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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  10/2/2014 9:28:00 AM
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Squirrel, squirrel
How innocent and sweet
Ropming around
Hoarding your nutty treay
Everytime you pass
GIggles, smiles
Your fluffy tail
Your cutsie eyes
Come stay for awhile
Squirrel, Squirrel
Bella Ravenstar



The Jewel

Hung From her neck
A proud and radiant jewel
Shini ng brighter than gems of millions
Diamonds were the chain
A Ruby the center piece
Worn from the moment of birth
As time she grew
She saw a hands ome fellow
he paid a pretty glance
Tore the jewel from her neck
She placed it in his care
Wooish lovers were they
Until the curse fell
He left in a flash
The jewel broken in shatters
Through the fires of hell
Sad she wept
Darkness befell
No mend for the jewel
on the floor it was
dull and shattered
Pain befell
Shame, remorse
No hope in sight
Her precious jewel abused
Wandered in the night
No light in sight
Pain became grave
Crashed on the ground
Then a familiar face
Time stopped
The light fell
He picked up the shattered pieces
And magically mended it
The jewel restored
Healed forever more
Before he could give it back
She pleaded it to his care
A smile he left
Happy was she
No more dark
The jewel was happy
So was she
No more broken
For the rest of eternity
Bella Ravenstar



The Portal

One day
At school
The teens
Were in detention
In the computer lab
Their punishment
Scrubbing the walls
Then one
Found a door
And opened it
Walking through
Starting to float
He heard his thoughts
And spoke not a word
Through his mind
He called his pals
They came through that door
And were amazed by this specatacle
All their thoughts spoke
And were heard
Then one made a wish
To be an epmress of China
That came true
Dressed in lavish robes
A palace appeared
And she wished for servants
And they came near
They all started to wish
And they were all granted
Fullfilling their deepest wishes
One a movie star
The other a famous football player
One a prized pop star
One a super hero
They stayed for hours
And the portal closed
Sending them back
To the dreary world
Sad were they
Hurring home
Not breathing a word
Of their discovery
To not a soul
The next day
Sent back to detention
Found the portal
And continuned their dreams real
Stayed for hours
Then the portal closed
The next day to the portal
The friends paths departed
Too into their dreams
This world created
The next day
Into the portal
They stayed
They became greedy
Diving into their riches
Of fullfilled desires
Then the portal closed
They cared not an ounce
Dreams kept flowing
They were glad
Doing the things they longed to do
Many strong bonds broken
But forever trapped in paradise
For eternity
Bella Ravenstar



Winking Time

Life has been a bore
Too much to carry
Too much to worry
It goes by too fast
My head is spinning
I'm breathing so hard
I took a wink
Silence crept
I left
I found myself in ocean deep
Being caressed by warm water
Glowing fishes
Of every color swam by me
I saw the wrikled corals
Of every shade
I saw friendly dolphins
I saw creepy sharks
I saw frightened squids
As I flew in the endless watery sky
It was soothing
The moon shone
Through the watery film
Then with a thought
And a wink
I opened my eyes
And to my surprise
I saw gemstones dot the endless black
I saw the moon
I saw the earth behind me
I took a glance
Upon my home behind
Then looked on
With a vast speed
I trailed past mars
Then Venus
Then the other neighboring planets
Awed by the sights seen
I passed our familiar galaxy
Then explored new places
New faces of planets
New specks of life
I felt calm
At peace
Away from the wordly cares
Drifting gently
Thinking of the great creator
Of these wonders
Then I let the light shine on me
And lead me to my new home
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar