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Poems By Poet Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer  3/6/2015 1:28:41 AM
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To B.B

The moon opened it's skull tonight
As night cut through it like a smooth delicate fruit
The silent stream flowed through it's opening
Searching for that noticeable big star
You often so eloquently and fondly spoke about.
But this time it was not there.
It ran far beyond the desert of darkness and twinkles of the little stars...
Didn't you promise that it'll be there
Approaching the moon as the years go by
Until it finally conjoined?
It seems like you were wrong, yet again,
No star that big and bright would ever fall for the damaged, gray, lonesome moon.
Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer



Mutual Love

Remember those days when we fell in love?
Way back when....way back then...
The happiness was all around us
The joy,
The laughter,
The excitement...
No one could've denied that we were in love
The world knew it all
had it all

Now it seems like I'm the only one has those feelings
The only one who can still say..
I love you?
with the real feeling.
I sit back and listen to you apathetically talk to me,
not at all caring what I have to say.

But I just want you to know...
I realized.
I know this mutual love we used to share is gone,
but at least can you not make it so painful?
Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer



My Fantasy

We're one inch apart
I can feel you against me
our breathing escalating
as the air around us gets denser
You're staring into my eyes
while holding on to my waist
saying 'I love you'
I smile and
you kiss me
passionately hard
I'm barely breathing
my heart is jumping beats
butterflies exploding in my tummy
as love angels fly over our heads
Oh baby,
how much I long for the day
where this fantasy
would become a
Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer



My sister

So I have this (older) sister,
who, honestly, I really never loved that much
She gets my last nerves, and is soooo selfish.
But also she's so challenging and so smart
She can be the worst person on earth,
and other times be the best person on earth...

And now she's been gone for a few days...
The day she left, I pretended like I didn't care...
Like I was happy she was gone.
But honestly, I did care and I started crying when no one was looking and my dad was praying
Mom said she cried and keeps her happy face on when she knows she's sad
Then she hugs me really tightly and I just feel like crying.

I sleep on her bed now, my sister's
I could still smell her when I lay down on one of her pillows..
I tried hard not to think of her..or else I'll cry
After all, she's only gone for a few days...why cry?
But I couldn't hold it in... I thought of her and all that she is
I spent half of the night thinking about her and who she really is
And I concluded thinking that she's the SMARTEST person I've ever met...
And a great older sister (sometimes) .

Shortly after, I realized something...
I realize that I miss her and I wished & prayed that all of her hopes and dreams come true....
This is one of the things I thought I would never do..
But I guess my sister was right when she told me
'you don't know how you would react to something until it really happens...'

-Dedicated to my sis, July (pron: julie)
Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer
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Poems By Poet Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer