for anything in the world
I love thee so my Jehovah
Because thou took my sins
And paid the debt
Thou feedest me
With thy bread
When I trod in the dark
Thou led me to the light
When I shed a thousand streams
My Johovah heard me
And comforted me with fire
Oh great Jehovah
When I feel alone
Thou art at my side
Whispering words of love
Of worth
I would give all my possessions for thee
Oh Jehovah
My love
My redeemer
I need not a manly lover
But thee Johovah
Because thou hearest my words
My cries
Thou lovest me dear
And I love thee more than earth
Thy arms are a warm gentle place
Easing cares of the world
Soothing the weary mind
Oh my Jehovah
Oh my love
Caring for me from highest above
Thou guidest me
When other comforters flee
Oh please
Hold me tenderly in thy care
And I shall be loyal to thee
and no other
My greatest love
My Jehovah dear
Bella Ravenstar



Operation Racism

Around the world
Black and white
Labeling people of different colors
It's not right
We're all human
No need to name
The colors of their skin
Take a white man
Take a black man
Open them both up
And you'll see it's all the same
Not a difference
We all feel emotions
We all have the same needs
We all go through the same things
We are one race
All the same
No need for racism
Cuz it makes too much to blame
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar