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Poems By Poet Christopher Thor Britt  10/31/2014 1:56:03 AM
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Christopher Thor Britt   Best Poems From
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Above the Blue Twilight

Chance the night, oh fragrant wind
Beckon to its drowsy calling
For ‘tis there she rises high
And in the morn’s seen falling

Two different worlds on blanket lay
Before creations dawning
T’was there, her glory first espied
Began her lover’s fawning

The gentle glow upon her face
Her light of azure gloaming
A reflection of the love he feels
His warmth of heart e’er showing

Chase the wind, disrupt the tides
My lover, oh my soul
And to thy darkened bed abide
In part or by the whole

Though mine eyes rare find your face
Upon the darkened night
Forever shall we meet and dance
Above the blue twilight
Christopher Thor Britt



As the Storm Passed

An empty field, a broken tree
Divided left and right
Nature's course, an unseen force
As the storm passed in the night

The butterlies, they have survived
Though scarred by time and weather
They did flee that broken tree
'til found themselves another

The bluebird left it long before
To chance upon the wind
She got caught up in the storm
And lost her way again

We travel on to where we've gone
To where we shall go hence
To seek a home, to each our own
A place of safe content

Feel no regret 'less we forget
What was gained along the way
Though distant from where we began
We still share yesterday

The bluebird finally found a home
The butterflies are in flight
Nature's course, an unseen force
As the storm passed in the night
Christopher Thor Britt



At Dream's End

My heart travels the wind. Will it find all that it seeks?
Time may hold the answer but may never speak
A slave to the fickle breeze, enthralled by its every whim
It blows emotion to and fro knowing not where to begin
Where is my rose? Where can she be?
In silence, I’m tormented by a future yet unseen
I knew you once in realm of dreams and freely we did soar
But when the night, in err, did fall, I lost the key to your door
Fruitless, my designs have proved and errant the path behind
Still I knock with prayers in hand, forgiveness there to find
Until on virgin ground we meet, or at anger’s end
I wait here ‘neath your lintel yet with hope to dream again
Christopher Thor Britt



Before The Sun Goes Down

A day of angry words and pain ends as it began with
Little thought for what lay in between
The fading light of memory burns away in heavens flames
As the sun races 'yond to dream unseen.

I turn a cheek to the golden farewell and slowly make my way
To a place of little comfort e'er to find
To tarry long upon this road would find me all alone
To hurry on may leave my heart behind.

In silence, I surrender to the emptiness inside
Struggles lost and won come back around
Peace. Is it had, or made, or something in between?
It must be found before the sun goes down.
Christopher Thor Britt
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Poems By Poet Christopher Thor Britt