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Poems By Poet Caleb Jones  5/24/2016 1:03:36 AM
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When I Became A Man

When I became a man
I put away childish things
But before I became a man
I didn’t always fit the shoes of a King
I was a child trying to find his way
The toys I played with kept my eyes occupied
And left my eyes in a lustful boyish frenzy
My playmates had long legs, short skirts and soft skin
They cared enough to lie down and wallow with me often
Jezebel turned out to be my very best friend
I’d look in her eyes before ever seeing the sunrise
Every time I paid her a visit and slept in

Before I became a man
I saw how God made Adam from dust
So likewise I tried to make love out of lust
I didn’t know any better
I was taught by example
“Let your mouth spit game, but never let your heart say much, ”
I treated his daughters like beauty pageant contestants
There would be zero return on their investments
Proverbs 31 was never a criterion for my selection
Keep in mind this was before I became a man

Before I became a man
I would unlock my curse and throw away the key
I allowed anger to set up a construction company inside
Bitterness never rested
It left no time wasted
Whether Father loved me or not
All I could regurgitate was hatred
I became allergic to showing any form of compassion

Before I became a man
I was much shorter
Not just in height but in spiritual insight
Because I never had a picture
Nor did Pixar ever have a film
Showing me what God’s man really looked like

But when I became man
Oh, When I became a man
I learned how to love Father God right back
Even though I’m good at falling short of the glory
I reflect on my story
Through my praise I’ll self publish a testimony

When I became a man
I learned how to cry
Because I’m not ashamed of my tears
Since I became a man
I’m not longer afraid of the dark
I’ll wrap my hands around James 5: 16
Confess, Pray, and Heal my Heart

I have discovered something
That there are medicinal qualities
Right down the corridor of introspection
When I became a man
I learned how to love her
My Esther, My Ruth
I learned how to honor her like she was Jesus’ mother
Because one day she’ll be pregnant
With the seed that will transport my legacy
So that my God and my name will both have longevity
Even after they bury me

I could not love her before
Because I was not able
My insecurities and my perfectionism had me
Looking in on the next best player
That was checking in at the scorer’s table
How could I possibly be her covering?
When I was an umbrella with holes in it
But I learned to love her like I ought to
Because I want Him to be my Father and my Father-in-law
Since that’s his daughter

When I became a man
I learned to love my brother
I’ll share my heart, my hug and my hallelujah
Because a hug and a hallelujah without my heart
Leaves room for his spirit to respond with “I never knew you”
I became a man so that when he became a man
He would know a man
Who picked up the gospel and put the toys away

When I became a man
Caleb Jones




Life is everywhere
It is in you now and forever it shall stay
Life is the wind blowing sideways
Life is the winter and the summer
I am Life
You are Life
We are Life
I love Life and Life loves me
Life and I play beneath the midnight sun
Life and I play beneath the morning moon
Life brings me soup when I am ill
Life kisses me good night and greets me with a smile
Life is sad and it is lonely
Life can be evil and Life can be blunt
Life is a true friend and never shall lie
I am Life
You are Life
We are Life
Caleb Jones



Keep Your Head Up

School, friends, family, tests & love
Is all part of this game of Life
Created by the Man Upstairs
People will do their best
To try and make you upset
But never give in
Keep your head up to win

No family’s perfect
Everyone fights
Love is a painful lesson
Not everyone will like you
But never give in
Keep your head up to win

People may backstab you
Even if it’s not what they meant to do
Nobody will always tell the truth
Even if the lies are told not to hurt you
But never give in
Keep your head up to win

Schools not for everyone
But everyone’s smart
The things that school may teach you
Might never touch your heart
But never give in
Keep your head up to win

Life is a game
You've got to be strong to win
The hardest things in life
To learn, love and fight
But never give in
Keep your head up to win

Now I’ve yet to win
But I would imagine
You'll see your whole life at once

And see what was meant for you

And you'll see which life lessons saved you

You can never give in

Keep your head up to win
Caleb Jones



I Can Relate

I had a dream of being big
Until my dreams got smashed
Cruisin' down Easy Street
Suddenly I crashed
I flew out the window
Thrown over the dash
As I shattered the glass
On my back as my whole life flashed
Half dead
Gashed right in the head

Listen to the words of a man who can feel your pain
Life gets hard
I Can Relate
The great debate in my mind is at this rate
Can I keep walking through the valley of hate?
'Cause love lost has thrown me off course
In my darkest hour will I still choose to create?
If I believe then I can achieve
Conjugate is the word
I've got pain in my life but I choose today
To go and take my flow and straight consecrate
Funny when I look what tragedy has made

You got pain in your heart?
I Can Relate
Feel you were doomed from the start?
I Can Relate
Wanna achieve but got nothing?
I Can Relate
You've been down on yourself lately
I Can Relate
On your knees and praying daily
I Can Relate
But you decide that you'll never quit
I Can Relate

I used to light ports on my electric stove
Jumped in the ol’ truck and off I drove
Destination unknown
Think and ride
Drink and cried
Tried to sync at the time with things
That are eyed as 'successful'
So much pain inside
It's hard to get up every time you're denied
But still I ride
Until death and life collide
I'm caught in the middle
I’m keepin' hope alive
I know it's tough but I must survive
So on I strive
Until I arrive
To a place where it's safe
And there's no more lies
Where I can kick back, chill out,
Alright I'm cool to revive
Dim the lights, just sit and write

There ain't a thing in this world that you can't do
All it takes is to keep at it
Until you break through
'Cause I believe in you
If I can do it, you can do it too
And you gonna make it
Just please stay true
Steadfast grounded in
Ask yourself, who are you?
Don't worry 'bout them things that you can't control
You've got your soul
You've got your time and a mind
Sit down and write your goals
Everything that you wanna achieve
I encourage you, because it worked for me
And now I'm up in the top suite
Sittin' in the big seat
Flowin' on the big beats
Scheming how to take it even further than the big leagues
No time for a silly rhyme
I will get mine
Reach for the stars
And you’ll do just fine

The way the world is today…
Sometimes it’s hard to see,
The difference between up and down.
But we’ll keep our head up,
I don’t know what you’re going through,
I’m going through stuff myself,
So, we’re gonna get through it together
I Can Relate
Caleb Jones

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Poems By Poet Caleb Jones