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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  2/8/2016 7:17:28 PM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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Thinking Of My Friend Right Now

Thinking of my friend right now
I hope she's doing fine
I pray each day and close my eyes
And hope that she'll be mine

I'm thinking of my friend right now
She's always on my mind
Her simple ways have touched my heart
These ways I'll never find
Bradley Lester



Unread Stories

I loved to write her stories, although I wasnt good
About our times of passion, about the closeness shared
The sexual thoughts excite me, about her awesome body
Wrapped so tight around me, in such a way she cared

The stories that I wrote, were true inside my head
They made her read with eager, each page a new idea
She told me how she loved to read, my private hidden reader
I'll miss to write these stories, a sudden burst of fear

She told me not to stop, but this would not fair
For me to write about these things, it wouldnt feel just right
I pour my heart onto the page, she told me not to do
To show my love for her no more, how can I win this fight

I cannot write a lie, pretend it isn't us
The story wont seem real, I'd write and tell a lie
So I have stopped these stories, I have no hidden reader
I want my reader back, I want to know but why
Bradley Lester



We Washed My Car

It was a warm summers day
We washed my car outside
Talking, laughing, splashing
We washed the car with pride

You looked so cute and sexy
With soap suds in your hair
I stopped and smiled at you
And yes I had to stare

You looked at me and frowned
Oh how I loved that look
I laughed and simply smiled
You in my arms I took

Our hands were wet, so was the kiss
Our tongues were warm inside
Your body mine aroused
Your awesome smile so wide

We threw the sponges down
Together as fell
Wet and cold entwined
We kissed without a tell
Bradley Lester



Where To From Here

Where to from here and where do we go
Is it a yes or is it a no
I cannot decide this fate of my heart
I cannot decide to stay or depart

Where to from here and what do I do
What must I say to help see us through
I'm out in the cold I'm out in the rain
So where to from here to start all again
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester