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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  11/1/2014 8:08:56 AM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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A Prayer For My Precious Bundle of Joy Nahum Chad Bothma

Goodnight my little precious one
I'm always by your side
I'll keep you warm and safe each day
You'll never have to hide
I pray the Lord will keep you strong
And healthy every day
So you will grow up big and tall
I'll never from you stray
My baby boy from God above
I love you oh so much
I really want to wake you now
To feel your gentle touch

Your loving Mommy, Dominique Bothma
Bradley Lester



A walk along the beach

We walked along the beach, upon the sandy shore
Our foorprints made a path, which disappeared behind
A symbol of our journey, the good times and the bad
We looked ahead and walked, your hand in mine so kind

The waves were crashing noises, forcing us to look
At natures powerful creature, each wave a testing sight
That tides could come and go, and wash away a land
Our love will keep the tempest, at bay with all its might

The seagulls screeched above, unpleasantly at times
They fought amongst themselves, like scavengers they were
Perhaps the outside forces, are similar as such
They'll try to make as part at times, and shed a many tear

But as we walk we notice, the waves begin to cease
The seagulls are behind us now, the wind no longer there
I think we've passed the bad time, our steps begin to slow
We hold on tight and focus hard, our hands entwined we care
Bradley Lester



Am I man enough

Am I man enough, to face the truth today
Am I man enough, to turn and walk away
I know I need to turn and walk but something keeps me still
That something deep inside of me, to walk against my will

Will I be man, to know and make that walk
Will I be a man, to walk and not just talk
Or will I be just human hang on with all my might
And suffer deep in silence, this may be wrong or right

Am I man enough, to tell her how I feel
Am I man enough, she needs to know the deal
I need to be myself I know and share with her my mind
And even if she does not hear, my love for her will find
Bradley Lester



Being the fool I was

Being the fool I was
I never saw her hidden agenda
Was I blinded by love?
Cos it wasnt lust
What was I holding on for?
Better times or days?
Was it all worth it?
Who was the one to gain?
Would I do this once more?
Or was this a sign?
So much given for so little
The better ones suffer
I guess that's just the way life goes
Being the fool I was
A fool no more
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester