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Poems By Poet Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer  7/26/2016 11:01:09 AM
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my scars are there too,
my anger, my frustration,
my worries, my thoughts…
they are all concealed inside of me
they don’t just disappear because I am kind

Stop using me!


I feel completely alone
in this world –
just me and my burdens
lingering in the dark
while everyone around me
is hopping under the sun
because I taught them how to.

I can’t wait for the day that my burdens abolish me.
Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer



The Story Of Her

Tell her once or tell her twice,
she will never understand the price
of life.
Leave her there or bring her here,
turn your head just to see her disappear
Catch a breath and grab the line,
that's the last time you will find
her eyes shine in this suffocating light.

I've had it,
she said.
Then she quit
and fled.

Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer



Baby, Let's

Baby, let's make this our moment
let's make it all happen within this second
We got all the things that we need
to make this moment complete
Just come with me, baby,
just come along
and we will never have to look back.
Our past will only be our past.

Baby, let's drop everything
every single thing that ever brought us down
Let's drop it all & leave them down at that broken road
Take a right with me, baby
To the right is where everything good will be
Everything that we ever wanted,
everything we ever dreamed of..
It's all waiting for us
We just gotta make a right..

Baby, let's sing and dance under the rain
Let's experience all the emotions in the world
Let's laugh and cry for no reason
and then dance like there's no tomorrow.
Let's remind the world that we can't live without each other
Let our song replay in our hearts
as the sun sets behind us.

Baby, finally..
As much as we'd like to live in the moment
I believe it's about time we start building our future..
Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer




Finally I can say,
that we're over
the feelings we held,
the memories we shared..
they're over.
Finally I can be free,
from excessively watching out for you
from trying to make you care..
I'm over it.
Finally I'm ready to accept,
that I am complicated and
that I don't belong to anyone
because the closest I ever been to a relationship
and the first real mutual feelings I ever shared with someone
was with you.
And we're over.
Thank you.
Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer
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Poems By Poet Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer