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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  11/28/2014 4:42:57 PM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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The past and the presence

Wet warm kisses
Hugs so tight
Talking eyes
Heart alright

Touching fingers
Flesh so pure
Feeling alive
Hold me dear

Smiles so big
Comforting talks
Laugher so loud
Sandy walks

Being together
Time stood still
Thankful hearts
My all my will

Lashful words
Painful burns
Aching heart
Wishful yearns

Closing doors
I dont care
Words of pain
Disgusted stare

Pushing hard
Forcing tears
Silent attitude
Reality fears

Past and present
Then and now
Sad but true
She knew how
Bradley Lester



Thundering lightning bolts of love

Your lightning bolts of love
Penetrate my skin
With razor piercing warmth
And touch my heart within

They hit me time again
Your thundering bolts of love
Ensuring that you care for me
They come from up above

I cannot see the bolts appear
I do not know the time
That they will penetrate me so
With awesome love divine
Bradley Lester



We washed my car

It was a warm summers day
We washed my car outside
Talking, laughing, splashing
We washed the car with pride

You looked so cute and sexy
With soap suds in your hair
I stopped and smiled at you
And yes I had to stare

You looked at me and frowned
Oh how I loved that look
I laughed and simply smiled
You in my arms I took

Our hands were wet, so was the kiss
Our tongues were warm inside
Your body mine aroused
Your awesome smile so wide

We threw the sponges down
Together as fell
Wet and cold entwined
We kissed without a tell
Bradley Lester



Why are words so hurtful?

Why are words so hurtful, when spoken out of anger
Why do people say these things, do they really hate
The words they feel like razors, slicing up the heart
Each slice a painful stab, and now it's just too late

Will sorry make things right? how can one forgive?
Or must we just be humble, and ride the tide that flows
The words that beat us down, upon our bodies scar
We feel the closet closing, our heart no longer grows

Do we use the same abuse, and stand up for our right?
Do we cause our anger, to slice their heart back more?
Or do we try to understand, and reach out through the tears
And let our heart forgive them, or do we ask for more?
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester