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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  3/1/2015 4:57:20 AM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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Luscious Lips

Luscious lips of honey sweet
Golden skin of island heat
Sparkling eyes of crystal blue
Funky hair of wavey new
Long tanned legs of sexy tight
Firm round buttocks my delight
Smoothened hips of tasteful eye
Sexy smile of wondering why
Luscious lips of cherry sweet
You are mine and mine to keep
Bradley Lester



My Daddy doesn't care about me

My Daddy said that he would
come and say goodbye that day.
But he didn't come
I sat waiting and waiting
It was almost time to leave
There were other Daddy's there
to say goodbye to their kids
But my Daddy wasn't there
Why Daddy? Why?
Why didn't you come and say goodbye
to me on that day?
DO you know how I cried for you Daddy?
Do you really know? I was sad and
upset, but you wouldn't know
Because you were not there for me
You don't care about me Daddy
You always let me down
You always promise me things
And I always sit and wait
But you never show
Did I hurt you Daddy?
Am I a bad person that you
don't want me?
I still love you Daddy
Even though you hurt me and
made me cry
But please Daddy, don't make
me cry again
I am only a little girl
Bradley Lester



My Little Bundle of Joy

My little bundle of joy, so snug and warm he sleeps
So peaceful as he lay, he's always mine for keeps
He wakes to hear my voice, and knows that I am there
To take him in my arms, he knows I really care
I cradle him real close, he's hungry now I know
I offer him my breast, he suckles to and fro
This moment that we share, shall never leave my mind
The bond we have is strong, so gentle meek and kind
My little bundle of joy, my eyes are filled with tears
My love will never cease, through all my living years
Bradley Lester



You make me laugh

You make me smile, you make me laugh
You make me warm inside
The day I saw your pretty face
I knew you'd be my bride

My bride you'll be, a queen that day
Of beauty all in one
You'll move with grace, I'll stand and stare
You are my bride, my hun
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester