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Poems By Poet Bill Grace  9/19/2014 2:48:28 AM
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Awake My Friends Awake!

Awake my friends awake
The long night's passing
New day will grant its blessing
Awake my friends awake!
Bill Grace



Broken Ice Maker

God grants to us a running refrig
It is the ice maker that is broken
Cost of repair too much.
My Puritan genes recoil
Wife and daghter do not understand
Why Dad does take a stand
Our own ice we will make.
In old time trays cust to fit
Our cubes produced in an appropriate niche.
Life made a little less mechanical
To slow us down and help remember
It is not just ice machines that end.
Bill Grace



Cat Protocol

Cat Protocol
Watching the cats eat I was surprised to learn
They use a protocol not seen since army infantry days
That the most powerful and senior cat
In effect the commander cat - eats last.
Bill Grace



Center for the Intrepid San Antonio, Texas

To see the young
Without their legs
To hear their humor
To learn how a tattoo
Has helped one through
Is to go to another planet
Return humbled
With how little you truly know
These were not even
The Gold Star mothers
Who had moved
The foundation of your life.
Bill Grace
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Poems By Poet Bill Grace