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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  5/24/2016 10:18:12 PM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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You Were The Wind Beneath My Wings

You were the wind beneath my wings
Those times are only treasures
And thoughts that come and flash me by
Like autumn winter weathers

You gave me zest to soar up high
I feel that zest has gone
You were the wind beneath my wings
My saddened love sick song

It's strange to be on such a high
And then to feel the low
But strange it is for me today
Those thoughts you'll never know
Bradley Lester



Baby, You Bring Out The Best In Me

Baby girl please dont be mad, I need to thank you so
For bringing out the best in me, I wanted you to know
That you have come into my life, and turned me upside down
And filled my heart will love and hope, and dont give me that frown

You've shown me how to laugh and cry, and also made me see
That I am just a man with faults, from that I cannot flee
You've told me it's ok to fall, at times along the way
But you've been there to help me up, and start a brand new day

So baby girl you need to know, that you're my better half
You show me up when I am wrong, and baby please dont laugh
I love you more for this you know, for speaking out your mind
Although you may be mad at me, your words are soft and kind
Bradley Lester



I'M Thinking Of You During This Time

I'm thinking of you during this time
And really wished that your pain was mine
To take you in and hold you tight
And hug you more it just feels right
I feel so helpless so far away
But know my thoughts with you today
Are thoughts of peace and calm combined
And mixed together I hope you'll find
And feel my presence within your heart
My deepest love for you cant part
My love for you is sweet and true
A deep emotion just for you
Cos you are special, kind and warm
And helped me through my torrid storm
I thank you for your friendship C
Just know that you were there for me
Like I am here for you today
Will help you get up on your way
I'll always stand to be your friend
No matter what our hearts will mend
We'll help each other as we walk
Our separate ways through life we'll talk
We'll always know the other is there
To see us through times of despair
We'll grow as friends like lovers do
I'll want no other friend but you
So just remember I'm thinking of you
And wish you hugs and kisses to.
Bradley Lester



Happy Friday Once Again

Happy Friday once again
My baby girl and me
Will have some fun tonight we will
I'm smiling cant you see
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester