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Poems By Poet Damn Angel  12/18/2014 3:26:03 AM
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  DAMN ANGEL (30-October-1985)
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trust me
cause i know the pain...
the pain is over here and over there,
pain in my heart pain in my soul,
pain in my skin pain in my bones...
trust me
cause i know the cold nights...
it's when my heart freezing, my eyes clouded and i won't close it,
cause i scared to see the darkness and fell the silence,
oh my God i'm closing my eyes, i can't take it any more ahhhh.....
now i'm afraid to open it cause i don't want be alone again...
trust me
cause i know the lonliness...
it's when i don't get to hear from you,
lonliness when i know you are not here by my side,
lonliness when i'm thinking silently about you...
trust me
cause i know my soul...
it's smashed to three parts,
the first is happy,
the sec is sad,
the third is full of misery,
ahhh... now i can fell in my soul,
happiness was never meant for me...
trust me
cause i know my heart...
scattered around...
ahhh.... my heart is killing me...
my heart need to heal by some glue...
all of that because of.... ahah (chocking and died) .
Damn Angel



what's wrong with me?

what's wrong with me?
when i lost my love i felt like the sun is vanished,
i felt like my heart stop beating...
what's wrong with me?
i felt like i'm blinded now,
please show me the way, bring me back to my love...
her perfume still on my clothes and i still feeling in her hand knocking my door... i'm the mistaken my friends i lost her it's all my fault...
please tell me what's wrong with me?
Damn Angel



when love is dying

when love is dying

came to tell me ' it's time to leave '
she will leave me forever
she will depart from my life to another world

came to put a schedule to begin my journey of suffering and sadness

came to tell me with all cold blood that she will leave me wrestling pain lonliness and misery alone

came to throw a bomb of feelings and emotions, so she can blow it up inside me
and leave my heart alone suffering by his wounds and died in the future

my heart is full of injuries
how could he bear the pain of shock?
how could he bear the flame of farewell?
how is my body live and my heart is died?

my eyes looks at her eyes
there is something come out from my chest?
my heart is screeching with all his voice

' i said to her in sadness tone '
how could you do this to me?
your stoned heart is criminal now cause he forget our beautiful moments

' she answered me in so cold way, with happiness tone '
my tears freeze in my eyeball
my heart is blow up and scattered around
he can't bear more pain and more wounds

all that not because she left me but
cause of, i lost my heart and my love forevr

Damn Angel



when you love someone

When you love someone? You'll do any thing.. you'll do all crazy things That you can't explain... You'll shoot the moon.. put out the sun
When you love someone? You'll deny the truth.. believe a lie There'll be times that you'll believe you can really fly.. but your lonely nights.. have just begun...
When you love someone? You'll feel it deep inside.. and nothing else.. can ever change your mind
When you want someone? When you need someone? When you love someone? You'll sacrifice.. you'd give it every thing you get.. and you won't think twice.. you'd risk it all.. no matter.. what my come When you love someone? You'll shoot the moon.. put out the sun When you love someone?

but the question is that person deserve all that or not? ? ?
Damn Angel
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Poems By Poet Damn Angel