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Poems By Poet Christopher Thor Britt  9/22/2014 7:13:35 AM
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Tears shred this helpless soul inside
Held back to hide the pain
Like iced blades, they cut the ties
And mock these many faces

Behind closed doors there is no pride
No need, no smile to feign
My failures seek no place to hide
Here on these private pages

Here dreams are made and hope still thrives
Where time will not decay
Tomorrow has but to arrive
To loose me from these cages

But, will I fight or will I fly
When faced with a new day?
The question is, “to live or die? ”
Though on the battle rages
Christopher Thor Britt




Fear abides where
Darkness hides the
Impossible and peculiar
Shadows cast o’er
The place where last
The untouchable seemed familiar

Whether friends, or lovers
Or sisters and brothers
All searching for different ends
What is found and
Where we’re bound
On point of view, depends

To count the cost of
What was lost
Remains to me unthinkable
When what’s peculiar
Yet, so familiar
Remains to me, untouchable

Christopher Thor Britt
Christopher Thor Britt



My Rose

My rose, though growing in a garden not my own, is mine all the same

Do not my eyes smile at her beauty and lose themselves in her scent?

Do not my fingers tremble with anticipation just to touch her silky skin?

While there may be pain when I hold her in my strong embrace

It compares not to the loss I feel when at last her I release

All the world may know her beauty and pen such odes to last in infamy

Yet words alone will never do poetic justice to her loveliness

This rose grows ever in my heart for it is, and will e’er remain her own
Christopher Thor Britt




Patient is the man whom
Time has hold of not
Hours fall an endless stream
Sand through the hourglass
Slave of a limited day
Ebbing slowly through a wasted dream
Must we die before we realize that
Time isn't money to spend, but air to breathe?
Let us choose then to spend our
Numbered days living, not dieing
Until we leave.
Christopher Thor Britt
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Poems By Poet Christopher Thor Britt