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Poems By Poet C Richard Miles  2/1/2015 12:09:30 PM
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Caterpillar, Caterpillar - A Children's Poem

Caterpillar, caterpillar, crawl, crawl, crawl;
Don’t fall off the garden wall.
Caterpillar, caterpillar, eat, eat, eat;
Grow so fat on your furry feet.
Caterpillar, caterpillar, rest, rest, rest;
Soon you’ll change to be the best.
Caterpillar, caterpillar, try, try, try;
One day you’ll be the best butterfly.
C Richard Miles



False Teeth - A Children's Poem

Our teacher had false teeth;
She kept them in a box
Inside the classroom cupboard
Which she forgot to lock,
So we broke in at break-time
And took them out to play.
They fell into a puddle
And turned a muddy grey.

We gave them back to teacher;
She had to grit her teeth
Or, rather, to de-grit them
For grit was underneath
Under the muddy covering
Mixed with her chewing gum.
This made her gums quite tender;
She didn’t find it fun.

But later we regretted
The mischief that we’d made;
When lessons stopped for playtime,
Our teacher soon explained
That punishment must fit the crime
So, for our evil sin,
Just like her now-cleaned gnashers,
She had to keep us in.
C Richard Miles



A Sonnet On Hate

No deep abyss of ocean drowns like hate,
Entombing all within its murky depth,
Consigning struggling hope to lose all breath
And plunge, submerging to her final fate.
No lofty mountain climbs to hate’s full height
Which no appeasing plea can ever scale
And reconciliation can but fail
If she should try surmounting in her plight.
No spreading sea is wider that hate’s breadth
Which no barque of compassion tries to cross
For it is sure to founder, with the loss
Of innocence, condemned to dismal death.
But hate itself can swim, and climb and sail
Away, if love returns to reconcile.
C Richard Miles



April Spring Sonnet

The pond seems still beside the pale brown reeds
Still sleeping drowsy from their winter rest
Yet it is spring, so soon from dormant seeds
New shoots will sprout while birds will build their nest.
Although the frost still chills before the dawn
And snowdrops have already drooped their white,
The frogs will crawl and start to spill their spawn
As longer days bring warmth after the night.
Crocus and daffodil will chorus loud
Their floral harmonies of mauve and gold
While shy narcissi whisper, not as proud,
Their gentler creams and lemons, much less bold.
As bluebells think of flooding forest floors,
Sharp April showers send us all indoors.
C Richard Miles

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Poems By Poet C Richard Miles