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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  9/2/2014 11:34:42 PM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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Every day comparisons

Everytime I read your mail, I think back our communication trail
Everytime I see you smile, it brings me comfort for a while
Everytime I see your face, I think of your amazing grace
Everytime I see your eyes, like stars that brighten up the skies
Everytime I see you frown, that frown could never bring me down
Everytime I hear your voice, I listen more I have no choice
Everytime I chat with you, it's like I'm starting off brand new
Everytime I write a poem, I write of you my thoughts do roam
Everytime I sing to you, I think you laugh now would you to?
Bradley Lester



Fear Of Losing Her

Fear of losing her has become reality
I have lost her
Or should I say I've lost what I had
The closeness, the love, the commitment
We are just friends now
But I think that feelings are kept within
From both sides, no-one wants to accept the truth
But I can feel it at times
Have I lost her for good?
Will she hold on and for how long?
I have lost her but not completely
Is what I have with her enough?
Or do I want more?
And will she be able to give me more?
Bradley Lester



Her Candy Cotton Kiss

Her candy cotton kiss
Her taste so warm and wet
Her cotton candy lips
I'll never them forget

Her cotton candy kiss
Sends shivers down my spine
I tremble at her touch
With love and grace divine
Bradley Lester



Her claws came out

Her claws came out from time to time
To rip and tear my heart
Each tear a stinging aweful pain
That wasnt from the start

Her lashing hurful words dug deep
And burned my heart some more
Her ripping, tearing, smashing ways
Were selfish like a claw

I never turned to her the same
My claws remained held tight
I couldn't bear to hurt her so
My tears gave me that right

I've felt her claws upon my flesh
The wounds they still remain
Reminding me how cruel we are
As humans sometimes vain
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester