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Poems By Poet David Yobby  7/24/2016 9:40:52 AM
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In Verse, In Prose

I write this poem,
Because the madness around me,
Might one day be too much,
For my simple self

I am under the siege,
Of plots and counter-plots,
Cold wars and enmity,
Jihads and Koran-burning pastors,
Nations revolting against,
The very leaders they elected,
Friendly faces, murderous backs,
Unkept treaties,
Feeble truces,
Too early to celebrate,
No permanent friends,
No permanent enemies

I lose myself,
In verse and in prose,
In my own little world,
With my own creations,
At least here,
My ink establishes,
My ideal fiefdom,
Where agents of change,
Are not despised, but embraced,
Where reason precedes emotion,
Where nothing is personal,
Where everything touches your heart,
Where bleeding is stopped,
Before the skin is torn

In verse, in prose,
I lose myself.
David Yobby



The Mouth

The mouth sucks
And whatever is left
In the straw
Goes slowly back into the pot

The mouth talks
-before it sucks again-
Of how the youth are problematic
Of how the politicians eat
Of how the harvest failed

The mouth talks
-after it sucks-
Of how the chief is getting fat
Of how the wives always fight
Of how the son is so bright

The mouth talks
-and sucks yet again-
Of how his household is disciplined
By his good old bamboo rod
Of how his wives jump
On hearing his bark
From afar

The mouth talks
And sucks
Whatever is left in the pot
Then it sings
Of his dwindling wealth
And the waiting hungry mouths
At home
David Yobby



Ah Well, Life Goes On

Ah well, life goes on,
Not every fruit in the basket
Is sweet,
Not every word you hear
Is dear,
Not every person you meet
Has wit.
Well, life goes on.
Ties get severed
And others mended,
Friendships get forged,
And we learn some are forgeries.
Well, life goes on.
Hearts get broken,
And egos trodden,
Prayers of penance chanted,
Hands get held again
Albeit this time
With a fainter grip.
Ah, well, life goes on.
David Yobby



Ugly Reflections

I wanted to write a poem
That would change the world.
I wanted to speak of
The pirates of Kismayu,
Of corruption and impunity,
Of war and genocides
Of leaders offering false hope,
Of the lust for power,
Of crippling economies and xenophobia,
Of racial profiling and misogyny,
Of suicide bombers and trigger-happy officers,
Of blood diamonds and oil,
Of sex trafficking and pedophiles,
Of child labour and abuse,
Of dissatisfaction with governments,
Families controlling economies,
Presidents above the law,
Everything revolving around
Those precious pieces of paper called money,
The misconceived notion that
The more currency you have,
The more successful you are.
Money, at the expense of humanity,
Money, buying skin-deep love,
Money, turning brother against brother,
Marrying, knowing that divorcing is earning

I wanted to cry and yell and shout,
If only it would make things right,
In my prejudiced sight.

Then I realized that it is people.
It is you and I that make the world terrible,
You and I that advance the very things
We love to complain about,
'Cause when we offer bribes,
Or turn a blind eye to thugs,
When we assume someone else will complain,
We shame our purpose.

I wanted to write a poem,
That would change the world,
Then I realised that you and I
Need to shout at the top of our voices,
And make that poem...
David Yobby

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Poems By Poet David Yobby