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Poems By Poet Cozima Constantine  8/22/2014 4:36:49 PM
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Good-bye Old Friend

We were close high school friends
You promised me a friendship with no end
We were sisters with different mothers
We stood by each other like brothers
I was always on your side
To support what you decide
Whether I agreed with you or not
Never did I question your intentions
Where did I go wrongyou never mentioned
Why did you think it was better to divide
What we once agreed would never die
When did you decide its easier to say goodbye

I hope you realize that Im not the one to break ties
I hope you realize that Im not the one who lived a lie
I hope you realize that a friendship takes two people to try
I never said good-bye.
Cozima Constantine



Our Quiet Moment

Close friends divided by a distant river
You always held me when I shivered
Safe in your arms
Away from all harm
The shadow of peace dwelt on your face
-Oh where oh where may I find that place
I prayed to the night to allow us unite
-Oh why oh why did I believe this lie
Cursed is the light that awakes our lives
-Oh how oh how can I quiet my cries
Wrapped in solitude carressed with grace
-Oh what oh what shall I hope to embrace
Stars in my eyes compete with emptiness inside
-Oh when oh when will I forget you? ? ? ? ?
Cozima Constantine



Can Hope Alter Distress

Just a moment in time
How I wish you were mine
Half a glance, half a stare
How could I even dare
Look into your eyes
As you pass me by
With this shame over me
Dont ask what I see

At the sight of your face
You screwed up my pace
What wouldnt I do
But play the fool for you
String me along with your poise and your charm
Tomorrow will bring me no harm

Looking down with no regret
I would do this all again
Just a moment in time
Half a glance, half a stare
I would give anything of mine
To relive this small crime.......once more
Cozima Constantine



Love Letter (tribute to Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie Madness)

I forget about where it all began (to forgive) . I cant help what you see (love) . I fear that I am ordinary (Muzzle) . A hidden diamond you cannot find-lost inside the dreams (here to no why) . And nobody nowhere understands anything-about me and all my dreams (stumbleine) . I lie just to be real (tales of a scorched earth) . And Im sure you know me well, as Im sure you dont (beautiful) . I walk alone to find the way home (we only come out at night) . And rescue me from me and all that I believe (galapogos) . Cast the pearls aside, a simple life of need (bodies) with seashels hissing lullabyes (porcelina) .....And all I see is you (take me down) . For a moment I lose myself (33) beneath the sound of hope (1979) . And what you never knew can never get to you (stumbleine) . I am changing, changing (galapogos) . Tomorrows just an excuse away (33) . Without a care in this whole world (porcelina) . Inside the future of a shattered past (tales of a scorched earth) . We feel the pull in the land of a thousand guilts (1979) . And I knew the echo that is love (muzzle) . My secret thoughts come alive (porcelina) . Youre the other half of me (take me down) . And should I fall from grace here with you, would you leave me too (galapogos) ? Throw out your cares and fly (zero) . You can never leave without leaving a peace of youth (tonite) . Its what you take that makes it right (porcelina) . You cant help deny forever (bodies) . Can you hold my life (take me down) . Ill be here just waiting for you (beautiful) . Ill say anything to make you feel alright (in the arms of sleep) . Can I look up to you as you look down on me (love) . As far as you take me, thats where I believe (porcelina) . When you sleep, when you dream, Ill be there if you need me (take me down) . Ill be under your stars forever (beautiful) cause Im a watcher (XYU) and I believe in you (take me down) . Give in to your forevers and live for always (jellybelly) in faith, in compasion, and in love (cupid de locke) . The more you change the less you feel (tonite) and I give it all back to you (an ode to no one) .

Cozima Constantine

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Poems By Poet Cozima Constantine