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Poems By Poet Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer  7/13/2014 8:32:16 PM
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Life is Hard

Life is hard
You can't expect life to be easy
because someday, somehow, you will learn that its not true
You will learn that life is full of shit
and that the only way to fix it is to just play along with it..
People suffocate and people die..
Some live in misery and poverty then die..
Others commit suicide to get rid of all the pain
But life is worth it, believe it or not
It teaches you a lot of things that you cant think of
It teaches you to live life to the fullest
because you don't know what might happen next
Things get ugly, yes, I couldn't agree more
But at the end, somehow things start looking up again,
'though sometimes it seems like it take forever...

-Something my friend helped me understand
Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer



My Mind is Blank

my mind is blank,
and I don’t know what I’m writing right now
I’m suppose to be doing my homework,
but my mind wouldn’t work
so I tried eating,
no help
I tried drinking orange juice,
no help
and now,
I tried writing,
still, no help
I really don’t know what on earth I just wrote now
but lets just hope that it makes sense
because I don’t wanna be known as
“the stupid girl who doesn’t know anything and writes stupid stuff”
my mind’s still blank
I feel stupid
Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer



Nobody’s Like You

Nobody’s like you
You’re special in every way
You cheer me up, and calm me down
With lovingness and kindness
Nobody loves you like I do
No matter how I’m feeling
Good or bad
Happy or sad
You’re always there to support me somehow
And there to make me laugh my head off
You always come through
Nobody’s equal to the way you are to me,
Without you in my life, I’ll be done
I want you to know that I love you
And no matter what comes between us,
You’ll always be there deep inside my heart
Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer



Thank You, and I Love You

You held me in your stomach for nine months
Then you gave all your courage just to give birth to me
and there I lay on the hospital bed with you
thanking God that I was born

You grew me up with all of your love, care and courage
You helped me through my all needs
And tried so many times to be a perfect mother
but, don’t worry, I really don’t care if you’re perfect or not
because no ones perfect

Well, anyways I only wrote this poem for you
I wanted to show you how much I love you and care for you
I want to thank you, mother dearest
For everything you provided me with and
For being my one and only mother

Thank you mommy and I love you
Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer
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Poems By Poet Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer