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Poems By Poet Bill Grace  7/24/2014 10:43:13 PM
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Late Evening Reading of Sharon Olds

After the run for ice cream
After the dinner guests have left
After the dog is walked and cat given obligatory insulin
I read her poetry,
Wonder at the power of her words
Admire her many levels
Read her words with phonetic care
A displaced poet in her class A world
Who wanted most not only to eat but to eat well.
Bill Grace



Morning's Silence

In morning's deep silence I know that they are there
Mother, Father, Aunts, Uncles - others who though gone could care
Great teachers, mentors, class mates - team mates who are no more
Rogue's for leaven and girl friends long from touch
Especially those fond illusions destined to never touch back
Or perhaps too beautiful to consider anything less than perfection
In silence they all speak and kiss - but only in silence.
Bill Grace



On Being Trapped

Sometimes we are trapped
Better not to feel but to react
The lieutenant who under fire called a meeting of his men
To another realm of God's universe did his indecision send
With feelings will come the true safety of the day
But first you may have a dragon that you have to slay.
Bill Grace




'Arise go forth and conquer.' - Tennyson
The poster said with young duckling pictured and quoting big T
I can still celebrate that spirit though old
But know that for duckling to grow to duck
Wise eyes must guide to keep brother hawk from lunch.
Bill Grace
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Poems By Poet Bill Grace