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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  9/18/2014 8:46:46 PM
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  Best Poems From
  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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Reassuring Friendship

Please talk to me my friend, please tell me you're okay
I know there is a distance between us there might lay
I think of you each morning, I think of you each night
I think back of the time we had, we held each other tight

I long to kiss your lips again, to feel your warm embrace
I long to whisper in your ear, I'm lonely in this place
To see you smile would mean so much, Oh how I long to be
Together for a while with you, just talking you and me

I'm here for you today you know, I'll always take the time
To listen should you feel alone, or should you wish to whine
Dont be afraid to let it out, I really mean these words I say
cos I will stand beside you friend, beside you I will stay

No matter what they say or do, no matter how you feel
Just know that you can count on me, my friendship is so real
I'll stand by you through thick and thin, when times are good or bad
And even when you're happy, or maybe feeling sad

I'd hold you close and shed a tear, this may seem silly hey
But I dont care, cos you're my friend tomorrow and today
I'd always want to care for you, I'd always want to be your friend
No matter what, I'm here for you, until the very end
Bradley Lester



Reddend Rose

Reddened rose has turned to black
And withered in the rain
Dreams of hopes and wishes too
Have washed aside no gain

Sunfilled thoughts are but a cloud
A cloud of misty blind
A foolish man I guess I was
My think my love could fine

Reddened rose has turned to black
I knew the day would come
Just didnt know quite when or when
My loving deed is done
Bradley Lester



She will just never know

How much I used to love her
With all that I once had
She'll never know my mind back then
The things that made me glad

She'll never know the feeling
I felt the times we spoke
And shared a laugh or two
Her hair I'd want to stroke

She'll never know the lust
I felt at times alone
Of wanting her so bad
My silent secret moan

She'll never know the hurt
I felt when times were bad
She will just never know
How these things made me sad
Bradley Lester



She’s a strong woman

Through rain and sleet she walks
The battered wind her face
Her mind is on her children
She thinks picks up her pace

They mean the world to her
Each morning rise the sun
They made her proud of who she is
Her journey’s just begun

A mother who is special
A mother who is proud
A mothers heart so warm and true
I’m truly so astound

She never gives up hope
When hope seems never near
She lifts her head up high
A woman who’s so dear
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester