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Poems By Poet Bill Grace  2/28/2015 1:16:16 PM
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Chasing the Ice Cream Truck - a Happy Poem

My friend says to me:
“Write a happy poem.”
Not being sure where they come from
I say
but do not know for sure
that I can keep my word
with even words,
as the case may be.

Walking the dog
in that pleasant end of day time
the merry sound of the ice cream
anoints the evening
with a tin jingle -
from a side street
it careens around the corner
and disappears.

Again, I do not know from where –
I think she had black hair –
slightly buxom
flushed face beauty
and beauty to be
she is running – south
from my north,
“Which way did the ice cream truck go? ”
she demands.

Pell-mell she proceeds in pursuit
to catch and be caught
by her happy prey.

I wonder if
God was listening,
for a happy poem came
as well as a pretty girl
with flowing black hair
on a pleasant evening
I would capture here.
Bill Grace



Drinking Water

Water is blah
My doctor says aha
You drink the stufff
And this is good.
Bill Grace



Gymnastic Competition

I approve the civility of the sport
That injures less than almost any other
Age, sex, skill, experience - all the factors
That determine who will win,
A winner's platform oft with room for seven
The beauty of their costumes and youth
An environment where all are winners
Gravity defied and even a nation blessed
By the lessons that can be learned.
Bill Grace



In Memoriam - Zola Crandall

My most vibrant memory of her
Is with Mr. Evans - a teacher so radical -
He loved his students and took us to see
'Dr. Strangelove' before it became part of the canon.
There may have been one day when she failed to wear a bra
You can't blame a sixteen year old too much for noticing
But I am not sure about this - time plays tricks with the mind.
Most I remember she was gentle
Smart with out being prissy or proud about it
And had a laugh that if I am quiet
I can almost hear across forty five years
Of time not kept by a class reunion.
Bill Grace
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