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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  10/20/2014 7:32:39 PM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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Live for today only

Do not grieve about the past, it's gone so just forget
You cannot change what happened, no matter what you do
And do not think of things to come, you may not be around
Hug each day and walk the walk, and feel the morning dew

Listen to the robins sing, feel the breeze against your face
Smell the roses blooming red and watch the waves crash to the shore
These are things you should be doing, as you live each day
Appreciate the things around, they are we must adore

Life is all about the now, and not about the if's
No matter what you do or say, each day can be so great
We need to seize the moment, and let it fill our heart
With warmth and love and tenderness, so cast aside the hate
Bradley Lester



Making Love to you was..................

Making love to you was Affectionate, Amazing, Accommodating, Beautiful, Blissful, Breathtaking, Complete, Cute, Cozy, Exciting, Elegant, Enjoyable, Expressive, Eager, Easygoing, Ecstatic, Fascinating, Fiery, Focused, Gentle, Graceful, Generous, Genuine, Goose-bumpy, Held, Harmonious, Honest, Inviting, Intense, Kind, Keen, Magnetic, Magnificent, Magical, Memorable, Marvelous, Nice, Naughty,
Open, Passionate, Pleasing, Pleasant, Pure, Pleasurable, Peaceful, Pulsating,
Remembered, Remarkable, Romantic, Responsive, Relaxing, Sensual, Sensational, Sweet, Sensitive, Snug, Satisfying, Soft, Tender, Thoughtful, Tremendous, Treasureable,
Unforgettable, Vigorous......oh how I wished I had the words to express what making love to you felt like...........
Bradley Lester



Misused Gestures of Love

Am I to play a double role? or are you being true
Do you really need the things, I sometimes do for you?
Do they make you warm inside? or is this just a game
A game I am about to lose, am I the one to blame

I know u need these gifts of love, I often give to you
You cant deny they warmed your heart, you felt like someone new
Must I continue doing this? despite the non return
Of gifts of love I also need, the gifts I also yearn

You seem to want to get your way, with things you want to hear
I guess we all need something nice, to take away the fear
The fear of being lonely, the fear of lack of love
Perhaps I should withdraw these things, I got from way above

I fear if I withdraw, you'll see me as being cold
You'll think bad thoughts about me, and lose the grip you hold
You'll think that I dont care no more, and think I'm really bad
And if this is the way it is, my heart will feel so sad.
Bradley Lester



My heart goes out to you today

My heart goes out to you today
A broken heart that knows no way
Of saying deeply that I care
For you my dear please be aware
That I am here for you to cry
And hold so tight I wont ask why
I'll hug you back and share your tears
Please lean on me and shed your fears
My dearest friend my love is deep
For you today to hold and weep
I'll help you through this darkest time
Together we'll see the shining sun
It's rays will warm our hearts again
Our friendship strong it will remain
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester