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Poems By Poet Damn Angel  3/6/2015 3:33:56 PM
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  Best Poems From
  DAMN ANGEL (30-October-1985)
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Hard: loving someone doesn’t love you
Harder: keep loving her\him even if he\she doesn’t feeling you

Hard: ending truly love for something silly
Harder: keep separating and every one waiting the signal from other

Hard: saying Goodbye in love
Harder: to end love without saying a word

Hard: farewell when you fall in love
Harder: when your love comes from one side and it’s yours

Hard: to choose who you really love
Harder: trying to forget someone you were really love

Hard: to fall in love in the wrong time
Harder: falling in love in the wrong time with the wrong person

Hard: leaving you the only person you really care and love
Harder: when you asking her\him why? And won’t tell you

Hard: to fall in love with someone hurt before and her\his heart still bleeding
Harder: convincing her that you are different person

Hard: feeling that you need love to keep going in your life
Harder: losing this ability

Hard: to lose the power of love
Harder: keeping faithfully that you really lost it

Hard: start loving someone for feeling pitying
Harder: keep this love with the same feeling

Hard: changing love to friendship
Harder: changing love to enmity

Hard: love before marriage
Harder: keep your love after marriage

Hard: to love more than one person in your life
Harder: to gather more than one love in one time

Hard: bring back your love as it was before you abandon it
Harder: keep waiting to get it back

Hard: trying to satisfy the person you love
Harder: this person from the kind you can’t satisfied Easley

Hard: to choose between love and pride
Harder: being forced to give up one of them

Hard: killing the love from your heart
Harder: to see the others trying to kill this love

Hard: to sacrifice in your self in the name of love
Harder: you can’t find someone deserve that
Damn Angel




the smile
it's a special language don't need for a translation
it's a weapon for life and brain
it's a key for a locker hearts
doing it dosn't cost you anything
doing it dosen't take more than a sight glance
it's so effective and penetrating hearts
it's take us to another world
it's expel the grief from our hearts
it's clearing our spirits
so will you smile for me?
Damn Angel



There Is No Return Date For My Heart

You can't come back after what you did
The road is closed
Our windows are boarded up
My heart is padlocked

There's no erasing time
No quick fix to take away the pain
No rewind button

What we had was beauty in its simplest form
Nothing less than pure happiness
Then you turned the page and it was over.

The guy who once loved me
Betrayed me
We can't have beauty or happiness.
The pain has taken its toll on me.

I refuse to love and lose again.
Damn Angel




trust me
cause i know the pain...
the pain is over here and over there,
pain in my heart pain in my soul,
pain in my skin pain in my bones...
trust me
cause i know the cold nights...
it's when my heart freezing, my eyes clouded and i won't close it,
cause i scared to see the darkness and fell the silence,
oh my God i'm closing my eyes, i can't take it any more ahhhh.....
now i'm afraid to open it cause i don't want be alone again...
trust me
cause i know the lonliness...
it's when i don't get to hear from you,
lonliness when i know you are not here by my side,
lonliness when i'm thinking silently about you...
trust me
cause i know my soul...
it's smashed to three parts,
the first is happy,
the sec is sad,
the third is full of misery,
ahhh... now i can fell in my soul,
happiness was never meant for me...
trust me
cause i know my heart...
scattered around...
ahhh.... my heart is killing me...
my heart need to heal by some glue...
all of that because of.... ahah (chocking and died) .
Damn Angel
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Poems By Poet Damn Angel