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Poems By Poet bhupender swarnakar  10/1/2014 5:16:03 AM
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Water covers Ύ portion of the earth
It is in which million creatures take birth
Water is the second name of life
Water is use to wash utensils and knife

Water is also found as vapour and ice
Water is crucial for growth of crop like rice
Water is also used by pest like mice
Water is used by us to bath twice

Water is a liquid you all must know
It sleeps on the earth in the form of snow
In the figure of gust it blow and blow
Till at last it rains and as a river it flow

It turn into dry ice once at -57 degrees it freeze
It is a compound that fills lakes and seas
It the factor for which you also pay fees
It flows here and there in the form of breeze

It is a body that covers oceans and bay
When it is there you keep making hay
If you get lost in a forest it offer you a way
But always remember without it we can’t stay
bhupender swarnakar



i saw a heaven

I saw a heaven of grass and trees
From the top fall dark autum leaves
I saw a heaven with waterfall
Falling from Mrs.earth's artic stall
I saw a heaven with opera like rocks
There lived dogs like fox
I saw a heaven covered with ice
Jumping from the bottom a plenty of mice
I saw a heaven with no dead end
thereMessages never reached were they were send
So in short I saw a heaven
But I don’t exactly remember when
bhupender swarnakar




It is the esteem of one’s own motherland
It grant you the guts to die on your own sand
It is the noblest quality of mankind
Which feature is it can you find?

It is the quality that all freedom fighters had
It is the value that craft you as a picture of loyal fad
It is the power that generates daring in your mind
Which attribute is it can you find?

It is a feeling that is even clad by your soul
It is a sense that compel you to give taxes and tool
It is a quality that can uproot terrorism
It is the quality of blazing patriotism
bhupender swarnakar




Vacations are a part of life
And liberty from books that are nonstop strife
Vacations are meant to spend all days
In enjoying and planning our future ways

This is one of the best saying
That vacations are not only for playing
One should relax in the beauty of nature
And profit themselves as well as other creature

Between the academic years they are all gaps
That can be best describe as a centre between two laps
Where you can tighten your screw and tyre
To spread your excellence like the blazing fire
bhupender swarnakar
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Poems By Poet bhupender swarnakar