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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  7/29/2014 11:47:32 AM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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Deny My Feelings

Deny my feelings is this wrong?
To keep them locked inside
They pound my thoughts continuously
I cannot from them hide

Deny my feelings or to tell
And speak what's on my mind
Afraid to cloud her with these thoughts
My thoughts she must not find

Deny my feelings day by day
We laugh and cry have fun
Is this the way its going to be
My failure has begun
Bradley Lester



Determined as they are

Determined as they are, the pain inside is real
An emptiness engulfs them, their saddened heart they feel
A love that has been lost, to someone that was dear
Not knowing when they'll see, for this they sometimes fear
Some promises are made, but none are really kept
The hurt inside just grows, their eyes are sore they wept
It's sad that this is so, this someone who they had
Who loved them back in time, no more it must be sad
They hold their heads up high, despite the hurt inside
Believing who they are, the Lord above will guide
My heart goes out to them, it's not their fault at all
They werent the ones to blame, but yet they seemed to fall
Unfair it was to them, the hurt will soon subside
They'll comfort one another, and walk around with pride
That person doesnt know, the pain and hurt they feel
From day to day they hurt, their hearts one day will heal
I pray for them each week, to keep them strong inside
To know that they are loved, in God they can confide
Bradley Lester



Disappearing memories

Her memories are leaving me, each day I stand and wake
I still remember how we were, despite my heartbreak fate
The days are getting longer, the nights are even cold
She used to make my days seem short, and warm my night so bold

Her memories are still inside, I need to leave them be
I fear that they will re-ignite, the love inside of me
They come and go without control, a flash across my mind
I change my walk, I change my talk, my heart I fear they'll find

So on and on I go each day, hoping they will rest
Within my soul, with peace at last, I know this is the best
I wish I could erase them so, and wipe them clean at last
And carry on along my way, the present in my past
Bradley Lester



Do you ever read these words?

Do you ever read these words
I write to you or not
I wanted you to see the truth
The heartache that I've got

Is all this just a waste of time
Please tell me if it's so
So I can make another plan
So I can turn and go
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester