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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester  1/29/2015 6:18:54 AM
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  BRADLEY LESTER (18-07-1966)
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I'm thinking of you during this time

I'm thinking of you during this time
And really wished that your pain was mine
To take you in and hold you tight
And hug you more it just feels right
I feel so helpless so far away
But know my thoughts with you today
Are thoughts of peace and calm combined
And mixed together I hope you'll find
And feel my presence within your heart
My deepest love for you cant part
My love for you is sweet and true
A deep emotion just for you
Cos you are special, kind and warm
And helped me through my torrid storm
I thank you for your friendship C
Just know that you were there for me
Like I am here for you today
Will help you get up on your way
I'll always stand to be your friend
No matter what our hearts will mend
We'll help each other as we walk
Our separate ways through life we'll talk
We'll always know the other is there
To see us through times of despair
We'll grow as friends like lovers do
I'll want no other friend but you
So just remember I'm thinking of you
And wish you hugs and kisses to.
Bradley Lester



It's too late to say you're sorry

It's too late to say you're sorry
You've hurt me far too long
You never seem to learn at all
I'm sorry if I'm wrong

I've told you many times before
To think before you speak
But you dont care your claws come out
That aweful bitchy streak

When I am gone you'll sit alone
And think about me then
It'll be too late I wont be there
The who the what the when

So think before you speak again
Those razor sharp attacks
I cannot keep forgiving you
My heart in pieces cracks
Bradley Lester



My Daddy doesn't care about me

My Daddy said that he would
come and say goodbye that day.
But he didn't come
I sat waiting and waiting
It was almost time to leave
There were other Daddy's there
to say goodbye to their kids
But my Daddy wasn't there
Why Daddy? Why?
Why didn't you come and say goodbye
to me on that day?
DO you know how I cried for you Daddy?
Do you really know? I was sad and
upset, but you wouldn't know
Because you were not there for me
You don't care about me Daddy
You always let me down
You always promise me things
And I always sit and wait
But you never show
Did I hurt you Daddy?
Am I a bad person that you
don't want me?
I still love you Daddy
Even though you hurt me and
made me cry
But please Daddy, don't make
me cry again
I am only a little girl
Bradley Lester



You're My Boo

You are my Boo, you always were
Today tomorrow too
I want no other only you
You know that this is true

The day we met, I fell in love
I'd found my love at last
I'll never wanna let you go
Our love will simply last
Bradley Lester
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Poems By Poet Bradley Lester