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Poems By Poet Cozima Constantine  4/29/2016 4:43:53 PM
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Good-Bye Old Friend

We were close high school friends
You promised me a friendship with no end
We were sisters with different mothers
We stood by each other like brothers
I was always on your side
To support what you decide
Whether I agreed with you or not
Never did I question your intentions
Where did I go wrong—you never mentioned
Why did you think it was better to divide
What we once agreed would never die
When did you decide its easier to say goodbye

I hope you realize that I’m not the one to break ties
I hope you realize that I’m not the one who lived a lie
I hope you realize that a friendship takes two people to try
I never said good-bye.
Cozima Constantine



A Plea With God

Why did you create me if only to enslave me
To a life where solitude is my only friend
What was I in the past to deserve such a curse
Is this the life you wished me to bear
A prison of heartless people with no one that cares
Honesty and trust are words of undefined meaning
Why did you open this door if this was not my destiny
What lesson do you wish to teach me
That people are cold little be told
They kill with their smile burning on my back
A world where political beaucracy is the silent law
Who am I-Who was I? ? ?
Why should I make amends for a life with no hope
Its so much easier to play the fool, and use them as a tool
Is this the fate the stars fortold
That I’m a monster with no soul.
Cozima Constantine



Our Quiet Moment

Close friends divided by a distant river
You always held me when I shivered
Safe in your arms
Away from all harm
The shadow of peace dwelt on your face
-Oh where oh where may I find that place
I prayed to the night to allow us unite
-Oh why oh why did I believe this lie
Cursed is the light that awakes our lives
-Oh how oh how can I quiet my cries
Wrapped in solitude carressed with grace
-Oh what oh what shall I hope to embrace
Stars in my eyes compete with emptiness inside
-Oh when oh when will I forget you? ? ? ? ?
Cozima Constantine




One for the money
Two for the gold
Three for the silver
Before my grave gets cold
I’ll never get old

I failed myself

I look into a broken mirror
To see a vision of me shimmer
Attacked in the darkness by all that’s untold
Defective before my glory was born
My future is dead, is the song in my head
Spinning around, singing aloud
My future is dead, my future is dead
I shed a tear as I look into the mirror

Will I be there tomorrow?
Cozima Constantine

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Poems By Poet Cozima Constantine