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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  9/30/2014 8:50:03 AM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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You are better off without me

You are better off my dear
I must stay far and not be near
You dont deserve a man like me
you need your space, your time be free
I'll want too much from you each day
You'll give me less and walk away
And do your things without me there
So what's the use this hurt despair
So you are better off my dear
With my love, without me near
Bradley Lester



Your loving words of kindness

Your loving words of kindness, overwelmed my heart with joy
The sweetest words you said to me, my eyes turned really wet
They touched my heart so deep, your words burned warm like flames
It felt so good, I'm really glad, the day that you me met.

No woman has been kind, the way you were to me
You judged me not, just showed me love, and oh it felt so fine
The place inside my heart I've made, is special just for you
It's there for good, this is no lie, that space of you is mine

I listened to your words again, the other day at home
I sat in silence, tears did flow, the way the words hit home
They felt so real and so sincere, each word a stab of joy
They hit the spot, time again, just like this simple poem

You are an awesome person, so wonderful and warm
With meaning and with laughter, I cannot thank you more
I want to do just simple things, just show you I am here
To thank you for your thoughtfulness, it's you that I adore
Bradley Lester



You're natures way of saying thanks

Your smile is like a flower, opening up at dawn
It brightens up my day, it feels so snuggly and warm
Your laughter sounds so great, like birds that sit and chatter
It fills the air with fun, both former and the latter

Your kiss felt warm and wet, like natures water pool
That comforts you on days so hot, it really was so cool
Your eyes are filled with kindness, like a gentle breeze
That cool you down and make you feel, kind of quite at ease

Your hands were soft and playful, like tiny butterflies
Just flying really nowhere, and very small in size
Your fingers were like drizzle, falling ever more
Never letting up, the feeling I adore
Bradley Lester



A Caring Mom

A caring mom I know you are, I see it when I'm there
The way he looks into your eyes, that cute and loving stare
A gift from God to you, he gave to him the best
A mom so proud with joy, that shines above the rest

He's blessed beyond his dreams, to have a Mom like you
He'll truly make you proud, this fact you know is true
So please be gentle with his heart, and fill it up with love
Just like the angels did for you, your blessing from above
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester