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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  7/24/2016 11:33:41 AM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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I'M So Sorry Baby Girl

I'm so sorry baby, for all the hurt I've caused
I really didnt mean, the things I said to you
I love you oh so much, my aching heart repents
For all the hurt I've caused, please help me make it through

I cannot tell a lie, I really love you so
My tears are full of pain, I feel your hurt inside
Please baby dont let go, please say you still love me
You are my baby girl, my arms are open wide

Please fill me arms with love, so gracious and divine
Oh baby I am lost, without your love so great
You are my bread and water, please always stay by me
I'll love you more each day, I hope I'm not too late
Bradley Lester



A Caring Mom

A caring mom I know you are, I see it when I'm there
The way he looks into your eyes, that cute and loving stare
A gift from God to you, he gave to him the best
A mom so proud with joy, that shines above the rest

He's blessed beyond his dreams, to have a Mom like you
He'll truly make you proud, this fact you know is true
So please be gentle with his heart, and fill it up with love
Just like the angels did for you, your blessing from above
Bradley Lester



So Many Times...

So many times I've hungered for your kiss
So many times I've ached for your body
So many times I've yearned for your embrace
So many times I've longed to be in your presence
So many times I've dreamed of being intimate with you
So many times I've cried because you are far away from me
So many times I've thought about you when I feel lonely
So many times I've feared losing you
So many times I've imagined laying next to you
So many times I've admired who you are and what you mean to me
So many times I've admitted that I was wrong
So many times I've appreciated everything you have done for me
So many times I've cared for you in a way that only I can understand
So many times I've confessed my love for you
So many times I've undressed you with my eyes
So many times I've enjoyed seeing you on video chat
So many times I've observed your facial expressions I love so much
So many times I've panicked that you would leave me
So many times I've remembered our love making
So many times I've reminded myself of how privileged I am to
have you in my life
So many times I've smiled at you
So many times I've whispered naughty things to you
So many times I've wandered if you are safe and not alone
Bradley Lester



Treasured Memories Of The Past

Treasured memories of the past
Warmest kisses slow not fast
Smothered hugs no words to find
Showing love and never blind
Silent tears and pleading eyes
Touching hands to feel alright
Treasured memories of the past
Side by side right through the night
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester