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Poems By Poet Dheeraj Haran  7/28/2016 1:38:11 AM
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A single rose to lane
A single rose to slain
A single rose to hide my pain

A single rose to turn the tide
A single rose to make roads wide
A single rose as my guild

A single rose to rise the soul
A single rose to widen the hole
A single rose to achieve a goal

A single rose to melt the heart
A single rose to force a start
A single rose to cult

A single rose to freeze my body
A single rose to mourn this memory
A single rose to start a life
A single rose to end the strife
Dheeraj Haran




Climate has finally changed. The clouds rained. The earth was desperate for the clouds to come and now they are here and we all are having fun. Couples are coming really close rubbing their hands and taking off their cloths. The birds are flying high. Trying to touch the lightning sky. Holding a cup of tea in hand the old ones are enjoying bread and jam.
Dheeraj Haran




Rivers of blood
Bleeding bodies in mud
So much of sound
So much of light
We see during a fight

Man is killing man
For a single piece of land
Holding a gun in their hand

Every were is fire
Every one is a lier
So many boundaries, so many wires

Black or white
No need to fight
Just put an end to all this and live a peace full life
Dheeraj Haran




A word that has no limitations, The love that has no conditions. only one person possess all these specifications she is rare combination of extreme love and emotion When you are with her its feeling that cant be with any other oh! yes she is my mother
Dheeraj Haran


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Poems By Poet Dheeraj Haran