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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar  12/21/2014 4:38:32 AM
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Endless Bliss

I await the day
Of endless bliss
Oh finally
Yet terribly
In anguish
I wait
On that day
That warm fire
Within the bosom
Shining brightly
That feeling
Home away from home
Close to heaven
As the world melts away
That joy beyond words
Smiles neverending
I will be close to my love
Almost in his arms
Hearing him whisper soothing words
Being there melts my heart
My soul
I can't stand not being there
I love to do the work
How I serve there
Thats the reason why I stay here
My only breath of life
He is my everything
He and his house
I love them so
How I wish
To be
Forever for my days
Forever there
Now I wait in anguish
Bella Ravenstar




Upon life's table
I've been fed scraps
So little to devour
Almost starving to death
Longing for abundant meals
When I sat upon the table of my lover
I found barely more
Crumbs and scraps
Still ravenous
I ran from his table
I was looking for nourishment
My stomach howling
Hungrier than before
Then I found
A large table
Lined with meats
A marvelous feast
It was the table of my father and my brother
They prepared this banquet for me
I feasted
Devouring every bite
I feasted forever
Never hungry again
Thankful for this divine feast
I shall never roam again
Bella Ravenstar



Firey Desire

Oh how she holds it in
The firey desire
She longs to lock her lips with her hidden dream boy
Yet she is so young
She wants to hold him close
And tell him of her love
He is her dream true
But yet she is afaid
He is her dreamboy
But she hides it
So he may never know
But maybe so
Bella Ravenstar



Fly Away

Every day
It gets old
Doing the same
Nothing new
Going insane
Too many troubles and cares
One night
I saw on my back
A pair of wings
With a thought
I floated above my bed
Then with a grin
I opened my window
I fly into the night sky
Feeling free
The breeze kissing my face
No one could stop me
I was very happy
Gliding across the seven seas
Stopping in different time zones
I stopped in Venice for a slice of pizza
Then to Rome for pasta
Then to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower
Then to London to see the Queen
Then to Japan on Mt. Fuji
And ate sushi with my pen pal
Then to China to see the Great Wall
Then to India to ride an elephant
Then to Africa to see a lion
Then to Hawaii to so surf
I flew and flew
Going to places to my fancy
And I never went back home
Bella Ravenstar
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Poems By Poet Bella Ravenstar