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Poems By Poet Brenda Poole  2/28/2015 12:52:39 AM
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My Peace

Peace is here for me
My peace is all I have
Never letting the waves
Make me fall
I stand tall
To all
My peace is my comfort
Never again will
My peace go away
It is the calm in the sea
That makes me see
How God is peace

His peace for me
Is my description
Of God's control
He controls the flow
Of time
He controls the current
Of wind
He controls the energy
Of my mind and the
Level of my peace
All that is his is his
Even my peace
Which is my present ability
I am at peace with
God and I am at peace
With myself
I am calm
Brenda Poole




Seasons come and go
Sceneries change over time
Nothing stays the same

Should we be revised?
Of course, it's necessary
All are due for change

Without change there's no
Future to look forward to
Change lives on a throne

Change can make us cry
Change can also make us laugh
Sometimes change is death

Sometimes change is life
Nothing ever changes change
Change is always change!
Brenda Poole



Keep Trying

Took a few turns right
Took a few turns left
Backed up
Started all over again
Can't get my mind straight
Gotta think it over
Give it time
My mind is mine
Blessed to do whatever I want
Brenda Poole



Little Red Shoes

Found some little
Red shoes down
Next to the river
Right on the edge
Of the woods
Placed there so
Neatly by the water
Bout size 4
Childrens size
They were so cute
Sittin there, I reckon
Somebody just left'em
There, just didn't care
Bout'em no more
That water was mighty
Still though, didn't hear
A peeping sound around
Silence was at it's best
That day
Lord only knows
What these little
Red shoes wanna say
I guess I'll leave'em there
And keep on walkin
I ain't in the mood for no
Tears today
Brenda Poole

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Poems By Poet Brenda Poole