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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  7/25/2016 3:02:55 PM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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Your Key Fitted My Heart Real Fine

Your key fitted my heart so fine
I knew it was a matter of time
The key you held was magic and warm
Like hand in glove, new love was born

You turned the key a silent click
My heart began to turn and tick
It felt so good and warm my heart
Your passion overwelmed me from the start

I cant believe the key you had
It was so pure, no hint of bad
It slid the lock, inside so true
And I am glad that it was you
Bradley Lester



Your Loving Arms Embraced Me

Your loving arms embraced me
Sheltering me so warm
Engulfing me with love
Protection from the storm

I felt like some special
That moment time stood still
Your loving arms embraced me
My heart with love did fill
Bradley Lester



Your Presence Sparks The Flame Inside

Your presence sparks the flame inside
The flame that once had died
Of coldness, hatred, cast aside
No matter how I tried

I tried at times to light the flame
It burned for not so long
The coldness caused the flame to die
This fate I knew was wrong

Your warmth and kindess came along
And touched the flame inside
It burned with vigour once again
The flame that once had died
Bradley Lester



Your Smile Ignites A Flame Within

Your smile ignites a flame within, to touch my heart each time
Your laughter brightens up my day, it's worth more than a dime
Your simple touch upon my skin, sends shivers up my spine
Your warmest kiss upon my lips, oh baby girl you're fine
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester