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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  7/12/2014 5:14:20 AM
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Friendship Bells

Summer days
We walked on the sand
Closely knit together
My trust, my confidant
We shared glad years forever
Then upon the birth of fall
No laughs, no words
You gave me a silent word
Staring coldly
A wink of unfamiliarity
Trusts broke
Secrets betrayed
A strong bond broken
You chose me no more
Tears strum
A melancholic chord
You left me alone forever more
The ghostly bells rang
Chiming a dreary accord
sprinting hastely
Shrouding my shadowy cloak and gown
Slipping the cloudy shroud to my face
Halting fiercely
Upon the fresh trodden dirt
The bishop stood solemnly
Glancing a blank stare
Chasing my breath
He bagan to pray
The sun shone
I strained upon the heavy stone
Not in tune of the hymns
Drifting my gaze towards a silent sea
Coffin snug in grave
Too dumbfounded for oaths
Shocking speechless eyes
Stolen breath
The mourning sky raged
Bells flying yonder
Stood in solitude
Shed a few streams
All was vain
Every word
every gift
All my bearings for you
Wasted by greed
Drifting far yonder
Seeing, remembering all the graves
Some scars some wounds
Too many comings
Constant goings
Cemetrary sermons drawing me in
bells did not cease here
Dark and dreary
Silent eerie
Stalking statues still
Graves numbered as stars in the night
Too dead beyond fright
You still roam earth's face
Yet you're here in that grave
I wait for the ressurection
That a dead hope
Nothing to cope
When deep shining wishes fell
Bells rung
The bishop spoke
A sea of tombs
Without end
Ghosts haunting
some raised
Weary of the gloom
When friendships died
Bells cried
Coffins filled with bitter breathless memories
That never did fly
Too much to bear
I sailed toward the horizon
Leaving graves yonder
To a delight
Beyond the night
New hopes
Fresh dreams
A blank canvas to paint
Taking flight
Better companions
Starry wishes
Filled my view
a refreshing anew
Bella Ravenstar




Hate is a disease
A parasite
A cancer
That goes often untreated
It distorts the human soul
Though love can cure hate
Fir it's not too late
Bella Ravenstar



He is He

His skin is paler than winter snow
He looks as though he is a ghost
He dresses as an undertaker
All in long black
His eyes spell despair
His face carved like flawless perfection
His body fragily built
Many people flee
His walk pequilar
His scent I crave
He is my obsession
My infatuation
My deepest desire
He is so dangerous
And I am rebellious
I hope
He'll love me
He is he
Bella Ravenstar



He Loves You

Come unto me
Ye broken hearted
Ye heavy laden
Ye who hast have thy friends
De part from ye
Ye you have hast thy enemies
Smite thee for my sake
Wait upon me
Thy burdens by light
Thy sorrows cast into the sea
I will heal thee
If only thou wilt wait upon me
I shall give thee wings
And thou shalt
Soar above thy glooms
Come forth unto me
I bore all thy sins
And grieved for thee
I love thee
More than any other mortal
For I am
Thy Lord
And my Father
Is thy father and God
Come unto me
For I am Jesus Christ
The Lamb
Thy shepherd
For I will come again
And I shall greet thee at the veil
With warm ams
And elation
For I love my brothers and sisters
Come forth unto me
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar