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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  12/22/2014 10:12:12 AM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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Please dont push me away

Please dont push me away from you
I'll do whatever it takes
I really want to turn around
And play the high risk stakes

I've realised that I was wrong
To treat you in this way
My loneliness is punishment
I need to know you'll stay

To be my friend I need you more
I think of all we've said
We've shared so much to cast aside
Your emails I have read

We've shed some tears along the path
Tears that meant a lot
We cannot throw this all away
We havent lost the plot

We merely drifted you and I
Please baby I'm so sorry
I made you cry I hurt you so
You need not more to worry

I promise I will do my best
To be your special friend
And if I fail I'll say I'm sorry
I dont want us to end
Bradley Lester



The would be dinner date

I would have picked her up, and taken her to dine
We would have sat beneath the stars, it would have been so fine
We would have laughed that night away, her awesome funfilled grace
Oh what a night that would have been, the moon upon her face

She would have looked just perfect, a woman full of awe
I would have been so proud of her, I would have wanted more
Our hands would touch at times I know, her girlish ways would show
That she was fine to be with me, that night I'd never know

A perfect date it would have been, with flowers in her hair
The sun would shine upon us so, I think at her I'd stare
I'd marvel at her thoughtfulness, her words would be so kind
I'd feel the happiest man alive, as we sat and dined

To dine with her would be for me, a time I would remember
The closeness and the presence, I would recall for ever
I'd keep that night so precious and close against my heart
Cos that's the night perhaps, the beginning of my start
Bradley Lester



I wish I could be with you now

I wish I could be with you now
Just talking having fun
I miss u baby more each day
My humble heart you've won

I never knew this inner peace
From someone quite like you
You really make me warm inside
You reall, really do

And if I get a chance to say
I love you baby girl
I'll say it every day to you
Cos you are now my pearl
Bradley Lester



I'm crying inside

I'm crying inside with sobful tears
I'm hurting so bad the nightmare fears
The aching of empty is clutching my heart
The aching of lonely I feared from the start
I'm crying inside the pain is so real
I'm yearning for love the way I can feel
I'm crying to touch to love and to hold
I'm crying for love my heart feels so cold
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester