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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  12/18/2014 2:10:06 PM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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Missing and Wishing

Her eyes were warm and seeking
Her smile just melted my heart
Her lips were full and soft
Oh why did she us part

Her hands were soft and tender
Her voice was kind and warm
Her laugh was full and fiery
I find myself to mourn

Her hair was neatly styled
She had an air of grace
I loved the way she was
But why oh why the space

I yearn to touch her face again
I yearn to see her smile
I yearn to hear her laugh and cry
Even if it's for a while

I hope I get to see her soon
To hold her close to me
We do not even need to talk
Please let me just be me
Bradley Lester



Missing her

Missing her, Loving her
Wishing for her, Dreaming of her
Wanting her, Needing her
Crying for her, Aching for her
Lusting for her, Gasping for her
Looking for her, Thinking of her
Pleading to her, Remembering her
Attracted to her, Caring for her
Committed to her, Comfortable with her
Content with her, Desiring her
Devoted to her, Excited over her
Forgiving to her, Giving to her
Gentle with her, Great with her
Honest with her, Impressed by her
Kind to her, Lovable towards her
Nice to her, Peaceful with her
Relaxed with her, soft with her
Touched by her, Tender with her
Thoughtful towards her, True to her
I miss her so damn much.......
Bradley Lester



Misused Gestures of Love

Am I to play a double role? or are you being true
Do you really need the things, I sometimes do for you?
Do they make you warm inside? or is this just a game
A game I am about to lose, am I the one to blame

I know u need these gifts of love, I often give to you
You cant deny they warmed your heart, you felt like someone new
Must I continue doing this? despite the non return
Of gifts of love I also need, the gifts I also yearn

You seem to want to get your way, with things you want to hear
I guess we all need something nice, to take away the fear
The fear of being lonely, the fear of lack of love
Perhaps I should withdraw these things, I got from way above

I fear if I withdraw, you'll see me as being cold
You'll think bad thoughts about me, and lose the grip you hold
You'll think that I dont care no more, and think I'm really bad
And if this is the way it is, my heart will feel so sad.
Bradley Lester



Mixed feelings.........

I need a sign to know you're there
I need a sign to know you care
I know you've said these things before
They touched my heart I need you more

I need to hold you close at night
I know it sometimes isnt right
For me to think this way of you
My feelings though they are so true

It's hard for me to keep my voice
You told me so, it was your choice
I feel so trapped and sometimes sad
I love you so, is this all bad

I wanted so to walk away
I couldnt though I'm here to stay
I guess my friend we'll always be
Together hey, just you and me
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester