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Poems By Poet Bill Grace  12/20/2014 4:21:31 AM
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Genghis Khan Plants a Tree

We call him Genghis Khan
In our private conversations
This man grotesque enough
To merit a police report
For conduct unbecoming a former Marine
Viet Nam having left more than physical scars.

He tried to plant a tree
Which wind wrecked
Or some other act of God I can't remember.
It seeming strange to me
To give God credit for this tragedy.

Wife and probably Dog don't like him.
A truck being a formidable and ugly weapon
Yet he has spoken nicely enough to me.
Still I wish his tree had lived
I suspect he has seen enough of death
That dark side of him requires no further feeding.
Bill Grace



Genuflection To Spinoza

The greatest question remains
Beyond the circumstances of our lives that form us
Is there a TRUTH
That gently smiles at, weeps with, mocks at, or even more...
Frail human understanding?
Or is the question itself
Only my desperate need for hope?
Bill Grace



George Marshall's Ghost

Forgive me, Sir, for raising you up from recent print
But Kennan's death was front page in Moscow
Containment was one of your grandchildren also!
I have read of Eisenhower and McArthur
Been told by generals of Patton and Bradley
And learned from rather dogged research
That you were scion to a host of lesser greats
The pundits have come to call 'Our Greatest Generation.'
Perhaps in celebration a quote is in order:
'You can do infinite good if you do not care who gets the credit.'
Like Lee the sweet fragrance of your character
Grows stronger with history's gathered fragments.
Bill Grace

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Ghost Strike!

Watching the young woman,
in the restaurant where you could leave
your cell phone at your table and expect
to find it when you came back,
Her gesture in speaking to her companion
Was a movement
neither vulgar
nor improper
Only emphatic.
It was not new nor of the heart.
My daughter of fifteen
has moved to this choreography.
The switch
In the darkness
Of my mind
Goes on!
Aha -
Barbie has struck again!
Bill Grace
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Poems By Poet Bill Grace