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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  5/4/2016 12:27:36 PM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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Was Nice To Hear From You Again

Was nice to hear your voice last night
You seemed so far away
I wished that you were there with me
The night with me to stay

I'd hold you close and shed a tear
I'd hug you close to me
Just knowing that you are my girl
The way it ought to be

So hearing you was nice again
I missed your tender voice
Just know that when I met u babe
Was fate and not by choice
Bradley Lester



Brads Quotations 21-40

Attentative listening is a skill often sought by many, found by few.

Meeting each other halfway is far better than going the full distance and failing.

The most effective way of being intimate is to be silent

A tear is similar to a lie, a tear you can wipe away but a lie you cannot erase

Being dishonest is a deceitful way of acknowledging your own weakness

Before you complain and moan about your partner, think of those who do not have a companion.

Choose your words carefully, as once spoken, they may receive forgiveness but they will never be forgotten.

That's right, point your finger in anger, look closely, there are 3 fingers pointing right back at you

The absence of love results in the presence of loneliness

Admit if you were wrong, but don't deny your honesty

Allowing bad influences to depart from your life, makes space for new and good things to arrive

Do not curse those who harm you, bless those that comfort you.

Sly and cunning behaviours are cowardice but honesty and openess are acts of bravery.

In times of need, a friend can just sit by your side without saying anything, and you will feel totally at ease and comfortable

Sometimes it is difficult and hard to be courteous but it is always easy to be rude.

By living a full life, you will give hope to those who live an empty one.

Exterior beauty will age and wringle over time but interior beauty will blossom

Getting rid of foolish people in your life is wise

To find love and happiness you need to lose your past

Displaying love is far more impactive than saying 'I love you'
Bradley Lester



Fear Of Losing Her

Fear of losing her has become reality
I have lost her
Or should I say I've lost what I had
The closeness, the love, the commitment
We are just friends now
But I think that feelings are kept within
From both sides, no-one wants to accept the truth
But I can feel it at times
Have I lost her for good?
Will she hold on and for how long?
I have lost her but not completely
Is what I have with her enough?
Or do I want more?
And will she be able to give me more?
Bradley Lester



Hugs And Kisses For My Best Friend

Hugs and kisses for you today
Cuddly smiles will come your way
Facial laughs so cute and real
All for you this is my deal

Loving chats to calm the mind
Marshmellow puffs we will find
Childish giggles, tickles too
Just being with my best friend, that friend is you
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester