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Poems By Poet David Knox  11/27/2014 1:27:23 PM
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  DAVID KNOX (honestly why would i tell you?)

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O Star!

o star, how i love you
o star, won't you love me too
o star, you say who am i and i say am i but we both know who we are
o star, just as you know me i know you
o star, won't you shine on me once again
o star, if it weren't for you i would dead
o star, go back to your head
o star, deliver to her my secret message love
o star, fly true and fly fast as a dove
o star, be there with her and tell her i want to be there with her
o star, please deliver this message lest i choke on life
o star, i will now fill
o star, fill you with my secret love message so that i may not kill
o star, kill myself out of agony
o star, please let no one know this message but my sweet
o star, pass on the message to only her lest i die of heat
o star, be true
o star, on your path to deliver my love do not go askew
o star, find the one love find her o star find her and tell
o star, . tell my angel that i love her
David Knox



Peer Pressure, Identity, and Acceptance

Just not fitting in
Where's those people?
Is there anyone like me?
Am I supposed to be like them?
Just not fitting in

I want acceptance they don't want me
They want me to compromise
This isn't who I am
Who am I anyways?
It's only temporary.... right?
I can't lose myself cause I'm....well I'm me

I need acceptance they're like a distant dream
They're staring right through me
They're speaking to me out of sympathy
They see through my act
They see.... no they couldn't
Who are they anyways?
I guess I'll call them..... well, they're friends
They're all I got

I crave acceptance
The pangs of loneliness
No it's not that
Not quite
As much as I crave acceptance
I think deep down
I don't want to have to change
I think deep down
If I could speculate about myself
Deep down I want to be me
But who.... who am I? I can't remember or maybe....
Maybe there's nothing to remember

Just fitting in
Has changed me
Where can I get real acceptance
Would anyone just care about me even knowing that I was me?
I can't even love me, I don't want to feed me, I don't want to help me
Why would they?
Is there anyone who'd just want me, even if they knew it was me?

It's not just a commodity, it's a necessity
So I found acceptance
It took my life but I'd gladly give it up again
It's better that I no longer live
Well in the my old definition of life
This.... this is life
It's acceptance

I found acceptance with the one I deserved it from the least
Someone I never did anything for
One of my greatest enemies
That's why this acceptance
This forgiveness
This love
Changed me
From the inside

I think I found part of me, I must show my friends
Or that's what I thought
Because the cruel reality of the world is that it
Denies us that one thing that we need to survive that one thing we crave
When I told them He loved me
I lost what little friends I did have
But I have more than I've had
Because I have

David Knox



I Love Ramen

because i havent made myself lunch not yet
but no reason to fret
i know what i will make
it will be great
o how i love this food
sometimes i eat and say o dude
its even better then cake
this food is no fake
it is the food that i like to eat
but it needs to cooked under much heat
this food is something you might not expect i dont know
but i think it is time to show
the great food i love RAMEN!
David Knox



10 lines

How can i profess my love for you in just ten lines
when i could write a million rhymes
how can i say all that i feel
in so little space, i must fill the world with my love
It's hard to believe, but what i am saying is truth,
but i want to write my love for you everywhere yet protect it as a precious dove

in only ten lines how can i make you see
all the love I've bottled, inside of me
waiting to spill out all over you
hoping that you love me too...
David Knox

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Poems By Poet David Knox