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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  7/11/2014 8:39:18 AM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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My Little Bundle of Joy

My little bundle of joy, so snug and warm he sleeps
So peaceful as he lay, he's always mine for keeps
He wakes to hear my voice, and knows that I am there
To take him in my arms, he knows I really care
I cradle him real close, he's hungry now I know
I offer him my breast, he suckles to and fro
This moment that we share, shall never leave my mind
The bond we have is strong, so gentle meek and kind
My little bundle of joy, my eyes are filled with tears
My love will never cease, through all my living years
Bradley Lester



My Little Girl

I have this little angel, for me she left her wings
She doesnt really know, the happiness she brings
She tries her very hardest, to please and do what's right
She gives the greatest hugs, from morning until night
She's helpful and considerate, to everyone she knows
This light inside her shines, as my baby grows
When she sees someone sad, it opens up her heart
She wants to do all that she can, she wants to do her part
She'll squeeze away the sorrow, make me forget my pain
She'll show me where the sun is, when hiding from the rain
She is my little angel, I cannot from her part
She always have a special place with me inside my heart
Bradley Lester



My love is locked away

No more love for me no more
No more heartaches slamming door
No more sobbing tears will fall
No more cries of help I'll call
No more aching heart of pain
No more words I shall refrain
No more hugs of warm embrace
No more sorries will I face
No more fights abusive words
No more tension no more stirred
No more open heart to love
No more hurtful hatred shove
Bradley Lester



My Love Was Never Guaranteed

My love was never here to stay
It came and lived then went away
I showered her with all I had
Her days of gloom it made her glad
But this was just a phasing time
Her heart I know will not be mine
She showed me how to love again
Her lonely heart was mine to gain
She was my jewel my special one
The jewel is gone I'm left with none
This time I thought it would be real
The love embrace my heart did feel
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester