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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  7/24/2014 10:25:08 AM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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Please take me back speech

Oh baby girl I'm on my knees
Please listen baby to my pleas
My eyes are filled with tears for you
I cannot hate, I thought you knew
To be with you is all I need
To help me through this day I plead
Oh baby baby please dont go
From my lips my love will flow
You are my angel, you're my all
Without you now, I'd stumble and fall
Oh baby please I'm begging you
Just let me love, you are my Boo
My Boo so special sweet and kind
I've left my hatred far behind
I cannot live without your love
A simple thought like hand in glove
Oh baby please dont walk away
Give me a chance, please baby stay
I'm lost without you every day
My life is empty, please baby stay
You are my better half you know
That half I need to make me grow
Please take me back on baby please
I love you so I'm on my knees
Bradley Lester



A million Words

A million words are far too few
Describing how I feel
My love for you is far much more
The feeling it's so real

You are my anchor dream com true
This fact I wont deny
I'll always treasure all you've done
Without you I would die
Bradley Lester



I love you more than just a friend

I love you more than just a friend
Although this may be wrong
My feelings that I have for you
Are real and true and strong

I wont deny the love I have
I cannot tell a lie
I've loved you since we met last year
The days that followed by

I love you still I think of you
Each passing of each day
I yearn to be with you again
To tell you it's okay

I love you more than just a friend
And we may never be
Together walking hand in hand
Just you, your love and me
Bradley Lester



Treated unfairly

Treated unfairly is all I know
Used and forgotten perhaps a show
I was an actor, a part time affair
The end was to come, despite my despair
Treated unfairly and robbed to the core
Trying to take but they wanted more
I had to give even though I was tired
And worn out to give the ones I admired
I gave no complaints to service their needs
They took with giving their hearts I did feed
So treat unfairly and trashed to the ground
I lay in the gutter silent no sound
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester