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Poems By Poet Christopher Thor Britt  5/29/2016 2:43:34 AM
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Fair Memory

I see you fair in memory’s sweet abode
‘tis truly there with you I long to be
To touch again ‘fore daydream walls erode
Thy lips of red, o passion, mine to thee

In passion do I feel the tempest rise
Rise to meet the moonlight’s sweet caress
To see myself in love there in your eyes
And in thy garden dare to find me rest

O damn the world that holds this body bound
N’er content, my spirit yearns to search the wind
‘tis there in sweet repose my love is found
And there I long to be with you again

For in fair memory’s eye no care there be
And to thy heart, mine own, I’d give to thee
Christopher Thor Britt



First Embrace

- Oh lover, fair with moonlit eyes
For you my heart sore aches
With depths of passion yet untapped by mortals, love to make
Your silken hair of fire gold
Your eyes of twilight blue
Have put to shame the star-lit night in beauty next to you
Oh lover of my waking thoughts and
Dreams that come by eve
Come to me now my love, my soul and grant this heart reprieve
These gentle lips do for you wait
These hands to show you grace
Will cause us never to forget this night, our first embrace
Christopher Thor Britt




I search, research
Drop anchor and wait with
Baited hook cast to seize the day
There’s action beyond what I can see
Though anxious, I wait patiently for
Opportunity to bite and run
In the struggle, break water and
Reach for the sun.

With dreams alive and vision true
I see a shimmer. I glimpse a view
Tension mounts. To the challenge, I rise
Reeling and reeling, but
I fail to surmise
The catch requires less drag and more line
Fighting, more fighting.
Give it more time

What’s this? A shimmer, I see in the stream
Ripples and more at the surface, my dream
But, down and deeper an unforeseen snag
I must keep control. I tighten the drag
No good. No time. A web-tangled line…
Misfortune dictates, “Cut bait”
Changing my tack, I search and research
Drop anchor and patiently wait... Fishing
Christopher Thor Britt



I Know An Angel

A cup of café almond mocha
On any given day means
There’s an angel sitting there beside me.

When gentle words make all things right
And balm a wounded soul, I know
An angel’s there to comfort and to guide me.

When I am weak or when I’m strong
Or think I’m right when I am wrong
My angel’s there to love and sometimes chide me.

As dreams are dreamed and trials come
I’ll not face them alone, because
I know an angel walks this earth beside me.

I know my angel walks this earth beside me.
Christopher Thor Britt
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Poems By Poet Christopher Thor Britt