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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  9/19/2014 10:52:42 PM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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You are so cute

Lingering laughs
Sexy smiles
Tantalizing touches
Heartwarming hugs
Beautiful body
Delightful dance
Helpful hands
Sensual skin
Bradley Lester



Your loving words of kindness

Your loving words of kindness, overwelmed my heart with joy
The sweetest words you said to me, my eyes turned really wet
They touched my heart so deep, your words burned warm like flames
It felt so good, I'm really glad, the day that you me met.

No woman has been kind, the way you were to me
You judged me not, just showed me love, and oh it felt so fine
The place inside my heart I've made, is special just for you
It's there for good, this is no lie, that space of you is mine

I listened to your words again, the other day at home
I sat in silence, tears did flow, the way the words hit home
They felt so real and so sincere, each word a stab of joy
They hit the spot, time again, just like this simple poem

You are an awesome person, so wonderful and warm
With meaning and with laughter, I cannot thank you more
I want to do just simple things, just show you I am here
To thank you for your thoughtfulness, it's you that I adore
Bradley Lester



A Joyous Day

The wedding was a joyous day, a day of certain love
They joined their hands in tender bliss, a gift from God above
The beauty from within their hearts, was visible and true
The way they spoke, the way they looked, it seemed that they just knew

They shared that moment peacefully, tearful though they were
Together just the two of them, their words seemed so sincere
Exchanging love and kindness, their vows were cast in stone
They knew that from that day, they would never walk alone

Their friendship grew to love, a love so strong and real
That love will keep them safe, the bad times it will heal
They'll grow together faithfully, remembering what they said
The day they came together, that windy day they wed

We all must learn the lesson, we learned upon that day
That two hearts can be joined, as one to guide the way
We need to open up, our hearts to someone dear
As those two people did that day, the message was so clear
Bradley Lester



A Simple Cup of Coffee

A simple cup of coffee, a gesture oh so sweet
She thought of me that time, she swept me off my feet
The smallest things she does, is all I need from her
They touch my weary heart, they take away my fear
A simple cup of coffee, to quench my thirst she knew
I felt so kinda special, the act of love so true
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester