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Poems By Poet Christopher Thor Britt  5/30/2016 7:08:46 PM
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Christopher Thor Britt   Best Poems From
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Lovers' Tryst

The silent night sleeps as two hearts run in league
Each reluctant to raise the wakeful mist
The drear autumn sky is covered by mantle of night
While forbidden fate hides a lovers’ tryst

The eyes of night do espy that which by day abides in guise
Though fate will not allow this love one can’t resist
They chance the heart stay open to live, to love and soon be broken
While dreams hearken to this lovers tryst

To pray the moon hold fast its path and beg yond’ dawn be stayed
Though noble true and fair the cause, they’re bound ne’er to desist
“O blessθd night.”… Juliet sighs, holding back her secret fear that
This dream will e’er remain a lovers’ tryst
Christopher Thor Britt



My Rose

My rose, though growing in a garden not my own, is mine all the same

Do not my eyes smile at her beauty and lose themselves in her scent?

Do not my fingers tremble with anticipation just to touch her silky skin?

While there may be pain when I hold her in my strong embrace

It compares not to the loss I feel when at last her I release

All the world may know her beauty and pen such odes to last in infamy

Yet words alone will never do poetic justice to her loveliness

This rose grows ever in my heart for it is, and will e’er remain her own
Christopher Thor Britt




From silence comes silence
From solitude, a prayer
Running brings distance
Foolishness, a stare
Misery looks for misery
For it hates to be alone
Time, it waits for no one as
Seasons come and go
Waiting teaches patience
Goodness wears a smile
Kindness takes one simple step
That runs a country mile
Wisdom teaches wisdom to
Those who seek to learn
Selfless love gives all
Asking nothing in return
From God the truth is planted
From His hand the seed is sewn
It spreads itself upon the wind
And grows wherever blown
Truth is firmly rooted
Growing stronger like a tree
It’s fruit, ours for the taking
Truth has set us free.
Christopher Thor Britt



As The Storm Passed

An empty field, a broken tree
Divided left and right
Nature's course, an unseen force
As the storm passed in the night

The butterlies, they have survived
Though scarred by time and weather
They did flee that broken tree
'til found themselves another

The bluebird left it long before
To chance upon the wind
She got caught up in the storm
And lost her way again

We travel on to where we've gone
To where we shall go hence
To seek a home, to each our own
A place of safe content

Feel no regret 'less we forget
What was gained along the way
Though distant from where we began
We still share yesterday

The bluebird finally found a home
The butterflies are in flight
Nature's course, an unseen force
As the storm passed in the night
Christopher Thor Britt
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Poems By Poet Christopher Thor Britt