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Poems By Poet Carniz Fatema  12/21/2014 10:53:39 PM
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  Best Poems From
  CARNIZ FATEMA (06/12/1995)

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Racism, Racism, Racism
You give a human sorrow and hate
Racism, Racism, Racism
Look at what you've done and look at their state

Racism, Racism, Racism
You are evil and sharp as a knife
Racism, Racism, Racism
You play with human's life

Racism, Racism, Racism
Why are you so cruel?
Racism, Racism, Racism
You are nothing but a fool!

Racism, Racism, Racism
Why judge by colour?
Racism, Racism, Racism
You are horrendously disgraceful but hate to admit you've got the power

Racism, Racism, Racism
Why are you here?
Racism, Racism, Racism
You're not wanted so go die with fear.
Carniz Fatema



Black And Red

Black and Red
The colours of dead
Black and Red
The colours of my bed.

Black and Red
swirling in my head
Black and Red
Killing my brov Ted.


Black and Red
Colours that spread
Black and Red
The patterned thread.
Black and Red
The voices said

Black and Red
I Iove eating bread
Black and Red
My favourite colours till the end.
Carniz Fatema



The Blackest Gift

It is a night of death, a song of darkness,
Wolves vent their howls,
The dark one wakens.

Evil shrouds her stalking form, an impatient agony.
Her black hair cascades over pale and tragic shoulders, and her full blood red lips part slightly, to taste the blood streaming from the pale flesh beneath her.
Now a night of darkness, I awaken from the mist, i can smell the blood and evil in the air like a thick perfume, and when she walks in, the air is sucked out of the room, her black hair cascades over a beautiful face wretched witch a wicked smile and evil concentrated lines etched upon her face. Could it be her? The one who brings immortality to the next level? She lives among the darkness, the shadows, the moon. She walks across a pool lit silver from the light cresent of a moon, her skin pale, challenges the moon, her hand is as cold as death as she locks it around my throat...
Carniz Fatema



Alone In Darkness

The night falls without a sound, cold and alone are we.
The emotion for which you sacrifice yourself flares once, then dies, swept away by madness all hope must sicken and die.
Your heart beats no more. How could you cause such hurt?
Our dark thoughts surround us, crying, we ahve lost our way.
Carniz Fatema

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Poems By Poet Carniz Fatema