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Poems By Poet Cozima Constantine  9/18/2014 2:43:32 PM
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A Plea With God

Why did you create me if only to enslave me
To a life where solitude is my only friend
What was I in the past to deserve such a curse
Is this the life you wished me to bear
A prison of heartless people with no one that cares
Honesty and trust are words of undefined meaning
Why did you open this door if this was not my destiny
What lesson do you wish to teach me
That people are cold little be told
They kill with their smile burning on my back
A world where political beaucracy is the silent law
Who am I-Who was I? ? ?
Why should I make amends for a life with no hope
Its so much easier to play the fool, and use them as a tool
Is this the fate the stars fortold
That Im a monster with no soul.
Cozima Constantine



Love Letter (tribute to Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie Madness)

I forget about where it all began (to forgive) . I cant help what you see (love) . I fear that I am ordinary (Muzzle) . A hidden diamond you cannot find-lost inside the dreams (here to no why) . And nobody nowhere understands anything-about me and all my dreams (stumbleine) . I lie just to be real (tales of a scorched earth) . And Im sure you know me well, as Im sure you dont (beautiful) . I walk alone to find the way home (we only come out at night) . And rescue me from me and all that I believe (galapogos) . Cast the pearls aside, a simple life of need (bodies) with seashels hissing lullabyes (porcelina) .....And all I see is you (take me down) . For a moment I lose myself (33) beneath the sound of hope (1979) . And what you never knew can never get to you (stumbleine) . I am changing, changing (galapogos) . Tomorrows just an excuse away (33) . Without a care in this whole world (porcelina) . Inside the future of a shattered past (tales of a scorched earth) . We feel the pull in the land of a thousand guilts (1979) . And I knew the echo that is love (muzzle) . My secret thoughts come alive (porcelina) . Youre the other half of me (take me down) . And should I fall from grace here with you, would you leave me too (galapogos) ? Throw out your cares and fly (zero) . You can never leave without leaving a peace of youth (tonite) . Its what you take that makes it right (porcelina) . You cant help deny forever (bodies) . Can you hold my life (take me down) . Ill be here just waiting for you (beautiful) . Ill say anything to make you feel alright (in the arms of sleep) . Can I look up to you as you look down on me (love) . As far as you take me, thats where I believe (porcelina) . When you sleep, when you dream, Ill be there if you need me (take me down) . Ill be under your stars forever (beautiful) cause Im a watcher (XYU) and I believe in you (take me down) . Give in to your forevers and live for always (jellybelly) in faith, in compasion, and in love (cupid de locke) . The more you change the less you feel (tonite) and I give it all back to you (an ode to no one) .

Cozima Constantine



The Dream

I had a dream last night
It was quite a perfect delight
We met once more at that old grocery store
You said hi this time and took me for a tour
We travelled high into the mountains
I swear I could hear a fountain
The song of perfect harmony from a nearby stream
Too bad its a location you only find in dreams
It was the same repetition, almost an intuition
You grabbed me for a drive in your old Brunco ride
Brave silent fools holding our fears
We came to a narrow dirt road
Thats when I knew we were going home
Sometimes you asked me if I was afraid
I stared you in the eyes with a half-crocked smile
Trying to hide the pride I felt inside
Each time, in every dream, I answered no
Thats when I knew I was going home
At the end of that dirt road lay a beautiful plateau
A perfect location for one of Gods creation
There we were on a plateau on top of the hill
Sourround by tall trees, wildlife, and an old mill
That is where you made our foundation
For a future house that we would share
It was just a dream, just a stupid dream, only a dream
A weak repetition of a weak hearts desire
For a brief moment I was home.
Cozima Constantine



You Had Me At Hello

Hello (Sonny & Cher) ,

How I remember you (Michael Franks)
Youre a dream come true (Brian McKnight)
All I need is you (Click Five/Kevin Ray)
I believe my heart (Ducan James)
When you look me in the eyes (Jonas Brothers)
Watching you watching me (Bill withers/Informatik)
Tell me what you see (Morten Market/The Beatles)
You make me smile (Jennifer Love Hewitt)
If you asked me to (Celine Dion)
I would walk 500 miles (The Pretenders)

I want to hold your hand (The Beatles) Eight days a week (The Beatles)
I want to believe its you (Quarterflash) Whisper you love me boy (The Supremes)
This never happened before (Paul McCartney) Tell me is it true (UB40)
I need to be next to you (Leigh Nash) Everything I do I do it for you (Byran Adams)
Cozima Constantine

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Poems By Poet Cozima Constantine