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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  7/27/2016 8:25:11 AM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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The Sparkle In Your Eyes

The sparkle in your eyes
Seeking mine so warm
The passion you ignite
Can calm the wildest storm
Your eyes they brought me comfort
I've never felt before
A flicker oh so sweet
It's you that I adore
Bradley Lester



The Unexpected Phone Call

I fell asleep that night, thinking of our lust
It was the very last time, tomorrow you would leave
It was a peaceful sleep, warm and tender times
I thought of naked bodies, I wished I could retrieve

My phone began to ring, I woke up wide awake
I picked it up and stammered, and heard your sweet soft voice
You sounded oh so happy, and I was oh so glad
I got your call that night, it was I think your choice

We spoke in rhymes and riddles, laughing playfully
You actually called me up, I'm glad my phone was on
I normally put if off, but something told me no
And now I know that reason, I wasnt really wrong

We spoke and then hung up, a saddened filled my heart
Your voice still echoed on, I fell asleep at last
I really felt so honored, for you who made that call
A woman actually called me, I knew that this could last
Bradley Lester



The Unheard Voice Clip

I sit, the headphones on, press record and talk
I stumble through the lines, my voice is soft and steady
I try to make some sense, of what I'm trying to say
The words get choked, mixed up, perhaps I'm not that ready

To say the things I want, I fear too many tears
And broken words will flow, the salty tears my face
It's hard to talk like this, the pleas on unheard words
Will never reach her now, her wonder awesome grace

I still record myself, through broken words of love
I find myself in circles, repeating words untold
She'll never get this clip, I think I'd better stop
And pack away the headphones, for me to be so bold
Bradley Lester



The Would Be Dinner Date

I would have picked her up, and taken her to dine
We would have sat beneath the stars, it would have been so fine
We would have laughed that night away, her awesome funfilled grace
Oh what a night that would have been, the moon upon her face

She would have looked just perfect, a woman full of awe
I would have been so proud of her, I would have wanted more
Our hands would touch at times I know, her girlish ways would show
That she was fine to be with me, that night I'd never know

A perfect date it would have been, with flowers in her hair
The sun would shine upon us so, I think at her I'd stare
I'd marvel at her thoughtfulness, her words would be so kind
I'd feel the happiest man alive, as we sat and dined

To dine with her would be for me, a time I would remember
The closeness and the presence, I would recall for ever
I'd keep that night so precious and close against my heart
Cos that's the night perhaps, the beginning of my start
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester