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Poems By Poet bhupender swarnakar  3/2/2015 9:09:30 PM
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When your income is low
When your heart beats become slow
When your boat is unable to flow
Then laughter lets your life to go

When your brain recovers a sin
When you think as narrow as a pin
When you can’t put efforts like a goldfish’s fin
Laughter gives you the spirit to go and win

When your heart breaks with load and pain
When you cry as if one has beaten you with cane
When your will power began to wane
Laughter takes you back to your lane

When you stop making hay
When you forget your way
When suicide is what your mind says
Then believe me laughter forces you to stay
bhupender swarnakar




It is the esteem of one’s own motherland
It grant you the guts to die on your own sand
It is the noblest quality of mankind
Which feature is it can you find?

It is the quality that all freedom fighters had
It is the value that craft you as a picture of loyal fad
It is the power that generates daring in your mind
Which attribute is it can you find?

It is a feeling that is even clad by your soul
It is a sense that compel you to give taxes and tool
It is a quality that can uproot terrorism
It is the quality of blazing patriotism
bhupender swarnakar




Sun is the main source of energy on earth
Which is absolutely free and has no worth
Sun from earth is 15,00,000 km away
And its heat is sturdy in Asia in months of May

Solar system is formed by sun’s magnetic field
And with belts of fire and unsafe rays it is sealed
In solar system Mr. Sun is the monarch king
This supplies heat and light to all human being

Ozone layer guard earth from sun’s harmful ray
This is the thing what teachers and scientists say
Sun wakes up daily us early in the morning
And by melting the glaciers it gives us a warning

Sun can be described in thousands of ways
Even though no one has touched its surface
So in short sun is just a heavenly body
Made of protons and neutrons clashing horde
bhupender swarnakar



Yet Universe is Waiting For Us.

In the huge big skies of heavenly domes.
We have just grabbed a bee from millions of honey combs.
There is yet lot for us to discover and dig.
Like the few charming stars that twinkle and fig.

Until now we have seen only a grain of sand.
Even now we have to walk many miles of land.
Yet many Romeos and Juliet have to book their moon.
And I believe that their wish will come true very soon.

Oh! It’s good to see those outstanding great people,
Who have worked very hard and got tripled,
The science of the universe that is left before,
And yet we are on the crust but want to reach core.

No matter how hard it is but we’ll do,
One great day will buckle the universe in our shoe.
We kids the future next of this gigantic hay,
Promise that will definitely do what we say.

So all the celestial bodies and heavenly lords,
Get ready for our venture to your way.
As for wonders we are created by our god
We’ll fight till the end come what may.
bhupender swarnakar
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Poems By Poet bhupender swarnakar