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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  8/29/2014 11:26:21 PM
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Operation Racism

Around the world
Black and white
Labeling people of different colors
It's not right
We're all human
No need to name
The colors of their skin
Take a white man
Take a black man
Open them both up
And you'll see it's all the same
Not a difference
We all feel emotions
We all have the same needs
We all go through the same things
We are one race
All the same
No need for racism
Cuz it makes too much to blame
Bella Ravenstar



Strange Wedding

Down the isle she walked
Clothed in white
Down in solitude
Weary she walked
Heavy the burdens
ached her heart
In her hand no boquet
For instead her a broken heart
Looked behind she did
Remebering the painful darkness
Of once past
Too many woes gotten deep
Too many sorrows born
Sins made
Slight pangs of remorse
Walked on did she
With a dimming hope
The final chance
Hunger she bore
Emptiness unfed
Upon the altar she knelt
With three preachers
One gave the vows
Though not ordinary
Humbly she oathed
The preacher said
Will you give your broken heart?
Hesitant at first
Her heart so fragile
Lovers past shattered it mercilessly
Again he asked
Willingly she obeyed
Handing over the shattered fragments
He holding with tender care
Mended it whole
Awestruck she was
He about to return it to her
She begged, ' as a token of gratitude and love, keept it.'
She knew the familiar face
And he gave a warm embrace
The light found, no more dark
Aches gone
Hope filled again
Mercy given
The past forgotten
Woes fled
Joy replaced sorrow
Thankful she was
Her hungry soul fed
This was no ordinary weddin'
Don't you see?
She gave away her heart
To the best lover of all
Never hunger again
Never alone again............
Bella Ravenstar



The Oasis

Walking through the desert
Ribs peeking through my skin
Stomach rumbling
Heat making me numb
Weary as a thristy rose
Mouth drier than the sand
Mind running low
Stomach roaring
A see a creppy crawly
Instincts run
Devour it did I
No quench
Stomach roared
A prickly plant
Ate without a thought
Not a quench
weaker I got
Insanity worse
Screeching foe aqua
No sight ahead
Fell in weak did I
Fainting breaths
Defeat can on me
Until the shepherd came
I saw him
and knew him
He smiled
Threw me in his arms
Carried me
Fed me of the fruit
Gave me nourishing milk
I saw the oasis
I felt strong again
Whole I was
Hunger no more
Healed and more
The shepherd I adored ever evermore
Bella Ravenstar



Abandoned Babe

In a small humble crib
A crying babe
Longing for the warmth of secure arms
Screeching, moaning
The hungry babe cired
But the padres didn't come
They ignored the sound
The babe needed so much
The pardes gave so little
Jesus heard the hungry babe
And lifted it gently from the crib
And rocked the babe soothingly
Nourished the hungry babe with the furit of life
Gave the babe living water to drink
The Babe was soothed
Giggling happily
Jesus lulled the babe to sleep
And the babe slept a deep healing sleep
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar