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Poems By Poet David Yobby  10/25/2014 9:30:53 AM
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I Will Not Close My Eyes

I am afraid.
I cannot close my eyes 'cause
Darkness means danger.
I am afraid of the night,
It speaks terror.
Please leave the light on,
Or at least, a candle...

When I hear screaming,
I know it is time to move,
And never look back.
For the one time I stood and looked,
I saw my mother die,
Surrounded by men bisecting her belly,
As she screamed, not for help,
But begging me to leave her, to run away...
And for months, my tears would not stop,
Tears that I hoped would dilute my pain,
Never quenched my anger

I am not afraid of guns,
I am not afraid of machetes,
I have met them and lived to write this poem,
I am not afraid of hunger,
I have learned that it is a state of mind,
I am not afraid of death,
I just wonder when mine is,
I have braved the cold and the heat,
Fatigue and tension,
I fear nothing.

It is the dreams I am afraid of,
Dreams that shatter my self-made invincibility,
Dreams that cut to the core of my being,
Memories of horror,
Of my childhood eyes watching blood flow
From my grandfather's head,
Of husbands watching their women being raped,
Of family houses being razed,
Of children's hands cut off,
Oh, the horror!
Oh, the horror!

NO, I will not close my eyes!
I will not scream!
I will not dream!
I will not weep!

Oh, God, please take my sleep away...
And help me forgive
Those who slay without thought,
Help me forget
Those who lit the fire,
Help us learn
That bloodshed never makes life easier,
That death by the machete releases ghosts,
That forever haunt our dreams.
It has to stop.
David Yobby



If I Lost Her

If I lost her,
The world would stop,
The sun would dim,
The wind would be still,
And everything would blur...

I would be devastated beyond hope,
Irreparable destruction to
That part of me that recognizes love
And responds to it,
My dreams would be shattered
Into tiny fragments embedded
In memories of what was
And what was to be...

My biggest fear
Would have come home to roost,
And I would shed tears
Without shame, without reservations,
Because if I lost her,
I would have lost my world,
Lost this love sought for years,
And came tailor made for me
With a numerous pleasant surprises,
I would have lost happiness,
Our shared laughter and idioms,
I would have lost a partner,
A part of me apart from which I can't be,
My life, my soulmate, my love,
I would be dead inside,
A piece of wood floating in the ocean,

If I lost her,
David Yobby



I'm Me

I come from the tribe
Of the tribeless
We speak in signs
For verbs condemn us to death

I come from the land
Of the landless
We till the air
For no one can claim it

I come from the past
Of the pastless
I am a newborn
With no sin to my name

I come from no-man's land
I don't know how I got there
Or when my neighbour arrived
So we have to share

My skin has no colour
My music is mute
My eyes are sightless
I can't hear
I can't think
I have no enemies
Or friends.
David Yobby



In Verse, In Prose

I write this poem,
Because the madness around me,
Might one day be too much,
For my simple self

I am under the siege,
Of plots and counter-plots,
Cold wars and enmity,
Jihads and Koran-burning pastors,
Nations revolting against,
The very leaders they elected,
Friendly faces, murderous backs,
Unkept treaties,
Feeble truces,
Too early to celebrate,
No permanent friends,
No permanent enemies

I lose myself,
In verse and in prose,
In my own little world,
With my own creations,
At least here,
My ink establishes,
My ideal fiefdom,
Where agents of change,
Are not despised, but embraced,
Where reason precedes emotion,
Where nothing is personal,
Where everything touches your heart,
Where bleeding is stopped,
Before the skin is torn

In verse, in prose,
I lose myself.
David Yobby
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Poems By Poet David Yobby