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Poems By Poet Damn Angel  11/23/2014 4:52:00 AM
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  DAMN ANGEL (30-October-1985)
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a rose for a rose

Love is a force so strong it rules all reasons

you drive me to distraction

the rose is virtual but my love is real

nothing compares to you

i'd be honored if you 'd be mine.
Damn Angel




for you? ?
why i'm in this world? !
it's aquestion make me insomniac before i see you
when i saw you i realized that i'm here in this world only for you
yes for you
cause you teach me the truly love that i never felt before
only when i'm with you
i loved my life after i hateful it
with you i felt in her warmth and kindness
in your love i saw night calmness and his whispers
in your love i felt in the winter sun and his beautiful shine fulfill with clarity and hope
my sweet love
when i see your tearful i feel sad and that's make me die
when i see your smile i feel happiness and that's make me live
so smile for me
my life had no taste without your smile
my life meant nothing for me without your smile
so smile for me
Damn Angel




Forever is such a common word
you here it everyday, everywhere its heard
you hear it from your love, you hear it from your friends
you hear it from your family, u know it has to end
U know that soon or later..
they'll have to understand
that forever is that forbidden word
that you cannot command
you cannot say when it will begin or either end
For nothing is forever
what dont you comprehend?
This world is full of lies
so many humans die..
what happend to forever?
Was it all a lie?
You think back to the day some one had said that 'word'
That forbidden word..that should not be heard..
It brakes your heart to think back
and know that know that u were right
to know that word would last just for one night..
he left and left you with your soul deep under sinking to the floor
Forever were his words...that forbidden word that should not be said
will now be stuck sunk into your head..
So i tell all..please dont hurt others with your lies and words...
mostly this forbidden word that should not be heard.
Damn Angel




“”After three months of lying and illusions””


My heart: come back to me grief
My grief: I’m not grief any more I developed to MISERY
My heart: whatever just come?
My misery: I’m coming my friend
My heart: you were right
My misery: as I told you before but you won't believe me
My heart: I believe in you now
My misery with a 'happy tone': tell me what's happened
My heart: what should I tell you! ? I’m stupid.... I’m foolish
My misery: I agree cause every one think in his heart he is big idiot and you are idiot
My heart: she destroyed my soul
My misery: like always
My heart: I don't want that any more
My misery: what do you want?
My heart: I wanna death
My misery: not in your hand, it's our life happiness & sadness
My heart: but my life always painful, what should I do, may I blame the fate or what?
My misery: no, blame your self? You were so nice toy in other hands you are idiot, so blame yourself.
My heart: she lied to me, she gave me hope, life and happiness in months and toke it from me in a little moments.
My misery: that's because of your kindness, and there is no place for you in this world.
My heart: you are the only one who can understand me well.
My misery: I know that cause we borne together.

'My misery thinking'

My misery: you shouldn't keep moving in your life
My heart: I know! ?
My heart: I just wanna the honest from her not anything else
My misery: you won't get it
My heart: she thought me a little nice toy in her hands
My misery: with all my regret, you were and you will still always

‘My heart thinking about ending his misery’

‘My heart saw a knife near from him, he carry it to suicide and end his cruel life’
My misery ' with happy voice ': what you doing?
My heart: I can't be idiot anymore, cause I believed in something silly doesn’t existed ' love '.
My misery: you are right.
My heart: I’m sorry for keeping you away from me.
My misery: its ok, as I told you before, something from me will still inside you.
My heart: you are my faithful friend.
My misery: we had borne together.

‘My heart I s going to suicide now’

My misery: any last words?
my heart: before I leave this life forever I want you promise me that you will never go to live in her heart ever, cause she make me live in the most beautiful illusion I’ve seen.
My misery: do you know that you are stupid?
My heart: I know cause she kept telling me this word.
My misery: ok I promise you but you have to end your life now
My heart: ok i will

‘When my heart tried to stick the knife in his heart’
‘The 'happiness whisper' came to him in hurry again but she barely breathing’

Happiness whisper: what you doing? Are you crazy?
My heart: yes I’m crazy cause I loved someone in crazy way but, she failed me, and the misery controlling me forever.
My misery: let him rest of his cruel life.

‘Happiness whisper trying to convince misery to make him not killing him self’

My heart: it's too late, that's my choice.

‘Happiness whisper started to vanish’
Happiness whisper: you don't deserve that, you are good heart
My heart: forgive me I’m not belonged to this world

‘The happiness whisper start crying and after a while she vanished’
‘My misery was standing and waiting’

My heart: goodbye and don't forget what you promised me don't forget

my heart stick the knife in the center and he begin bleeding to death, his tears freeze on his eyeball, he begin trembling, his color turned from the puce to the dark blue, and then he is died.

The misery: it was his end but, it was the beginning for other broken hearts so be careful cause I’m coming.........
Damn Angel
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Poems By Poet Damn Angel