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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  10/2/2014 3:23:56 AM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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How I've Longed

To feel her kiss
To hold her tight
To touch her lips
To treat her right
To hug her heart
Like from the start
Bradley Lester



How Much Longer Must I Wait

How much longer must I wait
For her to love me back
Or am I waiting like a fool
Her feelings for me lack
So what to do I do not know
To stay or run and hide
But I'll be strong each day I rise
No matter how I cried
Bradley Lester



I am scared that you may not want me anymore

I'm scared you may not want me, the day you find true love
I'm scared you'll be so happy, away from me you'll shove
He will make you special and he will care for you
I'm scared that you will tell me, that you and me are through

I always want to make you feel, that I still care for you
I may be wrong in doing this, would we then be through?
Would you tell me not to care? would you run and hide?
Would you shut my feelings out and cast them then aside?

I'm so so scared to lose you, please tell me I am wrong
But if I had to lose you, I know I would be strong
Your happiness will make me glad, as long as you are fine
I will be ok I guess, for you I know will shine
Bradley Lester



I am sorry for the way I was

I'm sorry for the way I've been, I know that I was wrong
I've hurt you so, my silent ways, it's not your fault you know
I dont know what is wrong with me, no words I have to say
My hardened ways unfair to you, the day you let me go

It's though I dont know how, it's though I'm scared to talk
I cannot deal with feelings, I know not what to do
I've built a wall around me, afraid to let you in
Afraid you'll see my weakness, afraid because it's you

It's like I've let you down, and hurt you deep inside
It's not what I intended, I've realised my ways
I know you'll not forgive me, my silence turned to hate
You dont deserve someone like me, with you to spend the days

You'll find a better person, who'll love you more than me
They'll make you feel so special, I tried but oh I failed
You'll soon forget you met me, surrounded by the love
This person gives to you, so openly unveiled
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester