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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  8/30/2014 1:25:30 AM
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  Best Poems From
  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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Brads Quotations 41-60

Putting your work first before anything else is costly, walking on a beach with your best friend is free.

Dont continue to close your heart on people you meet, they may just have the key that fits.

Confidence is being able to tell your best friend your most darkest secret with the comfort of knowing that they will keep it to themselves

If you dont include your best friend in your life, you will be excluded from theirs.

Increasing your display of love and affection will decrease your fear of doubt

Accepting someone for who they are is less complicated than trying to find out who they were

There is nothing wrong with being afraid, but there is something wrong with being afraid alone

The truth is sometimes agonizing, but the reward is comforting

Do not scorn or look down upon alcoholics as we all have addictions

The sharpest human instrument is the tongue, it's razor-sharp tip is able to slash any heart to shreds within seconds.

Kind words are like food to a beggar out in the cold, they bring warmth and satisfaction to the soul.

Only one thing can mend a damaged heart and that's another heart

Being cheerful is like a flower, only open during the daylight, emitting sweet scent and aroma and only closing at Dawn

Childlike behavior is natural to those who are in love, when last was your behaviour childlike?

Cloudy thoughts are easily arranged in order of sanity with the help of your best friend.

It does not matter if the verbal projection of your love for someone is clumsy, it is the words themselves that are important and not the way they are said.

A cold heart can easily be warmed, provided that the heart that is giving is not equally cold.

Laughing with your best friend until your stomach aches is a moment in time that only you and that friend will ever know of, remember and cherish.

Being able to touch someones heart without actually speaking is one of the wonders that man will never discover nor understand.

Helping your best friend learn to play the trombone may hurt your ears, but not helping them will hurt their feelings.
Bradley Lester



Brads Quotations 61-80

Standing up for your best friend may be difficult or dangerous, but necessary.

A macho man is a man not macho enough to display his feelings

Always be kind to those who mean the most to you, and never be unkind to anyone else either

Humble people are scare, whereas callous people are in abundance

Telling a lie is such an artificial of displaying your own self pity, whereas honesty is the natural way to go

Do not blame your partner for doing wrong, praise them to acknowledging it

Do not curse your friend for hurting you, bless them for being with you and not turning their back on you

Blunt words can be hurtful whereas sharp words can be cheerful

A bitter lemon can be sweet if given with love.

If you conceal your feelings, you will reveal your weakness

Always help a friend to a place of safety despite putting yourself in danger

If you decrease your forgiveness you will increase your deceitfulness

Your best friend may disappear from your sight but never from your mind

It is better to fail without cheating than to suceed without honesty

Gifts that are given seldom, but from the heart are worth more than those that are given frequently, but not from the heart

The most valueable lessons in life are learned by just listening

A soft spoken, caring voice can lull you to sleep during the most horrific storms

Memories shared between two friends were captured in the mind by the same camera.

Being intimate with your lover is like holding your newly born child, you dont have to communicate but you can feel the presence, the bond, the closeness

Being half a friend is similar to a cell phone without a battery, it just wont work.
Bradley Lester



Brads Quotations 80-100

Having a heavily burdened heart doesnt seem all that bad if your best friend is with you.

Being helpful doesnt cost a thing, being unhelpful can cost you dearly

Do not be hesitant to help your friend in need, if you stall you may just end up losing their trust in you.

There is nothing wrong with a feeling of burning desire to be with your best friend, but keep a fire hydrant nearby in case that desire turns to lust.

The silent presence of a friend is better than an absent presence.

If you refuse to listen, you could be accepting failure

The advantage of being able to be with your lover is that you do not have the disadvantage of missing them

Never leave things unsaid, always speak when necessary, as unsaid things will end up being your burden

Without having any understanding of the situation, one cannot make assumptions.

Good friends are few and far, sift out the bad ones and only keep the good ones, they will make your life worthwhile.

Honesty sometimes causes friction, but it is better to be honest than to live with a lie.

Being thankful is a compliment, being unthankful is a stab to the heart.

Things that do not concern you, are things that you don't need to know about, do not get involved in other peoples lives if they have not asked you to become involved.

The beginning of a good friendship is the ending to your loneliness.

By not admitting your faults, you may be denying your forgiveness.

Attacking someone verbally without giving them their defense, is one of the most callous, cruel-hearted hurtful things that you can do.

It is better to be together and to struggle financially, than it is to be apart and to struggle emotionally

You do not always need to agree to keep the peace as this shows weakness, being able to disagree shows character.

It is always easy to blame someone when they are at fault, but it's strange how difficult it is to praise them when they do good.

A bitter heart can be sweetened over time, whereas a sweet heart can become bitter instantaneously.
Bradley Lester



Can a wish come true?

Can a wish come true? why is the pain so real?
Oh why cant things just happen, the way u want them to?
It's hurtful and frustrating, these wishes stab your heart
Oh why please why can't someone, help me make it through

I have a wish so real and true, it burns my heart with passion
But will this wish come true? I ache to think it wont
I would do just anything, I could within my power
To make my wish come true, and please dont say it wont

I know I'll crumble and fall, and sob for all it's worth
But I will still believe so strong, this wish that fights me so
I wont give up, oh how I'll try, with all my might and strength
To hope this wish can happen, oh please I wont let go

I know I may be foolish, to hold onto this thought
But oh I'd really want, my wish to see me through
I need a sign to show me, if I should walk away
Or stick around and wait, my wish it is so true
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester